October 13, 2006 posted by Lindsay

>Family Resemblance


People always say the members of my family look a lot alike, and you know, I think they have a point…
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It comes from my grandmother’s side of the family.

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Happy weekend!



  • >I think if I’d been at that restaurant and seen you all wearing those glasses, I’d have wanted to come and sit at your table.

  • >I agree–I’d want to come play at the cool kids’ table too!

  • >Wackiness abounds in your family. I can tell. Did your mom ever read the back issues of your columns?

  • >I agree with doow. I would have left my family dinner and joined yours. TOO MUCH FUN.

  • >Love the glasses! Too cute. Sometimes, if I’m having a bad day, I go to my favorites and as I look for your blog I’m saying to myself, …”C’mon Lindsay. Make me laugh.” You always come through.Thanks!

  • liz

    >Dying! Ohmygoodness. Love the picture and I want to sit at your table too.

  • >She must be a fan of Chilihead’s, that’s all I can think. Cute pic!Chilihead’s blog is here:

  • >happy weekend!!!that looks like it was a ton of fun, great idea mom.

  • >LOL! Fabulous!

  • Meg

    >Awesome!My parents took a pic like that of my brother and I when we were about 3 and 5, respectivly. It was in his office until he retired, and now it’s in his home office. Pics like that are priceless!

  • >What a riot — I’d recognize your family anywhere!

  • >Hah! These photos are AWESOME. I’m going to have to bring a big bag of groucho glasses to the next family gathering, lol.Ari (Baking and Books)

  • >You guys are crazy! I love that….

  • >That could be my family. I’m not kidding. We might even have the same photo lying around somewhere.

  • >Hm, Baby will grow up and ask, Mummy, but what did Grandma look like really?

  • >Love the silly glasses. My mother too is a little odd when it comes to silly hats and festive novelties. One year we all had to wear antlers on headbands. I forgot I had the bastards on and popped down to the store to pick up some butter. A little embarassing really….How are you anyway? I haven’t been here for ages….

  • >Regardless of what you write about your parents, I think your Mom is so cool for suggesting this!

  • >I talked to my mom on the phone yesterday and she’s talking about using this photo as a CHRISTMAS CARD! AIEEEEE!

  • >I love the fact that the teens look like they just might die of embarrasment…

  • >Hey, I know you think it’s frightening that your mom may use it as a Christmas card, but the photo at my site with my family in those glasses was our Christmas card two years ago! It was a riot and people are STILL talking about it. I say go for it. 😉