November 8, 2017 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

This Holiday Season, Show Them You Care with a $1,000 Tin Can

This Holiday Season, Show Them You Care with a $1,000 Tin Can

Looking for the perfect gift for the person on your list who has everything?

How about a sterling silver Tin Can?

Yes! It’s true! Thanks to our practical-minded friends at Tiffany, for just $1,000 your special someone can have the Tin Can he’s always wanted. And there are soooo many things he can do with it! He can put soup in his Tin Can! Or beans! Or jellied cranberry sauce! And if he’s feeling extra-creative…
Thousand Dollar Tin Can
He can put his pencils in there! (Preferably his $16 pencils!) This Tin Can is so special, it might even inspire a person to blow up a balloon and draw a smiley face on it! Because that’s not weird at all!

But maybe a Tin Can just isn’t big enough. Maybe that someone on your list is deserving of something a bit more size-y….


Everyday Objects Tiffany
Great news — There’s a $1,500 Coffee Can for that!

Tiffany’s Coffee Can is just the right size for a bag of ground coffee! Or daisies! Or pipe cleaners! The possibilities are literally endless!

Speaking of coffee…
Crazy Christmas Presents
Your loved one will need something to put it in when it’s brewed, right? Tiffany’s already thought of that! Introducing the Paper Cup!

This fantastic innovation is a steal at just $575! I’m doing the Christmas Happy Dance!


Tiffany Paper Cup
A sterling silver Paper Cup is so much more mindful than a paper Paper Cup, don’t you agree?


Tiffany Silver Straw
And if you’re feeling especially generous this holiday season, consider tucking this $250 Crazy Straw into a stocking or two!

I consider this a can’t-go-wrong gift idea for everyone on your list — I mean, I know I’m not the only one who has always secretly thought my life would be complete if I had a sterling silver Crazy Straw…


Tiffany LEGOs


Got kids? They’ll go completely BONKERS for Tiffany’s sterling silver LEGOs! $1,500 may seem a tiny bit pricey, but this is actually a great deal, because you get TEN LEGOs in the set, which means that each LEGO costs just $150! I’m not BELIEVING this incredible bargain!

With all the money you’re saving on LEGOs, you can splurge a little on yourself! And I’ve got the perfect option!


Everyday Objects First Aid Box
There’s little that irritates me more than seeing a tacky box of Band-Aids in my medicine cabinet. I mean, the logo is so…. red. Like blood. It’s all just very ew. I’m sure tens of you out there feel the same way, which is why you’ll be rushing to add this $600 First Aid Box to your shopping cart!

Move your boring Band-Aids to this stylish sterling silver container and you’ll be covering ouchies in style this holiday season!

But if you REALLY want to show someone you care this Christmas, there’s only one way to do it…


Tiffany Ball of Yarn
And that’s with a $9,000 ball of yarn.

Imagine the look on your loved one’s face upon opening this incredibly unique and thoughtful gift!

It will truly be a moment neither of you will ever forget.  I sort of want to cry just thinking about it.

Well? What are you waiting for? Head to your nearest Tiffany, pronto, before these gifts are all gone!

h/t to my awesome friend Sarah for cluing me in on these amazing gift ideas!

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