How to Get Rid of Fruit Flies

  1. JustMalia says:

    OMG! I’m dealing with a fruitfly infestation right now. They are drivng me bonkers. I’ve done the “put apple cider vinegar in bowl with a few drops of dish soap (said to break surface tension)” thing and that has *sort of* worked but not the way I had hoped. I’m totally trying this variation! Looking forward to having a fruit fly free home!

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      My source was very adamant that it needed to be a jar… Try this. It’s never, ever failed for me, but it does take a few hours so don’t expect instant gratification. 🙂

    • The Mommy says:

      I’ve done this, too, with mild success but I’m totally making the bubbles happen next time! I hate those tiny little things!

    • lcherry says:

      Put a piece of banana on a tinfoil tray before bed. Place in oven leaving oven door open a crack. Go to bed. In the morning shut oven door and turn oven onto broil. Bye bye bugs!! Repeat if necessary

      • virginiadavidson says:

        Banana, cantaloupe,trimmings of fragrant over-ripe fruit–in an empty jar. Put the lid on, poke tiny holes in the lid. Fruit flies can smell the lure through the holes and enter the jar, then have a hard time finding their way out. I do it every fall.

        To re-use the jar [which becomes truly icky after several days!], force dish soap into the holes and then water about half full; shake, to dislodge all the stuff, then open and dump contents down garbage disposal.

        To dispose of jar and make sure fruit flies can’t get out, put tape over the holes before tossing out in the trash.

    • Misty Jones says:

      I have kids… I found an apple in my cupboard… Found all the little buggers… always search everywhere… there always seems to be something somewhere… I could not wait for the ACV to work… I used my vacuum to suck up the rest… I hate bugs…

    • Crystal Sandridge says:

      Bread works in the container also but the best thing is watermelon.. I thought in one day I cleared them it was the best feeling not getting attacked once you walk in your kitchen but haha they came back like 2 days later.. Read earlier but the sink drains, im guessing that’s where they came from but anyway… Pour bleach in your sink before bed and the next morning rinse away… Good luck

      • gragor11a says:

        Bleach kills septic fields.
        Just use the traps. We don’t really need to nuke our neighbourhoods over a few million fruit fly infestation.

    • AMBLEMORN says:

      Try what I do, which is a variation, wastes less vinegar, and doesn’t fill room with vinegar smell. Grab a small bowl or a cereal bowl or a jar, whatever (they all work), add a few tablespoons of apple cider vinegar (no sense wasting it…a little drop does the trick), cover the bowl with saran wrap TIGHTLY, poke about 10 holes in the top with a toothpick, and enjoy the results. (Leave overnight or a couple of days).

      Tip: place the covered bowls near your actual bowl of fruit. You can also put a small piece of fruit in the dish with the vinegar, but not so that it breaks the top of the liquid’s surface–you don’t want to give them an eatable island). The other important thing (for all such remedies) is to remove any other source of draw–make sure your sink is clean, your garbage isn’t full, whatever. Get as spotless as possible (even if it means putting fruit in fridge for a few days), and voila.

      Works for me every year. No soap required.

      • RoCr says:

        I’ve found the saran wrap isn’t necessary. It actually slows them down getting into the trap. Flies can normally land on liquids without worrying about drowning due to surface tension, so they will try that with the vinegar. However, the dish soap disrupts the surface tension and instead of landing safely, they slip through and drown. So the saran wrap isn’t needed to hold them in; the vinegar does that just fine.

        • AMBLEMORN says:

          I understand that, and agree. The problem is, for me at least, is the horrible vinegar smell that fills the kitchen, even with soap added. Hence wrap. I still trap all flies within a day that way, so YMMV. It’s a tolerance thing, I guess.

  2. amandamagee says:

    Brilliant. Any tips on cabinet moths? Desperate. Cleaned all the cabinets. Husband is making fun of me because there aren’t a lot, but I am stressing.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I don’t know- I know there’s contact paper for moths that you can hang in your closet…

    • Tonimiller143 says:

      Check your containers of oatmeal, you might have larvae in there that magically change into the moths. Also check flour and other staples partically if left in original containers. Good Luck! I once had an infestation of tiny larvae in my rice, same color same size until cooked then they got big and that was pretty disgusting because the discovery came after dinner.

      • suburbanturmoil says:

        EW EW EW EW EW EWWWWW! I am going to be paranoid about my rice from now on!!

        • Tonimiller143 says:

          I’m sorry I had to share that. I keep all of my grains in plastic containers now. I don’t know if it was contaminated before I got it or after. All I can say is that I stopped eating and making rice for a long time after that. I never told my family. Yeah yuck for sure.

    • Heidi says:

      We refrigerate or freeze any grains or baking stuff. They are grain moths they drive me insane. They get in cereal, rice, flour

    • Anne says:

      Get the non-toxic “pantry moth traps” at any good chain hardware store (or through Amazon), and that will take care of the moths. We had a horrible infestation, and the traps have worked like a charm. Good Luck.

