Bad Santa 2007

  1. FeeFiFoto says:

    >THANKS for the best laugh I’ve had in I-don’t-know-how-long!

  2. Amy says:

    >Oh Dear God this is side-splitting funny!!!The baby in St. Tropez Santa’s lap is killing me. Some of these Santas are so freakin creepy. No wonder kids are terrified. I need to check your list. We’re in Nashvegas and going to visit the big elf tomorrow.Thanks!

  3. Amalia says:

    >I wonder sometimes about the contradictions we teach our kids. “Don’t talk to strangers, honey!” But then we FORCE kids to not only talk to a stranger, but sit on his lap, whisper in his ear, and SMILE. There’s got to be something Freudian in that. Is it any wonder that so many kids are horrified? I laughed and laughed at the pictures and captions you posted. Too funny! Are there any successful santa pictures out there?

  4. TheKytiKat says:

    >OMW!! That is soo funny! I soo needed that laugh today… *S*

  5. Becky says:

    >I needed that laugh. Thank you.

  6. Kristin says:

    >LOL and ROFLMAO and all sorts of other I-am-laughing acronyms!

  7. Miss says:

    >OMG that was helarious. Just perfect. My favorite? Ritalin Santa! Miss

  8. Darth Doc says:

    >Why I love southern Santa’s (rather than the Northeast equivalent)…real beards.

  9. feefifoto says:

    >I’m LOLing. Just linked to you from my blog, which I’ll have to list here because Blogger, those meanies, think I’m anonymous:

  10. >I almost fell out of my chair…LOL! Good thing my weegirl thinks I’m laughing at Atlantis Squarepantis –she’d freak out if she glanced up at the monitor right now!Love ’em!Marianne at Writer-Mommy

  11. >yikes! yet even more photographic support for my decision not to traumatize my boys by making them sit on some dress-up stranger’s lap so we can pay through our noses for an awful picture!

  12. >Oh Lindsey -Too hilarious.I think I just snorted coffee through my nose!This is going on my Linkapalooza tomorrow!

  13. Lizzi says:

    >Santa was at the restaurant we ate at the other night, and since I don’t think most people knew he was going to be there, the place was rather empty.At one point during our meal, we laughed as we heard him singing … “Ho ho ho, one more hour to go, ho ho ho.”

  14. >I love the Santa pictures, thanks for the laugh.Luckily, Santa visits our local library each year so we can get all the bad pictures we want for free.

  15. Carrien says:

    >Hahahaha. OW, I split something. My favorite’s ritalin Santa too. You make me really glad I decided to skip the whole Santa thing with my kids.

  16. FENICLE says:

    >OMG where did you get all those Santa pic’s? LOVED IT!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!What a scary bunch of freaks!

  17. scarbie doll says:

    >Frack that was funny! If you’re preparing your list for next year, feel free to have a go at my scary Santa — do the eyebrows say escaped convict or what?

  18. scarbie doll says:

    >Let’s try this link again — sheesh I’ve got lactation brain!LINK TO SANTA PHOTO

  19. Rachel says:

    >This was absolutely hysterical!I think this wins for funniest Christmas post!! LOL!I snorted diet coke and that stuff burns!!!

  20. >Oh sweet Aunt Bertha, that was hilarious!

  21. BookMomma says:

    >I am literally wiping tears from my eyes now. THANKS! That is hilarious!

  22. >OMG! I think I just pee’d my pants! BAHAHAA I’ve seen that website but the added comments make it even more funny…THANKS!!!!

  23. Emily says:

    >What will my cubicle neighbors think of my almost silent snorting? Who knew the holidays could be so CreepyFunny?

  24. >Those are HILARIOUS! Great post!Merry Christmas,kim

  25. Liz says:

    >Oh, Holy Hannah Montana, those were TOO funny and pretty much made my day – thanks, Lindsay!

  26. iggy says:

    >These were terribly funny! 🙂

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