August 2, 2017 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Families Connect: A Private Social Network for Families

Families Connect: A Private Social Network for Families

This post was written in partnership with Families Connect.

I think most of us struggle with how much to share online about our families. Facebook gives us the illusion of privacy, but it doesn’t take long to realize that what’s shared on Facebook is hard to truly keep private, even when we’ve customized our settings. People can (and do) easily screen-grab what we’ve written, or cut and paste our photos into new, public posts. It’s happened to me more than once, which is why I operate under the assumption that everything I share on Facebook is public — But while that’s worked when it comes to online friends and strangers, I’ve always wished there were a better way to share things privately with family members. I’ve found photo-sharing platforms that can be customized for private sharing, but not much else… until now.

Families Connect is a new social network created especially for families to share photos, videos, stories and recipes in a private environment. It’s very simple to register for the site, set up your own personal launch page, and invite other family members to see it. Unlike Facebook, which most people use to keep track of co-workers, friends, old schoolmates, and acquaintances, Families Connect is perfect for those more personal moments you want to keep between family members and trusted friends, whether it’s those first precious photos of a newborn baby or updates on a family member’s illness or funny anecdotes about the kids that could one day be embarrassing if shared with a wider audience.



I opened an account on Families Connect in minutes and instantly started adding stories, photos, videos and recipes. Photos and videos upload quickly and the site’s interface makes sharing extremely easy — There are large icons in the sidebar for sharing photos, stories, video, and recipes, and instructions that will help even your most low-tech family members post and comment with ease .


Families Connect


Everything I share appears on my family homepage, which is uncluttered and easy for even non-computery types (i.e., Grandma and Grandpa) to access and read. You can also create more than one family homepage, which is good if you want to keep separate pages for different sides of the family.

Other important things to know about Families Connect:

  • Families Connect is totally free to use.
  • You own all of the content you post. None of the data you enter will ever be shared in any form by Families Connect.
  • You can access Families Connect from all your devices by accessing the login page on a web browser.
  • Family members are able to comment on all of your shared content.

Give it a try, invite other family members to join, and see if Families Connect works for you. It could be just what your family needs to stay close, even when you’re physically far apart.