A Few of My Favorite Blogs

A Holy Experience
Making the ordinary profound.

Alpha Mom

All you ever wanted to know about motherhood, powered by one of the coolest women I know.


Utterly real. Utterly charming.

Amy’s Adventures in Africa
Amy is mom to six kids and running an orphanage in Zambia. Her stories fascinate me and leave me in awe.

Angie Smith
Bitter heartbreak made her words start flowing.

The Bloggess
If there’s anyone funnier on the Internet than Jenny, I’ll give you a dollar. A fake dollar.

Brandi and Boys
She may be the coolest pastor’s wife of all time.

Catherine Newman
Insanely good writer. I guess she’s the first blogger I ever read since I read her Babycenter posts religiously when I was pregnant with Punky.

Cheeky Lotus
Lena tells it like it is.

Cry It Out
Mike Adamick’s writing always inspires me to aim higher in my own work.

There’s no denying her mad writing skillz.

Enjoying the Small Things
Beautiful photos. Beautiful writing.

She’s my favorite writer on the Internet. I told her this once, and now I feel like a weird fangirl every time I see her.

Gitzen Girl
Choosing joy, in seemingly impossible circumstances.

Her Bad Mother
Catherine’s writing draws me in. She’s exactly the same way in person. I could talk to this woman for hours – and have!

Brilliant blogger becomes NYT bestselling author and stays true to her bad self.

Joy Unexpected
I’m so lucky to call this woman one of my best friends.

These are the archives of Hollis Gillespie’s weekly column for Creative Loafing. It was brilliant and hilarious and so is she.

Motherhood Uncensored
And you thought your in-laws were bad…

Nie Nie Dialogues
Start her blog from the beginning. Nie Nie has made me a better mom.

Notes from the Trenches
This is one of only two blogs I’ve read start to finish (the other is Nie Nie Dialogues). I love Chris.

Sweet Salty
You will fall in love with Kate. She’s magical and insanely talented.

Where Hot Comes to Die
Freaking hilarious.

I wish Antonia were my next door neighbor. But I have a feeling we’d end up getting arrested.

Without Wax
My pastor’s blog always makes me think.