Daisy Scout Dropout

  1. Wombet says:

    This made me laugh out loud.  I loved it.  I am currently a Daisy Scout Leader wondering what in the world I have gotten into. lolol

  2. marie says:

    Oh my! I was a Daisy leader for a year. Did meetings once a month right after school and it was great.. The girls had fun and the parents seemed to love not be overwhelmed with me not planning weekend activities. I stepped down this year as leader and we now have a leader who is very into the whole brownie thing. A meeting or two a month plus one weekend event. I really don’t like weekend events! My daughter’s (mine and my husbands weekdays) are very full, and I feel that the weekend is time is for family and friends that we don’t get to see at other times. And there are times where my daughters school has events on Friday or Monday nights. So it feels like things are never ending. I feel guilty about not doing the weekend events. Although I am at her school for every event that is going on! Weekends are for families? I’m I wrong?

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