8 Truths About NextDoor.com

  1. […] And in case you’re not familiar with Nextdoor, here’s a pretty good example of every Nextdoor neighborhood on the platform. […]

  2. Watchung says:

    Hilarious/sad — thanks for the heads up!

  3. Dawson says:

    While most problems on Nextdoor are inherent in any social forum anywhere, it is their corporate staff who are the most alarming. We started a group on ND as alternative to the vindictively censored one run by our domineering and cliquish neighborhood association on Yahoo. Nextdoor has tons of groups like ours. They said they would respect and defend us. They let us grow to hundreds of members but then they let people from the Ass’n harass us online. Then they abruptly kicked us off and re-assigned admin control to members of the Ass’n!!!

    Google “Dawson Seized” and pick the top result. That’s us.

    Prior to that, a member of Nextdoor’s executive staff personally suspended all of our admin “lead” accounts and held us hostage to force us to assist him in testing the website’s security! He spent several days turning the screws on us, treating us like a fly in his web. He would have terminated us for refusing, if not for the fact that we were organizing a neighborhood picnic and people were missing us online. He re-instated our accounts to LOOK like admin accounts, but we no longer had our abilities. We had to get his permission to do things. Also, he arranged that we admins would no longer get most posts from our city officials and police, likely so we couldn’t leave comments there about ND that the whole city could see. That act denied us access to our public officials and left us uninformed about dangers in the area!

    Please do not put your neighborhood community on Nextdoor! Democracy and free speech are not a part of their DNA! They might be a private corporation who can make up their own rules, but in a country like ours, free speech is (was?) central to our way of life. It is horrifying that they scorn civil liberties and ban open conversation in favor of a hazy “community guidelines”. They use those like a hammer to quash anyone who they don’t want to become a community “influencer”. They micromanage and pick our leaders! Neighborhoods aren’t allowed to develop their own boundaries and culture.

    Nextdoor exists to herd people into channels and ferret out those who are good at debate. Like facebook, they’re trying to train people to think it’s “fun” and “neighborly” to divulge all sorts of personal details, marching ahead into a brave new world.

  4. Richard Euler says:

    I cannot give enough ‘Thumbs Up’ to those exposing this bunch of instigators.

  5. PRC’s will NOT be Denied! says:

    Oh my god!! Thank you for writing this. Hilarious! My husband just brought in the mail and there was a solicitation from NextDoir.com. Previously, the only time I had ever heard of “Nextdoir.com” was in Andrea Savages’s show “I’n Sorry” and I honestly thought it was just a plotlibe joke! Boy … was I wrong! Now I am torn about signing up .. I mean .. who couldn’t use a daily bout of hysterical laughter from neighborly insanity and lack of common sense! Thanks again for the wonderful, hilarious heads-up!!

  6. PRC’s will NOT be Denied! says:

    Shoot! Passenger texting can be a bad idea, too!! Sorry for typos … : )

  7. Jesse says:

    Its a pet lover’s site, 80 plus percent pet site. I’m out. I love animals, but most pet owners are obsessed with their pets and they adopted Nextdoor, then took it over.

  8. WILLIAM BROWN says:

    Yougot that right!

  9. William L Brown says:

    Ring doorbell has started a similar busy body “Neighborhoods” funtion of its own. You may not opt out, if you have a Ring doorbell, you are in.

    So you get stray dogs peeing on bushes, idiots leaving valuables in unlocked cars, meter readers (who is that).

    Silly, at best.

  10. Jay Smith says:

    This was hilarious! I found it as my mom was told by a neighbor to join the site and I wanted to see what it was all about. I read the whole article to her and we had a laugh as later I found out she thought the whole article was about the neighborhood she lives in.

  11. Robert M. says:

    Thanks for the advise, I aways get suspicious of unsolicited mail. The latest was from the nextdoor folks
    in CA. Your post confirmed my suspicions. Thanks!
    I like your Blog.
    Kindest Regards,

  12. Audrey Kelley says:

    Enough already! I’m a bedridden senior, and my favorite reading material is Nextdoor! Some of the comments are hilarious. Keep it up!!

