Girl Trip

  1. HopefulLeigh says:

    Two of my best friends from high school are still my best friends.  Now that I live in Nashville, I’m just 5 blocks away from one, while the other is still in our hometown.  We’ve all kept in touch with several other high school friends, which is a rare gift.  I collect friends wherever I go so I’m also still in touch with many college friends as well.  I suppose social media helps us stay in as good of touch but I’m pretty sure I’d still be writing 10 page letters if that’s what was required these days.

  2. Jessica Hall says:

    I haven’t kept in touch with very many of my friends from high school. I moved a state away and started a new life with my husband. I reconnected with one of my friends from high school on facebook the other day. I’m back in my old home town for a few days and we’re going to get together. I’m truly excited to see her. I wish I would have kept in touch with her to begin with though.

  3. Karina says:

    I do! I have kept contact and hang out with three friends, not all at the same time, two from junior high and one from high school. This summer we have seen each other so many times than before and it is so neat to catch up, see our children play together and keep the great memories we share together.

    • Anonymous says:

       I find that the friends I keep in touch with now from high school weren’t necessarily my best friends then- We just reconnected along the way and became better friends as adults. 🙂

  4. Amber W says:

    I still consider my best/close friends from high school my best friends.  They’re the ones who know everything about me…there’s 8 of us total and we have all been friends since elementary school.  About 5 of us are still super close and I’m so excited knowing my kids will be friends with theirs.

  5. Boricua_keya says:

    Wow! I bet that was so refreshing!! It looked beautiful & I can imagine how revitalized you must feel. I keep in touch with my 3 best friends from school & whenever we get back together its like old times, as if we never left school. There’s a comfort and connection I don’t feel with my newer friends. No matter how much time flies by being with them makes me feel like I’m 17 again. Thank God for things like this. I’m happy you had fun!!

  6. Mary A says:

    I keep in touch with them because they have grown into incredible, fun and interesting women.  Wish I saw them more often.  Sigh.

  7. S. says:

    Some yes, some no. It depends on the person. Sometimes I’m not even sure about the “why or why not.” I try not to feel hurt when I hear from some people less often than I’d like to. I tell myself they’re just busy doing life and that they would still have coffee with me if they met me on the street! Cultivating that forgiving feeling, towards friends who don’t keep in touch much, helps me to feel more peaceful in general…

    • Anonymous says:

       Good way of looking at it. I’ve noticed that some people would rather just forget about high school entirely, because it was a bad experience. I try not to take it personally. 🙂

  8. Melissa says:

    I have a few close friends from way back, but none of us have enough money to go on a trip at all right now LOL

    • Anonymous says:

      🙁  We’ve found the key is staying at someone else’s house, so that it’s FREE.  😀  On this trip, I paid only for my share of maid service, food, and chipped in for gas. 

  9. says:

    I keep in touch with a few high school and college friends – mostly through Facebook.  How lovely to have a trip with them – great idea!  I can’t wait for a girls’ weekend!  

  10. Eileen says:

    why yes I do! I keep in touch with friends who went to summer camp many years ago, in fact we still do go to summer camp once a year! kids and now grandkids accompany us. we also do adult girl stuff as well and will be heading to Mexico for 8 days in November, can’t wait! the friendships are so natural, so real, so non judgemental, so easy, that’s what friendships should be. we can talk and talk or just sit by the pool and read and not say anything for an huor at a time (except who needs a refill!) and it is so fulfilling, just being in the same place is enough to refuel our engines. nothing better in this world than life long girlfriends, sorry guys, I just don’t think guy friendships are even close. :o)

  11. I love Sea Island! I worked there one summer as a photographer. There is so much to do for children and the junior staffers are amazing. I taught a scrapbooking class there and the kids always had fun taking pictures around The Cloister and then putting them in their own scrapbook and decorating it. I took photos of so many fun things the kids could do including the horseback riding, the shooting school’s little contests, the cookie decorating classes that they would have and of course all the pools and beaches too! 

    I keep in touch with them as best as I can. They’re so spread out that it makes it really hard to get together. I find that the ones that have children are the ones I don’t hang out with as often merely because we have such different parenting styles. I would much rather hang out with my single, childless friends where we can be exactly as we were and I can leave my mommy hat at home. 

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