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  1. SoMo says:

    >And that is why our date nights have been on Mondays or Tuesdays. Not fashionable, but we are married and just need to get away from the kids for a couple of hours. Nothing is more satisfying than sitting in an almost empty movie theater eating popcorn and candy without some little person tugging on me to go to the bathroom or that they spilled their drink. That my friend, is heaven. No matter what anyone else says.

  2. >No kids to ‘escape’ from, but I agree with SoMo: I work weekends, and a night out during the weekdays, while less ‘exciting’, is also less crowded. Harder to manage for the standard 9-5ers Mon-Fri, but ya take what ya kin git 😉

  3. Cathy Burke says:

    >Ha! My step daughter was our main sitter and right before she went back to college she insisted we go on a date. We had not been out on a weekend night in so long I felt like I was in a twilight zone episode. Every movie had a line around the block. We finally ended up at a dive restaurant for drinks because we could NOT just go home before 9. We then ended up making out in our car in our own driveway till 10. It still was better than staying home with the kids. Now we stick to matinees while our kids are in school.

  4. Kathryn says:

    >My oldest daughter will be 8 in June and I have yet to find a babysitter. All the teenage girls here play sports and are busy both weeknights with practice and weekends with games.I agree though that going anywhere on a Friday or Saturday night is just not worth it. I’m not big on lines or crowds or having to wait an hour just to get a table in a restaurant.I’m glad that you and Hubs got a night out though. What I wouldn’t give for one of those with my DH.

  5. Anonymous says:

    >Two years ago, the Lord graced me by having my parents move to my town. They're less than 5 minutes away!! happy danceEven when they still lived in my home-town 45 minutes away, my daughters spent a weekend night with them often starting when my youngest would take a bottle.My girls are now 9 & 11. Daughter the 2nd stays with them on Friday & Saturday nights, Daughter the 1st on Sat. nights.My Dad's day off is on a weekday & he and Mom fetch my kids from school – 2 different schools. Those wacky parents of mine have been known to come over when we are away over a weekend (with or without the kids) & bleepin Clean My House!!I'm so lucky, blessed, spoiled, and thankful.Ame I. in West TN

  6. Marsha says:

    >Our kids are old enough (13 and 15) that we can go out every Friday night if we wish. We usually go to a fast food place because we don’t want to wait an hour for a meal. We don’t go to a movie because the Saturday matinee is much cheaper.One Friday evening we went to a local bookstore to peruse. Since my husband and I have very different taste in books, we separated at the door. I then found out that the local Barnes and Noble is a middle-aged pick-up joint. I was followed around the store by two different men trying to make conversation with me. Ever since then, if we go there on a Friday night, we stick together.

  7. WM says:

    >What I lurve is when we go to the hip spot that we always hung out in back in the day…but then become instantly aware of several things 1) We’re old2) We’re not nearly as cool as we think we are3)I’m oldand did I mention we’re old

  8. Darth Doc says:

    >Sometimes double dates make date night go down easier. Pooling the kids with the right sitter makes it fun for them as well.

  9. Gertie says:

    >Bigger martinis make date night more fun. Ha ha.

  10. Mental Momma says:

    >OMG we are all SO old. Complaining about the wait? Yes, I do it too, but wouldn’t we have rolled our eyes back in the day watching Momma and Pops pull away in the wagon because the line lingered out of the door? The thing that always does it for me is the babysitting tally. Let’s see, two hours waiting on dinner, thats $20 down the drain, not including the drinks I might swill. What you don’t realize about the Vandy gals (as is the case with the college crowd these days) is that they don’t GO OUT until 11PM. When you and Hubs stumble in, they scoop up your bucks and head out because the night is JUST getting started.

  11. Mom101 says:

    >A great sitter is second only to great grandparents. Congrats – it means everything.

  12. Lucy says:

    >Wow, what a sourpuss commentor on the newspaper site.We rarely go out on the weekends, either. We trade babysitting with some friends (on a Thursday, which is almost as bad as a weekend) so we do get to out occasionally. But like you, we’re not quite sure what to do with ourselves other than have dinner. Honestly, the best time is when we have friends over and we can play cards and drink all we want without worrying about the tab (both with the babysitter and at the bar) or who’s driving home. What I really want is to send my children away on the weekend so Hubby and I can have a date at home. Alone. 🙂

  13. >I need to find a babysitter. My husband and I haven’t been out on a date since…well crap…I can’t even remember.

  14. JCK says:

    >Sometimes you have to go on more than one date before you get the groove back. 😉

  15. Gertie says:

    >Holy shit! That’s IT. The way to end the recession is for everyone to drink CHEAP BEER!! Forget the bailout! Everyone just needs to buy a six pack of Natty Light or Lost Lake. Thank GOD that commenter broke your water…no wait, that wasn’t it… something about a bubble wasn’t it? Damn.

  16. Miss Notesy says:

    >This may be a weird question, but how much do you pay a babysitter? I have no idea. I’ve usually use family, but they aren’t always available. I also have two small children. (6 and 3)

  17. Darth Doc says:

    >Our babysitters range from $8/hr (for one) up to $14/hr (for 2).We usually pay $10/hr for two. It seems fair. Many of them work at the preschool our daughter went to and our son goes to. Lindsay, I will trade you two PiDelts for a Chi O…?

  18. b says:

    >My goodness. The article was an honest and funny reflection of what it’s like to try to go on a date with your husband, but I got distracted by the troll over there! I can’t imagine being totally broke and worrying over someone else going out and being able to afford a sitter and nice dinner. I think I’d be too busy trying to be like that person.

  19. b says:

    >Oh, and you might try the local Y girls in a pinch. That’s been a lucky spot for me on the sitter situation!

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