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The Lemonade Year

The Lemonade Year

I’ve decided to call 2016 our Lemonade Year.

From the loss of a job to the sickness and death of a beloved parent, it has been filled with some of the most difficult experiences we’ve ever had to face as a family. But the horrors of this year also have been precisely what re-centered us, reminded us of what really mattered, and gave us the motivation we needed to take the lemons we’d been handed and make… lemonade.

I saw evidence of this as I compiled this recap of Facebook and Instagram updates from the past year. As Dennis was facing the rapid demise of his father, dealing with his own health issues, and worrying about losing his job, he spent more time than ever making the time he had with his family count. In 2016, we went on dozens of hikes as a family, attended countless movies and plays and concerts and museums, and tried to create as many memories with each other as possible.

We also spent as much time as we could on the road, visiting big cities and tiny towns, hiking through national forests, seeking out countless waterfalls, climbing mountains, snorkeling in the Gulf of Mexico, and riding in a sunset-drenched boat alongside a pod of dolphins leaping in the surf.

These were our many pitchers of lemonade, made from the sourest of lemons.

I’ve had my fill this year of tragedy and heartache, but while I’m hoping we’re done with the bad stuff for a while, I can’t say I’m hoping things will calm down for us any time soon. I’m loving our adventures and will take as many of them as I can get.

Here now is our Lemonade Year in review:

Schermerhorn Symphony Orchestra

January 10: There was this CD I used to listen to obsessively in high school– I couldn’t get enough of it. It was called Mozart’s Requiem. And last night, I got to see it performed LIVE. So y’all just take a step back with your Janet Jackson and Guns n Roses reunion concerts. I’ve got my mind on my Mozart and my Mozart on my MIND.


Bloom when they least expect it. #getoutsidetn #nashvilleexplorersclub #theonlytennisee

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Nashville Snow Report

January 22: This weather report brought to you by the Ferrier kids.


Snow Angel

January 22: See Dennis Ferrier’s hard hitting investigation on Middle Tennessee’s snow angel conditions tonight on Channel 4 News.


Snow Day in Nashville

January 23: Fun afternoon of sledding on the Natchez Trace Parkway. This is the snow of a lifetime in Nashville!


Best snow day ever.

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January 29: We saw Matilida at Tennessee Performing Arts Center and I can’t say enough good things about this musical. Smart, energetic, engaging, and full of surprises– definitely worth seeing this weekend if you’re looking for something to do.


Amish Hat

Feb. 6: Sometimes I forget how awesome it is to have a husband who not only makes special Amish popcorn on the stove for a sleepover, but serves it wearing an Amish hat!


Journal Assignment

February 7: Journal assignment: If you were to write a book, what would it be about?

Annnnnnd…. MIC DROP.


Left behind. #poodleproblems

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February 16: Okay, I’m just going to say it. The Revenant? It sucked. And if Leonardo DiCaprio wins an Oscar, it will be for grunting a lot and finally being able to grow a full beard.


Detention Slip

February 17: One of the joys of buying used books is that you never know what you’ll find inside them…


How did I get so lucky?

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Back Scratcher

Feb. 20: My 8-yr-old went to a friend’s house to play for a few hours today and brought with him his Nintendo 2DS… and his back scratcher. As one does.

Cafeteria Lunch

February 22: Never change, school lunches.


February 25:

MY 8-YR-OLD: Mom, if you were invited to a very fancy party, would you go?

ME: Definitely. I’d love be invited to a very fancy party.

MY 8-YR-OLD: Well, I wouldn’t go if I were you, because it would probably be a trap. The people having the party would really just want you to clean their house.

ME: Huh. Well. Thanks for the heads-up.


If you give a girl a macaron…

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Evil Popcorn

March 1: Is it coincidence that this Evil Popcorn mysteriously appeared in our bowl on Super Tuesday? I THINK NOT.


Grandmother on LinkedIn

March 2: As some of you know, my beloved grandmother died a few months ago. This morning after I accepted a LinkedIn request, her name popped up as someone I might know. I never knew she had created an account, and she didn’t do much beyond open it, but I can’t tell you how it felt to see that she listed ‘GrandMother’ as her profession– I can’t imagine anyone doing a better job in that role than she did. Thank you, Grandmother. I really needed this today.

March 3: One good thing (and only one) about all the drama surrounding the upcoming presidential election is that it’s gotten both my kids interested in the political process. My 11-year-old asked for a complete rundown of how everything works a few days ago and both kids can’t wait to watch the GOP debate on TV tonight. I have no doubt it will lead to some very interesting conversations!


LEGO Donald Trump

March 3: What my 8-yr-old has gotten out of the #GOPDebate so far…


Text Message Husband

March 9: When the man you’ve been married to for 14 years does this.


