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September 13, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

The Littlest Bully

I’ve read many many blogs recently detailing the agony and ecstasy of back-to-school time. I’ve laughed with you and cried with you as your little ones faced new teachers and…

September 10, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

A Supermarket Saga

I’ve written about the behind-the-wheel bitches of suburbia. The truth is, that’s not me. I’m pretty calm behind the wheel, but fret not, ladies, I am no saint. There is…

September 9, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Road Rage

Here’s a dirty little secret from the suburbs. The next time you get cut off in traffic, honked at when the light turns green, or tailgated in a school crossing…

September 8, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

A Very Bad Day

It was a very bad day. I’ll try not to bore you with too many details, but it began way too early (5:45am), included two different early morning run-ins with…

September 5, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Poop Scoop

When I was preparing to become a mom, I never ever ever thought I’d be on such intimate terms with poop. I have cleaned it out from under my fingernails….

September 4, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Punk Rock Nerd

If I compare my 14-year-old stepdaughter’s high school experience with my own 15 years ago, there really aren’t that many differences. There are still preps. And goths. And geeks. And…

September 3, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Head Case

When I took Baby to her first doctor’s appointment at three months, it was a much Bigger deal than I had expected. “Everything looks great,” my doctor said, reviewing Baby’s…

September 2, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

A Soccer Mom Speaks Out

Being a soccer mom is so much harder than you’d think. It’s not easy remembering to bring 18 Little Debbies and Capri Suns to the Tuesday away game against the…

August 31, 2005 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

The Secret Lives of Sisters

I’ve already admitted I’m a snoop. But my snooping doesn’t extend only to my husband. Oh no, I snoop on the baby (well, that’s justified I guess- I’m a little…