March 26, 2018 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Our Experience with a Culligan Water Filtration System

Our Experience with a Culligan Water Filtration System

This post was sponsored by Culligan Water as part of an Integrated Program for Influence Central. All opinions expressed in my post are my own.

I’ve always had an uneasy relationship with our tap water. Although I know it’s safe to drink, it smells kind of funny and I’ve always opted to buy bottled water rather than drinking it straight from the faucet.

That’s why I was excited for the opportunity to have a Culligan Water Filtration System installed in our home. I knew the system would purify and soften our home’s water, but I had no idea how that could impact our lives until our local Culligan representative showed up to explain everything to me.

During our first appointment, Trace, our local Culligan representative, checked our plumbing and tested our existing water— It turned out to be classified as ‘very hard.’ Suddenly, the annoying spots on all my glassware and the impossible-to-remove water deposits on my shower door made total sense! He also had me taste a glass of our tap water and compare it to water run through a Culligan purifier. The difference was incredible! My tap water had a definite taste and smell that was not all that pleasant. The Culligan water, on the other hand, was crystal clear and taste and smell-free. I don’t consider myself to be a water connoisseur, but even I could tell a huge difference between the two. The experience made me more determined than ever to never drink tap water again.

Trace spent a couple of hours going through the filtration process with me and explaining how the system would be installed in my home. He was very thorough and patiently answered all of my questions. The main part of the system would be installed in our garage beside our water heater, while a smaller drinking water filtration system and tank would go underneath our kitchen sink.

Culligan water coming from faucet

There are more benefits to this soft water than meets the eye!

Trace also went through a long list of changes we could expect from our softened water:

-We’d notice reduced soap residue on our hair and skin.

-Our clothes would come out of the laundry brighter and softer.

-The hard water spots on our dishes and on my shower door would disappear once cleaned in soft water.

-The appliances we own that use water would last longer.

-Our water heater bills would be less.

-Our ice maker would start producing much clearer ice.

-We’d need less soap, both in the shower and in our dishwasher and washing machine.

-The flavors would come out more in food we cooked in water.

I was shocked by all the benefits — for the first time, I really thought about how much my family relies on water for our household needs. Suddenly, the Culligan Water Filtration System sounded like it was going to be a major game changer for my family!

As for maintaining our system, a Culligan Water representative would simply come every four months to replace the salt in our filtration system. That was it, and that definitely worked for me, since I’m a low-maintenance kind of person.

Since we’re planning on having this system in our home for years to come, it’s also comforting to know that Culligan Water has been around for more than 80 years. Other companies may come and go, but I know Culligan Water is going to be around when I need them.

Culligan Water Filtration System in Garage

The system fits neatly in a corner of our garage.

The next day was installation day. Two Culligan Water employees came to set up the Water Filtration System and I was surprised it only took a couple of hours to install, including a new Culligan app that lets me monitor my water usage from my phone. Just like that, we had soft water coming through our taps, and the best-tasting drinking water ever from our kitchen sink and refrigerator.


Culligan Home Water Filtration System

A digital screen lets us know what’s going on.

We’ve had our Culligan Water Filtration System for a few months now and I can’t WAIT to tell you what we think in an upcoming post. You won’t believe all the differences we’ve noticed in our daily lives. The takeaway from my experience is this — If you can swing a Culligan Water Filtration System for your home, it is worth every penny. You WILL notice a HUGE difference!


Glass of water

Our water has never tasted so good!

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