1. Anonymous says:

    My daughter has a fierce set of pipes on her, and I just don’t have the heart to do this to her.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oh, I think the experience might be fun- and she’d get her own music video out of it! I didn’t win the Jem contest, but I wasn’t exactly scarred by the whole thing…. although that theme song did burn a hole in my brain, I’m pretty sure.

  2. […] Of course, we appeared to be talking about the Quaker Chewy Superstar Search, a competition for kids between the ages of 8 and 14 to win a recording contract with Jonas Group Management and $5,000 dollars in cash. And we were. The Superstar Search is, after all, a cool way for kids with pipes to enter online or in person to be the next big singing sensation, and you can read all the details here if you have a child who’s into this kind of thing. […]

  3. Lmt says:

    hmmmmm I just discovered my son has pipes!!! The wheels are turning!
    Could be interesting!!!

    • Anonymous says:

      Do it, particularly if you live in one of the cities where the mobile recording studio will be! I got to go on Saturday here in Nashville and it was really cute. I’ll have a post on it later int he week.

  4. rekabadasz says:

    i want to kno how can i become famous, not how you did ! duhh !

  5. bitch12 says:

    this shit, is stupid !!!!!!

  6. […] about over the last few weeks: the fabled Quaker Chewy Superstar Search mobile recording studio. As I’ve told you in posts past, it is currently touring the nation, giving kids a chance to record their own music video and […]

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