Worth the walk.

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Easter Bunny Nightmare

March 27: My son slept in my daughter’s room last night. I asked why when I was tucking them in and my daughter said, “Think about it, Mom. Who wants to be alone at night when a man-sized bunny is creeping around the house?”


It's a long way down to the place where we started from.

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April 7: A man just wrote saying he liked my blog and wanted to invite me to visit his store for my free spork. He sent a picture of the spork so I’d know it was legit.

I’m living the dream, people. #bloglife


Meditation station.

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"I believe a girl should have a real hairstyle when she turns 12," she said. Done.

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Dean's Cake House Alabama

April 13: If you’re making the drive between Nashville and Destin/Ft. Walton, you’ve got to take a quick cake break at Dean’s Cake House in Andalusia, Alabama. The Seven Layer Cakes are to die for– especially if you’re a frosting fan.


Taking a little Mom & Me time with my boy at #hiltonsandestin. We needed a BREAK. #hosted #beachlife

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April 16: Congratulations to the first Ferrier child to dip his toes in the Pacific and the Atlantic in the same week!


A Ferrier family tradition- riding bikes on Hermosa Beach.

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First timers.

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Geeking out today on fossils.

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April 25: What do you do on a late-night, 4 -hour, completely-full flight with a screaming baby in the seat behind you? I’ll tell you what you do.


George Takei Facebook

May 10: This means I am one degree of separation from George Takei, now, right?


Mary Tudor: Coming soon to a sixth grade history class near you.

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May 19: I have always really wanted to see a bald eagle in the wild, and have planned to drive 3-4 hours at some point in the near future just to go on a bald eagle-spotting expedition. Today, it finally happened- in downtown Franklin! My daughter spotted it while we were sitting at a red light – he was getting harassed in flight by a bunch of smaller birds, so we got a really good look at him. Bald eagles! In Franklin! WHO KNEW?!


Cloudland Canyon is aptly named.

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Mt. Zion Church Centerville, Tennessee

May 28: Once a year during the Arts & Ag Tour in Hickman County, Mt. Zion AME Church does a meat and three lunch. Best meal I’ve had this year. Fried chicken, turnip greens, hot-water cornbread, vegetable relish, and lots of homemade desserts.


Centerville, TN

May 28: Chasin’ waterfalls. Because we’re rebels like that.–Centerville, Tennessee.


Nothing like a little science on a Saturday morning.

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June 3: Spurred on by the cheers of passing cyclists, we managed to save three turtle souls in under an hour. WE ARE FERRIER TURTLE PATROL.




June 6: Natasha Ferrier warming up for her big debut tonight at Zanies Nashville! #toughcrowd #thosegorditas



Cumberland Caverns

June 7: We had a great day exploring Cumberland Caverns! Definitely worth the drive!


Cronuts Nashville

June 7: Love is when your husband knows to buy you cronuts from Five Daughters Bakery instead of birthday cake.


Fiery Gizzard Trail

June 11: 5 miles hiked. Zero tears. Gizzard Achievement unlocked. — with Dennis Ferrier at Fiery Gizzard Trail.


Liquor Laws in Tennessee

June 11: Yasssss.–feeling blessed at Kroger


Monster Jam

June 18: Just spent the last two hours screaming myself hoarse for gigantic pickup trucks with names and I don’t know who I am anymore. — with Dennis Ferrier at Monster Jam At Nissan Stadium.


When your sister gets to try the dragon puppet before you do.

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Father's Day

June 21: Happy Father’s Day to the world’s greatest dad! Being a father is this man’s passion and number one calling in life. I am so thankful to have him in my life and SO glad he devotes so much of himself to his children.


Sioux Falls Children's Museum

June 23: Wow! They really DO look alike!! — with Dennis Ferrier at Washington Pavillion.


And now you know why they call it Sioux Falls. #beautiful #weareheresf #mygreatplace @visitsiouxfalls

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Good Earth State Park

June 25: This is what vacation is all about! — with Dennis Ferrier at Good Earth State Park at Blood Run.



July 1: I wanted to let everyone know on Dennis Ferrier’s behalf that his father, Ken, died early yesterday morning after struggling with multiple serious health problems over the last year. Ken was a fun and zany grandfather to his seven grandchildren and there was no question that he was devoted to his family over everything and everyone else.

We were fortunate to spend time as a family with ‘Papa Ken’ and Dennis’s mother in California recently and are so grateful now for the many memories we made that week. He was a legendary figure in the Ferrier family and will be greatly missed.

Rest in peace, PK.


Dennis Ferrier Wedding Day

July 4: July 4th, 2002 was hands down the most magical day of my life. In a fairytale village in Scotland, surrounded by family and friends, I married a man with whom I was head over heels in love. I couldn’t have known what lay ahead of us or whether our love would truly endure, but I hoped with all my heart for the best.

