Good Enough For Me

  1. CPAmama says:

    This article made me feel so sad. I hate his music teacher just reading this! I had some horrible piano teachers in my life, and this reminds me of me a bit. I begged my mom for piano lessons when my older sister took them, and my mom obliged – which meant I took piano starting from age 4. At first I loved it, but I can tell you it didn’t come naturally to me. And as I got older, my piano teachers became meaner and ruder, and eventually I decided I hate piano lessons! I quit around age 10 – burned out from feeling bad about my abilities. I spent the rest of my childhood convinced music just isn’t for me, even though I would teach myself to play songs on my keyboard in my bedroom. A similar thing happened when I tried guitar at age 14.
    Anyway, I wondering if you can change his teacher – maybe put an ad on craigslist to find a high schooler or college student who could bring a real passion to your son. He is only 4 months in, and right now he wants to learn and is excited. But his teacher’s attitude will eventually change that. And I truly believe that there is a real joy in knowing how to read music and play an instrument – it shouldn’t be how you describe. I hope you can help your son find this joy. He may never play in an orchestra, but perhaps he will enjoy playing in a band with his friends when he gets older, or just playing for himself.
    Good luck.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I was initially irritated with the teacher, but I really think his attitude stemmed from the mindset of the parents he deals with, and to his credit, once it sank in that I’m not expecting my son to become a professional trumpet player one day and I just want him to enjoy learning a new skill, he’s made an effort to adjust accordingly. I think it’s a learning experience for all of us! My son is happily oblivious to any of this- Trust me, if his teacher was making him feel down on himself, we’d be out of there in a heartbeat. The teacher is very good about praising him. 🙂

  2. Alyssa Fox says:

    What a lovely post. I love Bruiser’s disposition, and I love your support of him. I laughed til I cried at the narwhal description (my 13yo son plays trumpet and he sounded similar when he started). I’ve never commented on your blog posts before, but I love them. I love the realness and the hilarity. Thanks for brightening a rather stressful day.

  3. Jackie says:

    I loved this. My 7yo is all about soccer, but you wouldn’t know it by watching him play. And we regularly ask ‘Are you still liking soccer?’ because the skipping, and singing, and looking at the sky aren’t good indicators. And since the coaches are volunteers, and there aren’t always enough, I end up coaching somewhat regularly. That wasn’t part of the deal. But he’s having fun, he’s getting exercise, and he’s learning to be part of a team, so we keep at it. I am trying to ignore that he mentioned winter soccer, though, because mom needs a break sometimes.

  4. Melissa says:

    Awesome!!! I played the clarinet all through junior high and high school and I LOVED it. I wasn’t the best player in the band. I fell somewhere in the middle of the pack. But I loved music, and I loved the band culture at my school. We had so much fun together. Some of my best memories from high school are from band.

    And cheers to you for being supportive of your son doing something simply for the love of it. I feel like our society is forgetting to nurture joy in our kids. Finding joy is important in life, and it’s a lot easier to learn as a kid than as an adult.

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