>Hand Sanitizer Never Looked So Good

  1. >We were at the doctor Friday night. 4 people with masks on. Last night I made bags with the ministry I head here in B’ham; teenage girls going crazy over being able to have some hand sanitizer. Huh?

  2. Elisa says:

    >I haven’t seen anyone with masks either – unless you include one of those ancient Chinese women (while we were in San Francisco) who wear a mask all the time anyway. But here in NY? Not a-one.

  3. Kristi says:

    >No masks in Texas either – TEXAS – you know where the only two deaths in the US have occured? Monday night my son even had soccer practice with a child who attends a school that was shut down because of THREE confirmed cases. As my son exited the car I shouted out the window, “Hey. Don’t let Billy breathe on you!” To this, I received the obligatory eye roll. Best, K

  4. April says:

    >I remember having a Meningitis scare here a few years back and when people wouldn’t get out of my way I would cough and grumble “meningitis” under my breath. LOL! Good times!

  5. Mike says:

    >At least it confirms my belief that people really aren’t concerned about this yet. It’s blown out of proportion by the media. I am very thankful that we live in America and have the sanitation, wealth, and healthcare that we do. This “pandemic” is not overly concerning to us right now because the only place where there have been large amount of deaths is Mexico where 20 people live in a house the size of a 1 car garage and they have to travel in the bed of a pickup truck many miles to go to the doctor. Sure, I’m exaggerating a bit – but this too will go the way of the bird flu and SARS…Check out my new marriage blog – http.aboutmymarriage.blogspot.com.

  6. Melanie says:

    >Hahah! Leave it to the media and mommies to spread the panic. No one else cares, do they? hehe. I have to just chuckle- and yes, I’m doing that full belly chuckle like Santa Claus or something. It’s that amusing to me. 😉

  7. Allie says:

    >There haven’t been any North Carolinians walking around with masks on. Although, everywhere you turn, stores are offering up the little individual bottles of hand sanitizer, Lysol disenfecting spray, Clorox wipes and such like gangbusters! Why stop with the everyday Swine Flu acutriments?? Why not go with the full biohazard onesie, complete with helmet, booties, and gloves…and make the suits so that it is something appeals to the masses…you know, market the suits in an assortment of vibrant colors and prints. So we as a society can be safe and germ free, yet do so in a way that keeps us from being fashionably gauche. Hey, maybe this idea is something that Urban Outfitters should look into!!:o)

  8. >Even the moms I know at work here aren’t jumping on the CNN “pandumbic wagon” over the swine flu. I’ve seen two masks at work.One for the flu 😉

  9. Lady Mama says:

    >I’ve considered using swine flu to my advantage too… specifically, mentioning it to deter annoying strangers that always want to talk to me when I’m trying to have some “alone” time in Starbucks.

  10. The Source says:

    >If you’d like to see folks going nuts over swine flu, head to my corner of the world. Apparently some teenagers have decided that masks make good fashion accessories. Only they have to be worn hanging around your neck. Yeah. Nothing makes a kid look cooler than a surgical mask on their throat.

  11. Keyona says:

    >I just about FELL OUT! Can you imagine the chaos you would start by doing that. I’m sitting at my desk now and this cowork next to me keeps hacking and I’m getting very afraid. He just came back from a cruise to Italy and Greece…has the Pig Ick made it there. Shit. I better get my hand sanitizer.

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