December 7, 2012 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Novica!

Win a $50 Gift Certificate to Novica!

Christmas will soon be upon us, and if you’re like me, you’re frantically making your way through a list of gifts you need to buy for friends and family members.

Well, I can help at least one of you out. I’m giving away a $50 gift credit for to one lucky Suburban Turmoil reader!

If you’re not familiar with Novica, it’s a shopping site that’s partnered with National Geographic to curate and sell items from artists and artisans around the world.  Not only can you find something unique and affordable on the site for just about anyone on your list, you can also feel good about helping to support artists and their families. Here’s what Yuni Kristina, a silk batik artist in Java, had to say about her partnership with Novica:

Novica has changed my life, and the lives of other families in my small village, in a remote part of Central Java. Most of the men in our village are fisherman, while most of the women make batik fabrics, bike-riding every day 14 kilometers to another town, to the workshop of ‘juragan batik,’ meaning boss of batik. Since I turned 16 years old, I journeyed with my mother every day to made batik, to help improve our family’s income. Several years later, when I married, my husband began helping me sell my own batiks from store to store. Now, after less than two years with Novica, my life has changed, and so have the lives of many neighbors who now work with me. My husband and I opened a batik workshop in my village, and we now have 15 people working with us permanently. Our helpers earn more than they received elsewhere, and during lunchtime they can easily go home and visit their children and family nearby. Thank you to our Novica customers for all your reviews – this has given us so much happiness and support. I wish my workshop to continue growing, making it possible for us to provide better well being to all our employees.

Is that not incredible?

There’s a LOT to choose from on the site, from jewelry and clothing to home decor and accessories- but Novica has made it easier for you to select holiday gifts by sorting products into several categories, like last-minute gifts, gifts for mom, gifts for dad, gifts under $50, etc. Just check the site’s left sidebar to see all your options.

I got to look for something on the site and I chose something for our whole family. I’ve been looking for a nativity set (the site has LOTS to choose from) and I found this one for under $50:


And I also love the fact that I got a notice that it had shipped within a day of ordering. It will be here in PLENTY of time for Christmas. YAY.

So… I have a $50 Novica gift code that I’d just love to send to one of you. All you have to do to enter to win it is leave a comment on this post between now and Wednesday, December 12th telling me what you’d like to buy on the site.

Good luck!



  • Keryn Ross

    I love the garnet necklace, “Parwati’s Passion”.  Not that I can spend $100+ on a necklace, but I wish I could!

  • CarenC

    Cool site! Thanks for the opportunity. I’d buy some kind of jewelry, it would be difficult to decide… I quite liked the turqoise leather petal wrap bracelet… Happy Holidays!

  • Amy Z.

    So many beautiful things on the site, but I’d definitely get Oscar Figueroa’s “Silver Clouds” necklace. It’s calming and peaceful, and it reminds me of traveling in Bali with my dad many years ago!

  • Allison Lott

    I like the “Angel Choir” set of ornaments from Peru.

  • Miss B

    I want the Sunny Warmth sweater. So cute!

  • Tina Miles

    I want to get a red purse they have there (Red Assam Peacock)–ironically its on back order right now, so that gives me time to win this! 🙂

  • Jenna @ Call Her Happy

    I think I would have to go with a serving platter or bowl. I was reminded that we don’t have any when we hosted Thanksgiving this year!

  • LivLaughEat

    I would get one of their gorgeous infinity scarves!

  • Michelle

    Scarves are always awesome. 🙂

  • Tashamalouf

    Those beautiful gold vermeil earrings would make a great gift!

  • DR

    Oooh…I would buy one of those beautiful handmade baskets.

  • Bonnie Zeigler

    That is an awesome site.  I had not heard of it before.  I would def. buy that glass nativity you pictured above.  It’s beautiful.

  • Amy Kovach

    Lindsay this site is BEAUTIFUL. SOOO many gorgeous things. Thank you so much for bringing it to my attention.
    I should probably get some gifts for people on my list BUT I have my eye on a bracelet (or two) for myself. Thanks again.

  • Jessica

    Those ruanas are gorgeous! I would love to have a couple of those, actually.

  • Melissa

    Oh my gosh THE SERVING PLATTERS. *swoon*

  • Brandyj1181

    I’m never cold enough for a sweater, but never warm enough in just long sleeves and the shawls are GORGEOUS! Most especially the (Silk and Wool Shawl) Amethyst Symmetry. Love. 

  • Jeana

    I love the wood sculptures!

  • Emilymariejudson

    I would love one of the percussion instruments to use for worship at our church!  They are gorgeous!

  • Realgreenacres
  • Cathy Gorgens-Meyer

    You have incredible taste that is the most BEAUTIFUL nativity set! Imagine how it will sparkle with the Christmas tree and/or candles nearby. Wow. Yes, please enter me, I’d LOVE to get one similar! Thanks Lindsay!

  • Kim M.

    The garnet floral ring is gorgeous!!!!

  • Michelle Marlowe

    I would take any of the earrings! They are beautiful

  • Fresians5

    I always go to the site and drool over the earrings!