No One Thinks Your Kid is Cute But You

  1. Mary A says:

    Amen.  I once left a full cart of groceries to take my brat home.  A grandpa said to me “Lady, if more parents did what you are doing, the world would be a better place.”

    My brat learned his lesson.  And he has been a relative angel at the grocery store ever since.

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! Niiiiice.

    • nundu says:

      My two (now 30 somethings) still quake in their boots when I say ‘let’s step into the restroom’. When they showed their bad side in public I would firmly guide/drag them into the ladies where we’d have a ‘discussion’. If that failed, or they were just too bratty, we’d abandon our shopping (I always made sure a clerk was aware) and off to home we’d head. Trust me, it didn’t take long!

      They were also under the impression that if they undid their seatbelts the car would automatically cut off…which it did, because I would pull over, no matter where we were and cut off the ignition until they were rebuckled. I did this even in Germany, where it was against the law to stop on the autobahn!

  2. MinnesotaJoY says:

    Now see, I have a problem. I keep getting feedback of how adorable my little Miss Harper Moo is and I’m afraid it might be turning me into one of …ahem…THOSE parents.

    Please don’t judge me too harshly. I do think all of my kids are legitimately cute. (Please refer to my blog header for proof.)  But cute doesn’t mean I allow them to engage in asshattery in public. That should score me some points eh? That and this face right here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Well, you are still in the baby stage so you get a pass. Just see that this behavior doesn’t last past her third year.  😉

      • MinnesotaJoY says:

        My others are ‘almost’ 3, 12 and ‘almost 16. I am NOT afraid to leave a grocery store or a movie or a park. The older ones have gotten a swat or two on the behind as well. I’m not a spanker anymore but I do not put up with nonsense.

        Ah, I’m reminded of when the 16yr old was a toddler and we had to leave a movie when she wouldn’t sit down. She got so furious and cried so hard that she threw up in the car. Hey, I told her that if she didn’t behave we’d leave and leave we did.  😉

  3. Jennifer says:


  4. Cherie Edgeworth says:

    That picture!! Haha!! 

  5. Kimkosek says:

    i love this post!  There are like 6 different parents that I really want to send this too…but they may never speak to me again if I do.  Speak it sister!

  6. NancyB says:

    That is a GREAT picture!  It took me a minute to think about that woman’s face – in this real picture.  Hysterical!
    Well my son melted hearts when he was a baby (I swear!!) but he’s had his share of meltdowns and I’m sure people have give us that look too!  It’s too long ago to remember any specifics and now he’s just too old to smack and send to his room.

    • Anonymous says:

      I think it’s a boy thing. 🙂 My son sometimes suffers from what I call “poor impulse control” and even he knows it. The other day I told him to stop bothering his sister and he shouted “I can’t even control myself!”  LOL. Luckily, he’s gotten better with each passing year.

  7. Jenna says:

    Oh! Reminds me of a lady at the clothing store who let her son scream “hey mom” at the top of his lungs for.ever. I almost left when an older lady walked up to him and yelled “hey little boy! stop it!” in his face. i laughed so hard at both the mom and kid’s expressions! Way to go, old lady!


  8. Melissa says:

    Or the parents in the Cancun airport, as we were waiting for our flight home from our honeymoon, whose two little boys were running wild.

    “Jimmy, Bobby, come back here…Jimmy, Bobby, come back here…Jimmy, Bobby, come back here…Jimmy, Bobby, come back here…”

    Jimmy and Bobby ain’t listenin’, dude. GET OFF YOUR BUTT AND GET YOUR KID.

    Whew. I feel better now. 🙂

  9. Melissa says:

    Or wait! The dad at Subway who, during the lunch rush with a huge line out the door behind him, thought it would be ADORABLE to stop and ask his two little girls about every. Freaking. Topping.
    “Girls, would you like pickles on your sandwich?”
    “Girls, would you like tomatoes on your sandwich?”
    “Girls, would you like mustard on your sandwich?”
    “Girls, would you like…”
    “Girls, would you like..”

    Dude, the gazillion hungry people in line behind you DO NOT THINK THIS IS CUTE. Order the dang sandwich and move along.

    Okay, I feel better again. 🙂

  10. Babs says:

    I took my kid to “Up” where she yelled out, “Why does he keep talking to Ellie, doesn’t he know she’s DEAD?” And then I heard, “ELLIE’S DEAD?” from some little peanut in front of us. OH THE SHAME!

