To My Tenth Grade English Teacher

  1. Rachel Molder says:

    That’s really cool Lindsay, and by the way, I love your new photo on the right hand side.

  2. BNeu says:

    So awesome of you to thank him after all these years. Teachers often never get to hear how inspiring and influential they truly are!

  3. Thomas Bates says:


    Thanks for sharing these thoughts of gratitude. I understand your sentiments as Frank Finsthwait was also my English teacher, in the 9th grade, way back in 1975. While I don’t write professionally, I do enjoy writing, and I attribute much of that joy to Frank. With regard to “thanks-sharing”, you might like to visit This goes one step beyond “Google gratitude” and actually puts thanks on paper, much like the English papers you’ve kept since high school. Now that’s revolutionary!

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