December 14, 2012 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Try Lands’ End for Awesome Christmas Gifts

Try Lands’ End for Awesome Christmas Gifts

If you’re like me, you’re in the process of ordering online Christmas presents for all your friends and family members. I actually try to avoid going to stores altogether during the Christmas season — It’s just so crowded and picked over that I’d rather shop online than in person.

One of my go-to Christmas present sites is Lands’ End — My husband is a Lands’ End fanatic. But this year, someone else is getting a special treat from Lands’ End.


Dottie Ferrier!

Lands’ End has these adorable canvas bags built just for dogs, and they’ll even monogram the bag with your dog’s name on it. I know this may seem a bit “precious,” but it’s actually invaluable. There are times when I need to carry her somewhere public. The bag allows me to do just that AND have my hands free. And Dottie loves it, too. It has a hard platform that she can stand or sit on and a safety leash and zipper to help keep her inside- not that she wants to get out. She loves the view from the bag.

Of course, this dog bag is only one of the gifts you can pick up at Lands’ End this year. They have an entire menu of online gift shops, with everything from needlepoint Totes with an intricate tapestry design to Needlepoint Device Cases, knitted Wine Bottle Sweaters and totes, stockings, and their classic Peppermint Crunch Cookies. Lands’ End has helpfully divided everything into categories to help you choose more efficiently:

If you’re still looking for gifts (and let’s face it, you’re almost DEFINITELY not completely done with your list!), I highly recommend Lands’ End.

And so does Dottie.

I’m a Lands’ End customer and fan and was not compensated for this post, however they did give us the tote, which we adore.