Enough is Enough

  1. Karianna says:

    Dude. I’m right there with you. After all, St. Patrick’s Day used to be about the adults getting drunk, but in my town the leprechauns actually GIVE kids toys (a la Santa.) As if! Leprechauns are greedy and they certainly wouldn’t share their loot.  And yet, a bunch of rich kids get richer every March 17th.

    • Anonymous says:

      WHAT IS UP WITH THAT?! This parental creativity has GOT TO STOP. We must band together!

    • My daughter was in tears when I picked her up from school because she realized the leprechauns weren’t real because they left chocolate gold pieces and not real gold behind. 

      I think I told her that leprechauns were really hard to catch and really don’t like to share and that the teachers had to put the chocolate out themselves because of it and teachers really can’t afford to give everyone real gold. 

      It helped but she was still disappointed. 

  2. Erin says:

    Well, at least a tooth in a glass of water is easier to get to than a tooth under the pillow!

    • Anonymous says:

      I’m not so sure about that.. And the food coloring is an extra step.. and then someone will inevitably knock the glass over in the middle of the night… and then I’ll have a big red/blue/yellow/green stain on the carpet to deal with… I’m getting riled again just thinking about it!  ;D 

  3. Anonymous says:

    I’m with Erin – easier to get the tooth and drop in some food coloring than risk waking up the child!

  4. Anonymous says:

    It’s beyond me why people want – strive?!? – to add to their work load.  Who are they trying to impress?? 5 year old’s just want time – not more crap to practice manners over!
    I’m a non-participator.
    can you tell?

    • Anonymous says:

      Good for you! I’ve been trying to just say no, but I hate the crestfallen look on my daughter’s face when I don’t give in to what I consider to be other parents’ excessive gestures.  So… (small voice) I usually give in.

  5. Jenny says:

    We stopped giving money from the tooth fairy a couple years ago when my step-daughter no longer believed in her.  We never gave her the expectation that she would still get money.  Although she still gets a Christmas stocking and Easter basket.

  6. Jeana says:

    You could just put food colored water into a different glass and then swap glasses.  That doesn’t help the spilled colored water problem.  Oooh, what about baby food jars with lids? I would much rather swap something from the nightstand than ever so gingerly hunt for a tooth under a pillow.

    • Anonymous says:

      I’ve started having her put the tooth in a plastic baggie so that the Tooth Fairy won’t lose it. DOWN WITH FOOD COLORING WATER.  ;D

  7. The tooth fairy prefers to have the tooth in a glass, without water. Everyone knows fairies can’t fly if they get their wings wet.

    Growing up, I tossed and turned and rarely did my pillow stay put, the tooth-fairy could never find my tooth. So we put the tooth in a glass instead. The other important thing was that the glass was in the livingroom, somewhere where it was highly visible, and unlikely to be forgotten about. 

    We’ve had a few times I’ve forgotten. Once the tooth-fairy left a note that she ran out of money but would be back the next night with a surprise. Suki got a one dollar bill and two quarters as her surprise. 

    She was very happy. (The tooth-fairy gives two quarters for little teeth and a one dollar bill for molars.)

  8. Kelleywin says:

    We do get a visit from the “Switch Witch”. She comes on Halloween and takes the trrick or treat candy, leaving a toy in it’s sugar laden place.

  9. ModFruGal says:

    OK, I really laughed hard at this one. I am an offender on both ends of this scenario.  I forget the tooth fairy..and got busted by my oldest and was exposed as “a fraud.”  Elf on the Shelf was forced into our lives by my mother and sister in law, and I will never forgive them.  I do however make fortune cookies for chinese new year for my kids classmates and I’m certain that makes me a Bitsy!

  10. aricate says:

    A buck!!  That is steep for a tooth.  I got a quarter and my grandmother sewed a small pink pillow in the shape of a tooth with a POCKET for both holding the tooth I lost and the quarter I got in return.  The pillow was big enough to not get lost and stuffed tight enough to hold that tiny tooth firmly in the pocket.  It had my name embroidered on it so there was no confusion about whose tooth it was.  I found it in my stash of old dolls the other day and I plan to spruce it up, remove my name (or add my daughter’s and maybe make a blue one for my son) and pass it on.  Hurrah for the tooth fairy!

