Younger and Wiser

  1. also, sounds like a great school.

  2. Dana Kerford says:

    Beautiful! Thanks for sharing!

  3. What an awesome thing for parents to get to do. I would have been a mess too. I am sure Punky was so proud to have her mom there; after all, you are a writer too! She got to be just like mom 🙂 Prayers that our girls never grow up faster than they need to.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

       I am so grateful to be able to be at most of their school events. I’ve had to miss a few this year and last because of my job- Dennis has been able to go instead, but it still broke my heart a little…

  4. Synnove Robinson says:

    I got all snuffly reading this…  I hope my kids classrooms are as wonderful as Punky’s…

  5. rubberbacon says:

    awesome story, but what did Punky write about?

    • suburbanturmoil says:

       Finding her babysitter’s lost dog and returning it. LOL. She wants to be a pet detective when she grows up, so this was a VERY BIG DEAL!

  6. AmysAdventures says:

    This was beautiful! I loved hearing about all their little stories. I can’t wait for our kids to start daily journals.

    We stumbled across the journals for my then 11 year old twins when I took them home for college. We laughed till we cried. Life is so sweet and innocent at that age.

  7. Sara Sherrell says:

    Oh goodness. I would be a crying mess as well. So glad the kids are young and innocent. Being able to be accepted at face value is such a blessing.

  8. […] which more aptly describes the kind of mom I was over the summer), baking shit and doing crafts and going to school functions like this one, where I broke down shrieking and sobbing and had to be forcibly removed. […]

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