A Public Service Message for New Parents

  1. buffi says:


  2. Laura says:

    Yes yes yes! But I have to disagree with you about playgroup before the child is sitting up! I took my now 28 year old to Gymboree classes for infants when she was 3 months old and met a wonderful group of first time moms like me. Our kids played together until at the age of three, the last of our group moved away from the city. But we were each others sanity and my daughters first friends!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      My daughter was in a weekly playgroup from the time she was three months old until she was four– and today, she doesn’t remember ANY of it. 🙁 I made some good mom friends, but I can’t believe our kids spent all that time together and don’t have any memories of being together!

      • Amy says:

        Ha! I remember Gymboree! I took my son (now 14) there with a group of my mamma friends… there were four of us that had babies all within a month or two of each other. They do this thing where you lay the babies on their backs and then have this giant rainbow colored parachute that you raise and lower over them. Well, over half the babies were in tears. We paid good money to frighten the crap out of our precious bundles… awesome! After that we just met at each others houses for some grown up time while the babies drooled and bababaaa’ed at each other.

  3. Maria Vidacovich Boué says:

    You are hysterical! I want a playgroup with you … and adult beverages!

  4. Suzanne Myers says:

    I wish I had read this before I wrangled my first (and only!) son, stroller, and mounds of baby stuff to some of these groups. I will say, I quickly learned that tractor pulls, monster truck shows, and other loud events involving big machinery were our family’s “fun event” reality for awhile. Thank goodness I have a strange obsession with monster trucks. I am thankful for your funny and true post. I hope new moms and dads will take note of your post, for themselves, their kids, and for the sanity (and paychecks) of the other families with kids old enough to enjoy theater, shows, etc. I recently sat through a Marvel movie that my son and I were so excited about only to have a three, maybe four-year-old cry during the more intense scenes and then loudly ask his parents numerous questions about the plot of the movie (even I was struggling a bit to keep up;) IMHO, the child was simply too young for the movie. In addition, two families, each with newborns in carriers, were also present. Both quiet for a little bit, then it became a dueling cry fest. None of these families took their little ones to the lobby. Typically, I will politely speak up, but was feeling pretty beat down that day and tried to just block it out. My boy wasn’t too happy, either. Told him we’d just see it, again, when it comes out on video;) Thanks, Lindsay.

  5. Tanya Goertzen says:

    My favourite is the swimming lessons at 1,2,3,4,5… Overachiever much?
    Kids can’t be left alone in the pool, are in life jackets 24/7 all summer long and physically lack the coordination to move their arms and legs at the same time – lol. Yet the moms and dads that line up at 5am or log on to their account at 11:59:59 to register for little sun splashers class or jellyfish jigglers cause angst among the moms group groupies
    When my son turned 7, with only 3 sessions of lessons under his belt he was the least “advanced” in his class. FFwd 6 months and he’s easily holding his own…. And the beauty is I don’t have to get into the pool beside him anymore!

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