Beware the Mom ‘Do

  1. LeighTX says:

    “Your hair! Your one beauty.”
    (name that book)
    (also you’d be beautiful without a hair on your head)
    At least she didn’t give you the middle-school-boy haircut that seems to be popular among women of a certain age! I have long hair and every time I go to get it cut, my husband gets nervous that I’m going to chop it all off. I don’t know why people think shorter hair is less maintenance, with all the swoopy bangs and trims every six weeks. Long hair is so easy! Pop it into a ponytail and you’re done.

  2. Lindsay says:

    Little Women, right? I had to think about that one!
    My husband was not a fan of my shorter hair. And I agree- longer hair is WAY easier in general, especially now that I have a fast-dry hair dryer!

  3. Lee says:

    Sadly, I could have written this. Any tips for handling the grow out phase(s) (tragically, I’m also growing out bangs) and how to finally find a stylist that doesn’t slap a mom bob on every client over 40 and that doesn’t charge Gwyneth prices?

  4. kfreed says:

    You are NOT alone. Same. They’re not so much into styling anymore as they are BRANDING. No matter what photos I bring to the salon illustrating exactly the style I want and how it should be cut from every angle, I get a bouffant “DO” (the cut I’ve received lately either resembles a bubble helmet or a mushroom – without fail – the exact opposite of what I’m asking for). This time I was forced to contact a new salon to repair the travesty that had become of my head. Apparently, it’s a thing now for stylists to do whatever they want with our hair as opposed to what we want done with it (and some of these authoritarians have some odd ideas about mature women). Fortunately, I approached the new salon two days later armed for battle and the young stylist was both intimidated and adept at her craft. To say that I was visibly angry over what had initially been done to me would be an understatement. The new stylist did exactly as I asked and so we’re good. I now have a new salon and she’s got a customer for life. I’m done taking it lying down, dictators. Get your mad on, ladies. It’s the only way.

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