1. Laura Cooper says:

    Congratulations on having your air working. Wires “accidentally” crossed? Riiiight!

    “I’m sure the fact that Dennis had begun answering his cell phone as “Investigative Reporter Dennis Ferrier” whenever the company called had ABSOLUTELY NOTHING to do with it!”

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I’m not happy that we were without air for THREE DAYS because of the crossed wires– but for now, I’m just glad we have a/c again!

  2. quiltbabe8 says:

    Congratulations! As one who lived for 20 years in a lower flat – unairconditioned, with no option to put in window units – I felt your pain. Had to laugh at how obsequious the owner was – I’m sure Dennis’ phone greeting had a bit to do with that!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      He said, “I’d have been out here that same night to fix the problem if I’d known!” If he’d known WHAT?! I didn’t ask!

  3. Amy Kovach says:

    So the owner’s OWN MOTHER complained about this guy and yet he still works there? Unbelievable! Shame on that owner.
    BUT – an annual maintenance contract can be wise to have for major things like HVAC. We had a weird problem with our heater a few years ago where it wouldn’t SHUT OFF and the house would feel so nice and uncommonly cozy in the dead of winter and we’d realize “Damn no wonder, it’s 75 degrees in here.” Anyway, it took MANY MANY service calls for them to fix it and was quite complex and cost us NOTHING. They stuck with it until it was fixed. (It was some sort of circuit board in the heater.)
    Also, our annual a/c maintenance contract gives us a yearly check and they have found evidence of mice chewing the wires and instructed us on what to do so that when it does get hot out, the A/C will work and not need a service call.
    So I really don’t think the service contracts are bad in themselves. I just think you had a bad apple with that guy.
    Just my opinion.
    Glad it worked out.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I love your kind of plan– Ours was just two visits– one in spring, one in fall– for $179. It doesn’t even seem like a good deal now that I’m looking at it, particularly if they want us to buy something that isn’t broken.

  4. Miss B says:

    Georgia? Oh, well then, that’s totally understandable! Honestly, I would think Georgians would be super ethical and very sweet. Unless you are talking about people from the nation of Georgia rather than the state of Georgia. In that case, I completely see the owner’s point of view. Everyone knows that THOSE Georgians are horrible people. Just kidding!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      Ha! He didn’t know that I’m FROM Georgia. I also thought it was hilarious because Georgia is ONE STATE AWAY! It wasn’t like “He’s from up north,” or “He’s from California.” It was “He’s from a place that’s 2 1/2 hours away.” LOL

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