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July 6, 2008

>A Special Occasion

> It began with a chicken. Very, very (very, Hubs, okay?) occasionally, I sort of forget that certain high-ish-priced foods are sitting patiently in the bottom drawers of our refrigerator,…

July 5, 2008


> My four-year-old, Punky, isn’t quite like most of the other kids her age. She spends a good part of each day pretending to be a giraffe. She insists on…

July 4, 2008

>52,567 Hours Together and Counting…

>Dear Hubs, I write quite often on this blog about the parts of our life together with which I think people can identify- the bickering, the shoes that never seem…

July 3, 2008

>News! Literally!

>Remember when I told you a little while ago that I had news about my Suburban Turmoil newspaper column? Well, today, my friends, I get to tell you all about…

July 2, 2008

>The Facebook Incident

>As it turns out, I’m not the only one in my marriage who feels the evil sting of jealousy from time to time. There’s been one downside to losing my…

July 1, 2008

>Perfect Post Awards

>It’s time for the June Perfect Post Awards!! That’s right, folks. It’s that time of the month when Kimberly and I give you guys a chance to spread some bloggy…