  11. Claire Hennessy says:

    Oh I loved this. You captured so brilliantly and hilariously how us parents can be completely blind, deaf and dumb to the glaring imperfections of our offspring. I have known so many of these parents, but the worst are the ones who talk endlessly about how amazingly fabulous their kids are at everything!

  12. Heather Cook says:

    Oh how true! I can actually remember that feeling when I realized people were still having babies… the world had not completely reached its pinnacle with the birth of my child…

  13. Knewman4 says:

    Ha ha!  I was just thinking tonight that my children are the two most gorgeous creatures in the world!  And then I thought….hmmm…probably ought to keep that one to myself!

  14. Anonymous says:

     Bruiser just looked at the picture for this post and said, “Why was I like that then?”

    I said, “I don’t know, but I asked myself that same question every day!”

    • nylonliving says:

      Hilarious. My son looked grumpy for the first 6 months of his life. No smile, not a one. Now he’s smiley and normal and he looks at his baby photos and asked me why he was so grumpy. Beats me kid – YOU tell me.

  15. Anonymous says:

    I always thought my girls were the most beautiful babies on earth. As do most parents!  But I loved what I heard from my sister. She said “At least your kids are cute.  I didn’t have to make up things to say about them, like ‘Oh, she has so much hair’ (what you say to the mother of the monkey baby) or ‘what big eyes she has (when there is nothing else to say!)

    It’s funny because I knew exactly what she was talking about!  We all know that there are some of those ugly babies out there and you have to try and invent ways to compliment them in front of their parents!

  16. Tricia says:

    How about the facebook friends that post in a Sunday afternoon about how proud they are of Bobby who scored three goals and then worked defense and as goalie blocked a bunch. Then you sit and re read the post and want to call the mom out as a big liar cause you were at the game and the best thing to say about Bobby was that he doesn’t need to have his uniform washed for the next game….
    Uh maybe that is a whole other blog topic!
    I just want to say that when I read this I just thought A frikkin MEN sister!

    • Babs says:

      Or the friend who posts daily about her kid’s accomplishments, but said kid is the biggest trouble maker at school and constantly in trouble by coaches for being obnoxious.

      • Rick McCallister says:

        And, of course, the kid’s just misunderstood and really a great kids at heart and those awful school workers are

        Blah blah blibbity blah blah evil teacher blah blah NCLB blah common core blah.

  17. Cindy says:

    That picture is so funny I can’t stand it. It’s perfect for this topic.

    I really love my kids, think the world revolves around them but just last week, I actually called my 3 year olds (girl twins) brats – to my husband, not to them. They were so naughty this one day that I was at my absolute limit. He looked at me like I was insane – How could you say that about them? – Because they can be absolute punks sometimes, that’s why.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve done that, too. I’ve actually said “You’re being a brat” and then hated myself afterward. I do know that it gets easier saying it to them when they’re older, though. Not from personal experience or anything…  😉

  18. Nicole says:

    My kids are adorable precious angels. But only to me and their grandparents. This post makes me think of the stfuparents blog.

  19. […] September found me taking aim at moms who go a little too far when it comes to the Tooth Fairy, sharing my 9/11 experience for the first time ever, and writing about the sad reality that no one thinks your kid is cute but you. […]

  20. A Mac says:

    My sons are now 17 & 20…and they just recently mentioned my personal trick to calming public misbehavior. If they weren’t listening or getting along, say at the grocery store, I’d make them hold hands with each other. They hated it! Needless to say there were very few embarrassing moments after the first time I used it.

  21. Julie Fries says:

    Your kids are super cute 🙂

  22. Hahahahaha. As someone who doesn’t have kids—but is frequently annoyed, not by parents in general, but by those who let their kids throw pudding in Applebees or kick the back of my seat for nine hours straight on a transatlantic flight—I salute you for putting this out there.

    But seriously, your kids are the most freakin’ adorable creatures I have ever seen in my life 😉

  23. Suebob says:

    I remember a co-worker earnestly telling me “Everyone thinks their child is beautiful, but mine is actually THE MOST BEAUTIFUL. He just is.” I think that is very, very sweet. Every child should have a parent who thinks this.

  24. A.S. says:

    Or when your less-than-3-year-old grandchild is at church jumping around and you take a photo and call it “worshipping” No. It’s misbehaving in church. It’s also not cute that this same grandchild is now roaming the pews (during church!) and sitting with various people and eating other child’s snacks and playing with their toys. All while the grandparent beams with pride? No, grandparent. NO. You are the only one who finds this adorable. The rest of us find it annoying.

  25. My Ladies of London says:

    It may be just me but I think it is cute when other people’s kids are being mischievous or sassy. I just can’t stand when mine is lol.

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