  13. Paula says:

    I just got kicked off for telling someone to be nice and not criticize our neighborhood. Bunch of sickos with few ring leaders verbal battle ensued. I’m still trying to get two posts brought down. I’m afraid of these crazies. This is really messed up territory. Stay away

    • Kathy vance says:

      Same thing happened to me a lady kept making smart aleck remarks and finally I ask her what her hang up with me was cause I didn’t know her she was a vet and I didn’t suggest the woman take her dog to the vet so she more or les told me to shut up and my opinion wasn’t valued I got her in private and ask her what is your problem with me and she popped off some crap about me advise dangerous things for animals and I said what’s dangerous about looking in a dogs mouth I don’t think the person will stick thier whole head in you my lady are a liar I have not recommended anything that will hurt an animal so give me another lame excuse because I can see responsibility isn’t your cup of tea but because she was a retired vet my only answer should have been call a vet and they kicked me of I did call her a snob and a bully I can knowingly say I’ve never let an animal die if I could save it I’m positive she’s turned many of dogs away because the owner didn’t have money without even telling them what they could do that’s not a pet lover that’s someone who sees pets with dollar signs in thier eyes

  14. Mary Jayne says:

    You never know what you will find when you do a random search on passive aggressive behavior used on Nextdoor! When I first starting reading, between bouts of laughter, I thought you had hacked into our neighborhood postings! Passive aggressive behavior seems to be a way for some to validate themselves, while grouping together and acting like they are still in high school. On a more serious note, I do wonder how much people are making up. This can make it harder to discern from what’s really going on in your neighborhood, from someone’s seemingly made up ‘created drama for attention’, to if there really is more suspicious or criminal activity going on in your neighborhood than it used to be before Nextdoor came along. I wonder this because there are postings that would warrant a call to at least the non-emergency police number so they could be on the lookout for certain activity in our neighborhood, and if they possibly have had reports in other neighborhoods that are close. But when asked if they called anyone, they just continue posting on the same thread without addressing the question, and what I find even stranger, no one else asking the question or bringing up that the person is not answering. So I have been asking the question lately, just how many drama queens do we really have living so close around us?

  15. mark says:

    While being threatened by a Nextdoor poster, the site manager sided with her and banned the complainer. Nextdoor neighbor site is for neo-nazi’s and their supporters and meant to silence and ban anyone one with a different point of view. Nextdoor forum promotes racists points of views also.

  16. Deborah blue says:

    I was kicked off lol because a neighbor made bad remarks to me
    She used foul language and they kicked me off after four years with no problems

  17. Deborah blue says:

    Kicked off for no reason after four years

  18. Toby Young says:

    Nextdoor.com routinely and gleefully violates its own policies and guidelines. Nextdoor.com neighborhood ‘leads’ – like Steve Jones and Kevin Williams here in Richardson, Texas – happily verbally abuse, threaten, insult and stalk posters. Nextdoor.com tramples the American concept of free speech and daily spits in the faces of neighbors across the USA, young and old alike. Metaphorically speaking. Though we’d bet if their San Francisco executives could actually do it, they’d show up at your front door in a New York minute. Nextdoor.com is, in a word, evil. That is all.

  19. […] you’re not sure what Nextdoor is, click HERE to read a fun roundup called “8 Truths about Nextdoor.com” on Suburban […]

    • Mark G Weller says:

      Nextdoor is filled with intolerant leftist nazis that will use foul language and threats against anyone speaking truth. The app is run by leftist fools in San Francisco that think crapping on the city sidewalks is ok, but speaking verified truth about issues such as politics and the plandemic need to be censored. Not to metion that they share maps with your exact location pinned so that you become a target to all those Nazis.

      • Paul A Ryerkerk says:

        Those damned leftists are everywhere, huh? Good thing they seem content using their omnipresence to harass solid citizens like yourself on social media instead of, I don’t know, winning elections?

        You wingnuts are the whiniest group of pansies on the planet.

      • John says:

        I had a big problem with ND staff. There was a thread about how bad our county commission was as far as just doing whatever they want and ignoring the public (even when a large number showed up at the meeting against one issue). So I made a comment, that yes, probably crossed the line a little (but was not an explicit, direct threat). Well they suspended my acct for 30 days, but I just left on a trip to help family, as my Dad passed (same day I wrote the comment and traveled to the family location). So when I got home almost two weeks later, I learned of the suspension and contacted ND admin to ask if they would possibly cut my suspension to 2 weeks. For this horrible crime of asking for reconsideration, they now told me my acct was cut off permanently, (but I could ask to be reinstated after a year). So my big gripe is not the initial suspension, but the fact they increased the punishment, just because I asked about it. Ridiculous!!!

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