Once in a Lifetime

  1. I would totally do that! I think Bollywood is so beautiful, fun and different than what we are used to. Jealous!

  2. green says:

    It didn’t seem like a dare at ALL – you were dancing in the midst of a bunch of other people in the most crowded city where weird things happen all the time. It also seemed like you didn’t take it seriously at all, which I found disrespectful to the professional dancers and to the culture of dancers, and you just thought “if I smile big, that is all that matters.” That was no dare – that was an outrageously awesome opportunity, which you didn’t appreciate at all in the way it should be appreciated. 

  3. Mary A says:

    I have loved Bollywood for years — I would TOTALLY dance that!  Because what Bollywood is missing is a size 18, red faced, sweaty middle aged Irish Catholic mom. 

  4. HeliMom says:

    Looks totally fun and you’ve inspired me to try something new this week!

  5. Jamie @ BlondeMomBlog says:

    Girl you crack me up. Fun! Fun! I am not so coordinated so uh I’ll stick to doing Zumba here at home! 😉

  6. Michelle says:

    I love Bollywood..this looks like so much fun!

  7. Tracy Wisneski says:

    So much fun! Love it!  

  8. […] it was quiet here on the blog in July, it was definitely NOT quiet on the video front. I performed with nine Broadway dancers on Times Square (another high point of MY ENTIRE LIFE), tried Laughter Yoga, nearly died in a Kangoo […]

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