Burned. On Facebook. By My Mail Carrier.

  1. joyunexpected says:

    hahhahahhahahhaha. That’s really all I can think of right now.

  2. RookieMom Whitney says:

    Laughing out loud. Well told, Lindsay!

  3. babybloomr says:

    I’ve heard postal employees are notoriously fickle friends. It’s not you, it’s him. Keep telling yourself that.

  4. yasmara says:

    My mother-in-law unfriended me on FB! That’s a story I will *never* get tired of telling! (she did eventually re-friend me)

  5. Anonymous says:

    Facebook unfriends people without them doing anything sometimes. I swear it happens. So maybe he thinks you unfriended him?

    • Mary (http://owlhaven.net) says:

      Yup, facebook did that to me a couple times too. Once with my daughter, who I am quite sure did NOT unfriend me.

  6. mamakatslosinit says:

    This is hilarious. Who friends their mail carriers? I couldn’t point our mail carrier out in a line up! So funny.

  7. cheesehead4ever says:

    I agree with the poster that said Facebook sometimes unfriends people randomly. One time a few months ago my husband discovered that hews no longer friends with me along with about 25 other people. So he had to send out new friend requests.

  8. Oooh yikes. Always the most awkward ever when you realize an avid commenter no longer comments…because they unfriended you. Even worse when you have to see them every day!

  9. southie_midsy says:

    If my former USPS mail carrier ever attempted to friend me, I’d run for the hills. He was the super creepy sort, who when I was sent updates to my church youth group, decided to start writing Bible verses on my mail and judging my youth group’s outing to a haunted house for Halloween. Later, he felt the need to urgently discuss with me my choice of colleges when I got acceptance letters, and again, felt the need to write long, meandering missives on the backs of envelopes addressed to me. So, be happy you were just unfriended and that he appears to be at least somewhat balanced? Take that small victory!

    • mail lady 1 says:

      He does sound creepy! Did you report him to the Postmaster? He should not had been writing on your mail either! Good thing he is your former carrier….

  10. Jessica Hall says:

    I’m sure either he did it by accident or his girlfriend/wife got jealous of him having someone so beautiful on his page! Lol I don’t think anyone would delete you on purpose. 🙂

  11. Sunny m says:

    My husband is a mailman so this makes me laugh even harder :-). But one time my MOTHER unfriended me! So I passive aggressively sent her a friend request so she knew that I knew… Take that mom!

  12. wiseone2980 says:

    my husband unfriended my father. I then had the awkward conversation with my mother where she asked me if i knew what had happened…

  13. Inquiring Mind says:

    Ok, now that you’ve sucked us all in…cave and ask him!!! Inquiring minds want to know.

  14. Shey says:

    At the time…my mother in law (now ex MIL) deleted and blocked me, her only child, my kids, sisters, brothers and anybody that had contact with me on fb. Went as far as asking all her family and friends on fb to delete me and her ONLY child on fb too. It was sooooooooooo crazy!!

  15. mail lady 1 says:

    I am a rural mail carrier & facebooker.. I think it would be a pretty good idea not to friend your Post Master, co-workers or CURRENT customers. Just too much info! That said I have friended a couple of people that I — USED to deliver to & it’s been nice, something about not handling their mail makes it more relaxing. I have 1 sister & she defriended me, go figure! Lindsey, I love your sense of humor & your p.s. made me laugh!

  16. Chiquita says:

    Being a current rural carrier, I would bet your carriers facebook account got “hacked”. Meaning that she had to delete her old facebook account. And then start to re-create a new facebook account. Sad but true, this happens more than you may know. Our Customers are #1 to us! And we truly enjoy the relationships we have with our customers,new and old! Look her up, ask for friendship, she will probably be able to pickup again with you after the holiday season. Until then, Happy Holidays, from a rural carrier in Minnesnowta!

  17. HollyStormBurge says:

    Maybe it was his wife? A little jealous?

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