October 18, 2016 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

5 Great Reasons to See a Disney On Ice Show

5 Great Reasons to See a Disney On Ice Show

You’ve surely seen the commercials and advertisements for those Disney On Ice shows that come to town periodically — but the tickets are expensive and plenty of other businesses and brands are also competing for a share of your family’s entertainment budget. What makes a Disney On Ice show worth your time and money? As a longtime fan and attendee, I’ve got answers!


Disney On Ice Worth It

I loved this chorus line moment in Be Our Guest.

Disney On Ice stage shows are top-quality productions in line with other Disney entertainment.

We all know by now that if it’s Disney, it’s pretty much guaranteed to be high quality, whether it’s a theme park, a Broadway show, or a movie. The same holds true for Disney On Ice. Every show we’ve seen has featured highly skilled performers, innovative choreography, state-of-the-art special effects and elaborate and unexpected surprises.


Disney on Ice show in Nashville

Concessions are expensive- Our kids always share to save money.

Your whole family will enjoy a Disney On Ice show.

I don’t say this lightly! As members of the media, my husband and I have attended plenty of shows that my kids loved and we,  well… endured. However, each time we get an opportunity to go to a Disney On Ice show, we’re all thrilled. I love the ice skating performances, costumes and choreography my husband enjoys the acrobatics, special effects and pyrotechnics. And don’t let a ‘princess’ themed show deter you from taking your sons — My 9-year-old son was pleased that the Dream Big! show we saw recently had lots of action specifically for audience members who aren’t princess fans. Performances from Aladdin, the Genie and Olaf as well as an epic sword fight between a prince and a fire-breathing dragon all kept him glued to his seat throughout the show.


Disney on Ice Dream Big Show

This Under the Sea number included a shower of bubbles!

Disney On Ice shows will make you feel like you’re at Walt Disney World.

If you’ve visited the Walt Disney World Resort, you know the indescribable magic of spending a few days inside that ‘Disney Bubble.’ Every time I go to a Disney On Ice performance, I’m reminded of that feeling. It’s always fun to feel like a kid again, even if it’s just for a couple of hours.


Reasons to See Disney on Ice

Hooray for indoor fireworks!

Each Disney on Ice show is totally unique and special.

Most traveling shows start to feel the same after you’ve seen a few variations — but Disney On Ice really does a great job of giving each show its own unique flair. I can remember specific details from nearly every Disney On Ice show we’ve seen (and we’ve seen a LOT!) that made each show stand out in my mind.


What's great about Disney On Ice

We loved the costumes and choreography in Be Our Guest.

Disney On Ice is evolving with the times.

I was so pleased to see that Dream Big! has begun to stray from the traditional princess-meets-prince-and-lives-happily-ever-after model. While there were plenty of pas de deux numbers between princesses and their ‘heroes’, Dream Big! also features solo dances from Belle, Aladdin and the Genie and devotes the most time to Anna and Elsa’s sisterly love and loyalty to one another– Personally, I’d much rather my kids focus on friendship, courage, and the strength of family than unrealistic fairytale romances. Good work, Disney.