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5 Fantastic Disney World Tips From a Disney Expert

5 Fantastic Disney World Tips From a Disney Expert

I’m getting ready to take my daughter and stepdaughters to Walt Disney World in a few weeks for a girl trip–  We couldn’t be more excited. There’s so much to do and see at the resort that planning ahead of time really, REALLY helps — That’s why my husband and I consider guides and websites about Walt Disney World to be a must when we’re preparing for a trip to the parks. One of the guides we’ve used for years is  The Complete Walt Disney World.
Top Disney World Tips
So when author Julie Neal wrote me recently to tell me about the release of the latest edition of her book (which my husband has already read from cover to cover), I asked her to give us 5 of her top Disney tips for anyone planning a visit to the parks. Julie lives in Orlando and has spent more than 2,000 DAYS in Disney over the last ten years — If anyone knows Disney inside and out, it’s her! Here’s her advice:
Top Disney Tips
1. Wait for the best seat.
At many attractions, it pays to sit either in the front or the back seat. Check out our book to see which seat is best (or ask a cast member), then request that seat. You will probably have to wait a few extra minutes, but it will be well worth it.
Top Disney Tips
2. On that note…

At Epcot’s Soarin Around the World — one of Disney’s best attractions — request Gate B, Row 1. You’ll be sitting on the highest row, right in the center. It makes a huge difference in this ride.
Disney World Secrets
3. Get free water.

Disney hands out free ice water to anyone who asks at all of their counter-service restaurants.
Disney World Advice
4. Be an early bird.

Get to the park at least 30 minutes before the park officially opens. The gates usually open several minutes early, and you’ll have a good 90 minutes to two hours of a wonderful experience: rides with little to no lines, fresh performers and relatively cool weather. It’s truly a magical time.

5 Top Disney World Tips

Audience participation is the best part of the Indiana Jones Stunt Show! (Source)

5. Join in.

Volunteer to be in Disney’s shows. Some let you be part of it, such as the Indiana Jones show at Disney’s Hollywood Studios. Others let your kids be stars, such as the Captain Jack Tutorial in Magic Kingdom and the Jedi Training show at Studios.

Want more Disney tips? I’ve put everything I’ve learned from our last five trips to Disney World in one handy post: The Top 100 Disney World Tips You’ll Want to Know Before You Go. Check it out! And if you have a great Disney tip you’d like to share in the comments, please do!

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