September 4, 2015 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

We Checked Out The Real Tooth Fairies Website- Here’s What We Thought.

We Checked Out The Real Tooth Fairies Website- Here’s What We Thought.

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Finding appropriate websites for girls can be challenging — I’ve discovered over the years that many ‘kid-friendly’ sites contain features I don’t approve of at all, from chat rooms to attention to more mature activities like dating and wearing makeup.

Real Tooth Fairy
That’s why I was happy to discover The Real Tooth Fairies, an award winning online world for young girls that was created by the former President of Mattel and a Disney author. With more than 40 games and attractions specially designed to engage and entertain your daughter, The Real Tooth Fairies cleverly emphasizes kindness, respect for others, goal setting, identity development, and even oral hygiene. What’s more, it encourages parental involvement- Not only are parents notified about all of their child’s activities on the site, but there are also many ways for parents to actively participate in the experience with their daughter. To me, this really makes the site stand out from the others out there.

Of course, it’s one thing for me to like the site as a parent– To find out whether this site is a winner with kids, I enlisted the help of the ultimate critic– my eleven-year-old daughter. She loves fairies and interactive online worlds, so I knew she’d be able to cut to the chase and tell me whether your kids with similar interests are likely to enjoy The Real Tooth Fairies. Although I had a username and password given to me for the review, she opted instead to create her own avatar. In this process, she registered (registration is free), chose her ‘ME Doll,’ and took a Royal Quiz, which matched her with her own personal Real Tooth Fairy. This Tooth Fairy is her guide in the site’s Real Fairyland. Since that time, she has visited the site often- She loves playing the games, dressing her avatar in the fashions in her closet, giving and receiving gifts from other users, exploring the Real Fairyland, and decorating her hotel suite. Here’s her own personal synopsis:

Notice that she says ‘You can’t talk to your friends’ — She knows that ‘talking to your online friends’ is a deal breaker for me as far as kids’ websites go, and she’s on board with this decision. I’ve been shocked by the number of websites targeted at children that allow ‘free chat’ or personal messages and aren’t heavily moderated. In The Real Tooth Fairies, your child can see other users’ avatars and interact with them by giving them gifts, but she can’t write to them. Additionally, anything your child writes on the site can never be seen by another user. This to me is a perfect online scenario that allows children to feel like they’re part of an interactive world without parents having to worry that they’re inadvertently exposing themselves to potential dangers.

Here’s what I like about the site as a mom:

Kindness Tickets

–The Real Tooth Fairies encourages real-life activities that are compatible with what they’re doing online. For example, girls are encouraged to choose various kindness tickets, which contain tasks for them to complete among their friends and family members, like calling a grandparent or taking a treat to a neighbor. Parents can print these tickets out and put them on the fridge for their daughters to choose from. Once she’s completed a kindness, she can record it online and ultimately earn kindness charms.

–When your daughter loses a tooth, she can write about it in the website’s Lost Tooth Garden. A dancing musical flower grows there for each lost tooth. As her parent, you can print a Keepsake Print-out of what she writes about each of her 20 lost teeth. Very cute!

–You can also personalize a Magic Letter from the Tooth Fairy about an event in her day-to-day life. You will be sent an e-mail each time she requests a letter, and you can make sure it matches up to her own real-life experiences. For girls who still believe in the Tooth Fairy, this is a really neat idea.

–Any time your girl writes about an experience online, you’ll receive a Share Mail with her writing. This helps you keep tabs on her activity and hold onto the adorable things she’s written.

Dream Tree

–Your child can create a Dream Tree, which helps her tell her own life story by recording her achievements, talents, hopes and dreams and helps build her self esteem.

–Although there’s plenty to do on the site that’s free of charge, if your girl is especially interested in The Real Tooth Fairies, a VIP membership is a great deal in comparison to other sites my children visit. The Upgraded VIP Membership costs $5.89 per month or $29.45 for 6 months and includes magical games only for VIP members, four dress up closets that hold 200 items (basic members have one closet with 25 items) the ability to decorate her own pool, party room, lounge, and Grand Suite for every holiday and every season, VIP-only access to 9 magical fairy shops where she can use her Sparkle$ to buy VIP-only decorationss and outfits, access to VIP streets in Real Fairyland, and the ability to float her avatar on special VIP clouds. I only WISH that other kids’ sites only cost $5.89 per month for VIP status! Parents can also for Real Tooth Fairies books on the website and Kindness Kits, which have everything they need to heighten the Kindness ticket experience and reward their daughters in real life.

All in all, I highly recommend this website for its promotion of self esteem and real-life kindness, its communication to parents about their daughters’ website activities, its rewards for users who get OFFline and do nice things for the people around them, and its design quality. Honestly, I wish more kids sites were like The Real Tooth Fairies– The online world for kids would be a much nicer place!