  11. Peaceful says:

    My husband has a website with tooth fairy letters, including “Tooth Fairy Came Late” letters. They are kinda funny http://www.toothfairyletter.net/

  12. cheesehead4ever says:

    My oldest daughter kind of freaked out at the thought of the tooth fairy entering her room and I jumped at the opportunity.  Her special tooth pillow (with the little pocket) gets placed on a piece of foil and is put inside the grill outside.  Lo and behold, a gold dollar coin is left behind and the tooth fairy never has to enter her room!

    Unfortunately, younger DD didn’t fall for that and insists the tooth fairy come in her room.  By the second tooth though, I told her that the tooth fairy would have serious problems finding her tooth among the 8 teddy bears that sleep around her head.  So the tooth must sit on the nightstand where it is replaced by the coin.

    Yes, I hate other parents who change the tradition.  I do not want to hear about classmates who receive a gift along with the money!  Or any other variation. 

    I do admit I allowed for inflation.  I received a fifty cent piece but my girls receive a dollar coin.

    • Anonymous says:

      Yeah, I think I got spare change for my tooth. Times have changed! And you are very organized to have those dollar coins on hand. We’re lucky sometimes to find a dollar. 

      • Katie says:

        My husband and I are truly evil.  Our son keeps his gold coins locked in a chest with a coin slot on the top.  He has lost the key.   He does not know that the hinges easily unscrew from the back.   Consequently, he has “loaned” quite a few coins to the tooth fairy without his knowledge 🙂

        • Anonymous says:

          Bwah ha ha! That reminds me of when my younger stepdaughter bought her own personal ATM so that we would stop “borrowing” her allowance for pizza money. LOL.

  13. Anonymous says:

    I should add for local moms that, if it wasn’t obvious in the post, “Bitsy” is NOT anyone in particular! She is a composite of every mom I’ve ever met who’s gone above and beyond. And sometimes, SHE’S ME.  :/

  14. Knewman4 says:

    Bwa ha ha.  I try to constrain my imagination creations to Nose Goblins and Belly Poppers and things that scare or do harm!  Love the idea of planting an overachieving Halloween fairy!

  15. Katie says:

    I don’t know…after fishing many a tooth out from under the crack between the mattress and the bedframe (all while praying “please don’t wake up, please don’t wake up”) a glass of water that I can swap for a glass of colored water may be easier 🙂  I hear you on the staining worry though…not sure how to remedy that. I guess it would be over the top to sprinkle a little (easy vacuumable) glitter in the water, and say your fairy must have had sparkly wings? 

  16. Kelsy says:

    It got to the point that my mom would tell my siblings and me to get our own money out of the change jar after we lost a tooth.

  17. Jenna says:

    Bahahaha I love this! My uncle once forgot to put money under my cousins pillow and remembered in the middle of the night. He snuck in and sleepily replaced the tooth with a dollar. The next morning my cousin ran downstairs and said, “Dad! The tooth fairy left me 20 bucks!” oops!

  18. 3boys says:

    I’m a dad with a foreign born wife who doesn’t even pay much attention to her native traditions. We always get it wrong because I can’t remember what we did at home when I was a kid since I was a late born child and my mom was fed-up with it all by then. I think a little disappointment is okay when it’s just a silly thing like this.

    Now what we do for the sugar holidays (V-day, Easter …) is give the kids a lesson in thrift. “if you can wait until the day after the holiday you can have much more candy because the prices drop way down” I tell them. We look at the prices before but don’t buy anything until after.

    Studies have indicated that the ability of children to delay gratification is an indicator of future responsibility. After age 8 the kids stopped getting money from the tooth fairy and I never hear any complaints.

  19. You think that’s bad? Let me introduce you to the Tooth Fairy door: http://pinterest.com/pin/189564231/  I can’t believe people come up with this stuff!

  20. Sara Sherrell says:

    OMG how funny!

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