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December 29, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>And They Say He Doesn’t Look Like Me, Round 2

>Everywhere I go with Bruiser, people stop me and say, “He looks JUST LIKE YOUR HUSBAND.” In fact, I could swear that even the doctor said that when she delivered…

September 26, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>Baby’s First Field Trip

> Thursday qualified as a Big Deal around here. It was Punky’s First Field Trip. Not to mention her first bus ride. In time-honored tradition, our destination was a local…

September 9, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>Hello, Chattanooga!

>This past weekend, we made the first of what will surely be many journeys to Chattanooga to visit my oldest stepdaughter at college. I thought that Chattanooga would be a…

September 1, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>A New Preschool Perspective

>I feel like I need to write a quick post on this topic because I’ve spent the last two years on this blog periodically asking myself (and all of you)…

August 23, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>Back to Cheekwood

> We do have a membership, after all. And so, when I walked outside today and found that it was, strangely, room temperature, I got the kids ready (Punky chose…

August 16, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>A Day at the Farmer’s Market

>I’m pretty sure that Nashville is one of the best cities in America to raise kids. Seriously, there are so many things to do with your children here (many of…

August 15, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>Our First Annual Back-to-School Feast

>Last year, I fell in love with Nie Nie’s blog. One of her last posts before the plane crash was about the back-to-school feast she put together for her two…

July 22, 2009 posted by Lindsay

A Day at the Park, Water Edition

There are plenty of places I could take my kids this summer that would set me back between $30 and $60, when tickets and lunches and gas are taken into…

June 6, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>Woods Walk

>Today, we took the little ones to Warner Park for a walk in the woods. Warner Park has a few trails that are perfect for little ones, and even has…

April 17, 2009 posted by Lindsay

>A Day in the Life of Punky Ferrier

>Punky begged for and received a camera for her fifth birthday, thanks to a very generous set of grandparents. I couldn’t resist sharing some of my favorites from her first…