14 years later, our marriage has exceeded my wildest dreams– and that’s not to say it’s all been easy! We’ve experienced sickness and health, good times and bad, years of plenty and years of struggle– but through it all, my husband Dennis has been my rock. Through it all, he’s made our marriage and family his priority. Through it all, he’s been a true friend, love, supporter, advocate, advisor, and soulmate. I couldn’t have asked for more.14 years ago, I honestly had no idea that the love I feel now for my husband was even possible. Today, I can’t imagine a life without him, or the loyal and deeply loving little family we get to call ours. Dennis is our fearless leader, the man in whom we all place our complete trust, and he has proven over and over again that he is completely devoted to the task.

Happy anniversary, Dennis. I love you with all my heart.

Kenneth Ferrier

July 5: From Dennis Ferrier: Thank you everyone for all of your kind words. You are awesome people and I care about each one of you. You have lifted me up in a tough time. For those who have asked, here is the information on funeral arrangements for my dad. On Friday, we will REMEMBER him and all he meant to us. God bless you all!!



Dennis Ferrier

July 7: Oh my goodness. –in San Pedro, California


Ferrier Family Pride

July 12: The older I get, the more clearly I understand what matters. #FerrierFamilyPride


July 13: Thank you SO MUCH to everyone who has called and sent messages — Please know that Dennis and I are fine and we are so moved by the incredible outpouring of love from colleagues and viewers over the last two days.

I seriously could not be prouder of Dennis and the amazing work he’s done during his career as a reporter. He’s won dozens of awards, been instrumental in getting countless laws passed in Tennessee (two this year alone!), helped thousands of people, and been a mentor to many, many younger reporters and photographers over the years. He has always put his family first and always believed that his true calling as a reporter was simply to serve others. That’s what kept him going and I believe that’s why he’s earned the trust of so many over the years, both in the newsroom and in homes across Middle Tennessee.

Dennis has been working long, long hours for a long, long time– We seldom saw him before 7 each night– and even on his days off, his phone would ring off the hook with news tips and he’d constantly get stopped by viewers who wanted to tell him their story. He made time for every single one of them. I am glad that he is getting a chance to get some rest, mourn the loss of his father, and spend real quality time with his family before he decides what he wants to do next. We are excited to see what the future holds.



Critter Camp Nashville Humane Association

July 15: Thank you to the Nashville Humane Association for an awesome week at Critter Camp! This weeklong camp was completely sponsored and FREE to campers- It was the one week my daughter was most looking forward to this summer and she learned so much! She is now looking forward to volunteering there the moment she turns 13.


Wedding Day

Source: Melany Glover

July 21: I’d like to wish a very happy birthday to the most amazing man I could ever have hoped to marry.

Dennis Ferrier, you have surpassed my wildest dreams. You are an attentive husband, committed father, devoted son and loyal friend to so many. You are filled with faith, integrity and an incredible resolve to never, ever give up and it’s an honor (not to mention a whole lot of fun) to live life with you. I hope you’ll look back on this birthday some day as the start of the best years of our lives.


Driveway Prayer

July 21 (written by Dennis): Years ago, Pastor Pete Wilson shared a story I never forgot. He said he’d sit for a moment in his driveway when he got home from work and pray that God would help him go inside and give the best he had to offer to his family.

I love this story, because imagine what could happen if every parent who spends the day at work engaged and present and attentive brought that same passion home to their families at night.

I’ve said the driveway prayer on many occasions, but often fallen short because I was tired or stressed or preoccupied with work. I didn’t give up, though, because the prayer inspired me to try and save my very best for my family instead of wasting it all on a live shot or editorial meeting.

Right now, while I’m home cooking meals, driving kids to camp and figuring out a new career, this prayer doesn’t quite fit my life. I’m simply praying to be HERE while I am HERE, rather than worrying too much about the future.

And so I’m passing the driveway prayer on to you.


It was all going so well… and then a grasshopper leg got stuck in my teeth.

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Blue Hole Falls

July 31: Two waterfalls, hundreds of mushrooms, one creek crossing by car, and one big, scary copperhead snake. The Hiawassee High Shoals Falls Hike was a success!



Christmas Carols

July 30: It’s hard to find words for how I feel about Connie Dean. She was one of the first to welcome me into a new church several years ago, always inviting me to sit with her during Wednesday night suppers and giving me a big hug and a hand squeeze every Sunday morning. When I sang occasional solos in church and felt nervous and inadequate, I looked at my family for encouragement– and I looked at Connie Dean. She’d nod her head reassuringly and give me a big thumbs up, and I’d feel my terror melt away. Connie Dean always gave me confidence and made me feel like I mattered. She had that effect on a lot of people, including my husband and kids. When the ice bucket challenge came along a couple of summers ago, my entire family eagerly participated, along with the rest of our congregation, all in honor of our beloved Connie Dean.

