Gas Station Turkey: A Thanksgiving Tale of Terror

  1. Angie Beard Love says:

    Oh no! We don’t cook our turkey either, we always order from Greenberg Smoked Turkeys in Tyler, TX each year…even now that we live in another state! So sad to read the end of your turkey story!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I think next year, we’ll just stick with Publix! 😉

      • Christi Maurer Hoehn says:

        You can order a turkey or the entire meal from Costco! It comes well packed in a cold box with instructions. I ordered the entire meal after my cancer surgery so that I could enjoy what little energy I had with the family instead of cooking. We had considered eating out but everyone wanted leftovers 🙂
        PS: glad you didn’t die.

  2. mrschristinewise says:

    Pineapple casserole? Don’t share your recipe, I’ve never heard of it. Sounds wonderful!

  3. Christi Faragalli says:

    Funny stuff! Thanks for sharing–

  4. I followed along on Facebook as this happened and it really brightened up a dreadful Thanksgiving for me so thank you for that. If I had known gas station turkeys were a thing I would have been all over it and a little pink turkey or chicken never hurt anyone, right?

  5. Rathead says:

    I’d just like to say that you can get quality food from some gas stations and the restaurants inside them. Sucks that she got some shady foreigners near her. Me and my boyfriend run a gas station in Minnesota and we make delicious food. Sure, most of our menu consists of pizza, fried items, and other unhealthy stuff….but we make all kinds of other stuff like pulled pork, chicken tikka, fajitas, tacos, and whatever else sounds good. We have people from as far away as montana come in and tell us someone told them to come try our food. (Most of them were truckers.)

    • Toleda says:

      Ah. Shady foreigners. I guess you season your gas station food with a good measure of xenophobia. Idiot–even if you think like that, have enough sense to not express it.

  6. Jennifer Wright Powell says:

    I came for the Singapore story but stayed for Turkey. There’s a gas station here in Memphis, in a really nice area of town, that boasts ….fresh sushi! I’m terrified of the thought but my husband swears by certain other gas stations that sell chinese or other stuff

  7. […] know me is to know I have turkey troubles. The story of our Gas Station Turkey several years ago spread far and wide after I shared it on Facebook, and the end result of that […]

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