>Our First Order of Business

  1. Butrfly4404 says:

    >Hmm, yeah…I like Punky. I don’t know how particularily (sp?) “Punky” “Baby” is…but I was oft referred to as a Punky Brewster, so I’m kind of partial.It does get confusing. I sometimes catch myself from calling the kids Sunshine and Ninja Boy at home! Do the old mom thing “A-, Br-, Tom-, WHATEVER YOUR NAME IS!” 🙂

  2. Busy Mom says:

    >Just make sure you use a name that you don’t have to change as she gets older. I have no idea what I’m going to do with The Preschooler Formerly Known as Busy Baby.

  3. caroline says:

    >Punky’s good, yeah. How is she getting along now that she’s no longer the baby, anyway?

  4. doow says:

    >My vote was for Punky … and in my usual habit of wanting whatever I see someone else has, I now want to be called Punky too. It’s just cool.

  5. >Baby Girl, Sister, Princess

  6. Paisley says:

    >I saw Punky because then your kids will be Punky Bruiser. Hahahaha.

  7. Anonymous says:

    >I like punky because it’s the only one that applies to her without having to take any of her sibling relationships into prospective…It’s her very own 🙂

  8. Julie says:

    >I like “2” — -it goes with the “names” of the older girls!

  9. Marie says:

    >I can’t believe Punky’s in the lead!!? Punky? For your sweet baby girl? What does Baby have to say about this? What about MiniMe?

  10. Pamela says:

    >Darn poll computer…it told me I’d already voted, and, um…I haven’t. I’m going against the stream & voting BABY SR.She’s still your BABY GIRL, so BABY still applies. But then again, I’m the Baby of my family & I’m partial.

  11. Anonymous says:

    >Do not like punky, because of Punky Brewster. 2 fits your “name theme”, but I don’t love it. Don’t like baby sr., and is hard to type. How ’bout some variation of little girl (LG?). Just a thought.

  12. Jennifer says:

    >Definitely Punky. I went to college with Punky Brewster and she was cool. Definitely go with Punky. So perfect.

  13. uumomma says:

    >not that you asked, but i think that baby should still be baby and bruiser should be brusier

  14. Mir says:

    >I’m for Mini Me as well. She is the spitting image of you! And can you humor those of us who don’t know and let us know what Baby’s real name is? I read Gi-Gi in an article you linked to (or I could be wrong), but what does that stand for?

  15. Mooselet says:

    >Was going to go with ‘Punky’, but then thought that ‘2’ would be a better fit with 15 and 13.

  16. Gina says:

    >Has to be 2 to go with the older girls.

  17. Linda says:

    >personally, I won’t vote for any…I thought that since you’re calling the BOY Bruiser, Baby could keep her name. You could call them kidlet 1 and kidlet 2, but that’s what I call mine, lol~

  18. STL Mom says:

    >There is a weekly columnist in a local free paper, Debbie Baldwin, who refers to her three kids as Cranky, Whiny, and Punch. I don’t actually know her kids, but those names seem perfect to me. http://www.laduenews.com/mar2_07/diversions_lg.htmSo I would go with something that fits your youngest daughter’s personality.

  19. yellojkt says:

    >Just don’t call her Late For Dinner.

  20. George says:

    >Lindsay … I have always referred to mine as A1 and A2 … both their names start with an A.

  21. Shannon says:

    >still call her baby and him bruiser 🙂

  22. >How about a play on words and call her Bebe? Tres chic!

  23. mina says:

    >Punky and Bruiser would be so cute. ~l~ Or Mini Me!

  24. Anonymous says:

    >Punky.But er….Punky and Bruiser sounds like Punky Brewster doesn’t it? Doesn’t matter. Cute name.

  25. raehan says:

    >That anonymous was me, Raehan.

  26. meredith says:

    >I voted for Punky, I grew up next door to her Uncle.

  27. meredith says:

    >Punky Brewster’s Uncle, that is…

  28. Gertie says:

    >I honestly think Punky and Bruiser would be the coolest kids on the block. By far.

  29. Mrs. M says:

    >i like punky and bruiser! too cute!

  30. >I have a feeling this poll was rigged. 😉

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