Because of ALS, Connie was eventually unable to come to church– and so last Christmas, we brought our Christmas service to her. Dozens of church members crowded into her home and we sang all the carols we could think of. Connie couldn’t speak by that point, but before the kids and I left, she wrote ‘I love you’ on her notepad and handed it to me. It was a classic Connie Dean moment — reaching out to others, even during the toughest season of her life.

I will miss Connie Dean dearly, but my life is so much richer for having had her in it. She was a true role model to me, and I hope I can face the great struggles in my life with the same grace and courage that I witnessed in her.

I love you, too, Connie Dean– I will never, ever forget your kindness.



Kindergarten Hug

Aug. 2: First on his list of things to do when he went back to school this morning: Get a hug from his kindergarten teacher.


First Day of School 2016

Aug. 2: FIRST first day of elementary school / LAST first day of elementary school!



Aug. 12: I’m so proud of my husband, Dennis Ferrier, who was recognized this morning by Metro Police Chief Steve Anderson for his reporting on public safety issues in Nashville.


Helen Georgia

Aug. 26: When in Helen, GA…





When life hands you lemons…

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Rock n Roller Coaster

Sept. 10: We weren’t the least bit scared. — at Disney’s Hollywood Studios.


Ferrier Travels 2016

Sept. 12: When you’re so happy, it hurts. — at Disney’s Magic Kingdom.



Ferrier Baseball Season

Sept. 24: First baseball game. Ever.



Chimney Rock State Park

Oct. 1: It’s a long way up…. — at Chimney Rock State Park.


Chimney Rock State Park North Carolina

Oct. 1: And it’s a long way back down! 26 stories to the top of Chimney Rock and worth every step! — at Chimney Rock State Park.


Rocky Broad Riverwalk

Oct. 2: What a beautiful day for a river walk! We are loving the Blue Ridge Foothills. 😍 — in Rocky Broad River North Carolina.

French Lick, Indiana

Oct. 6: These are the days we’ll remember.–French Lick, Indiana





Dolphins PCB

Oct. 13: And then this happened.



Halloween Makeup

Oct. 23: This is nine years old.


Undertale Halloween Costumes

Oct. 31: This year, they are Sans and Frisk- characters in their favorite computer game, Undertale, which no one has ever heard of, but YOU WILL, my 9-yr-old assures everyone. YOU WILL. Oh for the days of Disney princesses and Marvel superheroes…


Nov. 2: I took my daughter with me to vote at the library today and the poll worker encouraged her to vote at the kids’ mock election booth in the children’s section. “She already voted in the children’s election at her school,” I told him. “Well, she should vote again here,” he said. “It’s more fun.” For the record, I’m calling children’s election fraud. When you see this news break on the front page of the New York Times, just remember you heard it here first.




Dennis Ferrier Emmy Award

Nov. 17: Tonight, I’d like to congratulate Dennis Ferrier on his 31st career Emmy nomination for an important story on social media stalking that helped change state law this past year. It’s always exciting to be nominated for an Emmy, but in light of recent events, this one is especially meaningful. (And I confess, I made him take this picture at Disney a couple of months ago in the hope that I could use it tonight!






Ferrier Snow White

Dec. 12: I’m so proud of my daughter and all of the kids in her school production of ‘Snow White’ tonight. Can you guess her role? 😉 I couldn’t ask for a more delightful 12-yr-old.



Dec. 21: We have a full house for the holidays and ran out of hot water before Dennis Ferrier had a chance to shave- so today, he’s sporting the Don Johnson look. After dinner tonight, he promised to get rid of the stubble tomorrow– That’s when our nine-year-old son begged him: “Oh, please let it grow for two more days! I want to see what puberty looks like!”


Ferrier Christmas Photo

Dec. 23: Several years ago, I told my son that he was so wonderful, a part of me wanted him to never grow up. “Don’t worry, Mommy,” he reassured me.”Even when I grow up, I’ll still have all my ages inside of me.” He was right, you know. He’s 9 now, but I look at him and still see glimpses of the babbling one-year-old, the laughing toddler, the kindergartner with a thousand questions. They’re all there. Inside of him.


Ferrier Christmas Wrapping Ad

Dec. 24: This ‘ad’ appeared on our refrigerator about a week ago and it has pretty much already been the best Christmas EVER.


Ferrier 2016

Dec. 26: It ain’t over ’til the gingerbread house has been eaten.

Happy New Year, everyone. May your 2017 be filled with wonderful surprises. And if you get handed lemons in 2017, may you make your own lemonade.