  3. Jan says:

    I’ve GOT to try this. My first signal that there are fruit flies in the house is when I’m lying in bed reading before going to sleep, and the light on the Kindle or the phone attracts them as the only light on in the house by that time. Even if it’s just one or two… GAH!
    Trying to figure out what I currently have on hand that’s in a wide-mouth jar. Or maybe I need to go buy… something… something I don’t mind emptying out in order to use the jar.

  4. I was just complaining about these little buggers yesterday. So doing this. Now, how do you get rid of earwigs? 😉

  5. Michelle says:

    Oh my gosh…you may have saved what’s left of my sanity! My hubs swears he doesn’t see them, but the little monsters are driving me crazy!

  6. MC0913 says:

    I’ve always used an almost empty sweet wine (either red or white) bottle. Works like a charm!

  7. Tina says:

    I use red wine vinegar and it works quite well also. 🙂 After years of genetics where I had to work with the ugly buggers, I’m so happy to see a bunch of them floating dead, its sick how happy it makes me.

  8. Melissa says:

    I am so totally doing that. Damn little bugs are driving me crazy!

  9. Em Rohrer says:

    Trying this today!

  10. Leah says:

    I tried this yesterday and it worked great. A few sat on the edge wondering if they should jump in. So I gently blew on them and they fell in. My daughter loved checking to see how many we had caught so far.

  11. Mdmupholstery Paull says:

    Why do these handy little recipes come out at the END of summer? HUH?

  12. Julie B. says:

    I find the little buggers are quite partial to rum! I put a little in a small glass dish covered in Saran wrap with holes in it. Works like a charm! I call it the graveyard….

  13. Teresa says:

    I tried this last night and it totally worked! I was amazed at how many fruit flies I had – thought it was only a few. Got up this morning and renewed the suds so I can’t wait to see how many I caught today. Hopefully soon I’ll be fruit fly free!!!

  14. JANET BROWN says:

    I am so glad that I am not the only one bothered by these bugs. Ive been keeping a bottle of windex with me and when I see one on the counter or cabinet I spray it and then I can get rid of it with paper towel. I hate those things

  15. Marilyn Jaimes-Butterworth says:

    Actually I use a cup of pickle juice and it did the same thing!

  16. Carly Michelle says: This book has been a God-Send & this recipe is in it!

  17. stacey says:

    Going to try this. I live in the fruit fly capital of canada. Never in my 40 years have i seen so manyfruit flies. Hope it really works

  18. marg says:

    I have used regular vinegar. In a small dish pour some vinegar and a couple of drops of dish detergent, then cover with saran rape, put some holes in it with a fork. This is sure to get rid of the little buggers as well.

  19. Colleen Campbell says:

    Make sure to wash all your fruit and vegetables as soon as you bring them home. The fruit fly eggs are on the skins of the fruit and vegetables and hatch in your home. Also, keep the plug in your sink drains – they come from in the still water in the drain too 🙁

    • Misty Jones says:

      ohhh gross.. I didn’t know that… 🙁

      • Gaylene McEwen says:

        I wash all my fruit and veggies that don’t go in the fridge and the flies still come…I try and make sure all the counters are wiped and the floor is clean but they seem to come out of nowhere. Trying the acv trick now and I have trapped almost 20 in under 5 minutes…..this is somewhat sick the joy I get out of catching the buggers!!!!

    • Judith Henderson says:

      I knew that from our basement kitchen sink~ which isn’t used very often….we had enough of those flies in the drain for a whole city!! GROSS….

      • Ingrid says:

        Those flies that look like fruit flies are often not. I had an invasion of them in a condo I moved to and after trying everything, found out upon talking to management …. cant quite remember what they told me but solution was to pour a cup of bleach down the sink. I think they came from crap in the water system or garburator. I now regularly use bleach in my sink to kill any bacteria and get no flies.

        • gragor11a says:

          Urbanites living or visiting in a rural situation w/ a septic system. Do not pour bleach down your drains or Draino or any other harsh chemicals unless you want to go through the hassle of having to restart a dead system.

    • Tim St.Arneault says:

      gotta stay on top of those dishes! 😉

    • iam_Nunya says:

      Don’t have to put the sink plugs in – just pour a glug of bleach down the drain – gets rid of them in an instant.

      • gragor11a says:

        Urbanites – Do not pour bleach down your drains or Draino or any other harsh chemicals unless you want to go through the hassle of having to restart a dead septic system.

  20. sherryC says:

    I bought a jar of lemon scent nail polish remover had it up on a shelf for a while then went to use it and it was COVERED with fruit flies, very disgusting, but then I thought well if they like it so much they can have it so I put plastic wrap and pinned some holes and put on the counter and it was infested with the darn things in less then half hr, was very gross how many we had in the house but it worked and that is all I buy for the summer now is $store nail polish remover 1 for them and 1 for me lol we’re all happy till I through them out !!

  21. rainy says:

    Totally doing this tonight… one for home and one for work…

  22. Eadesy Beadsy says:

    “Watch the carnage..” LOL I’ve been using it all summer. Lavender oil works also. I have mine in a small spray bottle with a little bit of water. 🙂

  23. Marla says:

    It says no other vinegar will work….bull crap! I use regular white vinegar & it still works! It does NOT have to be apple cider vinegar!

  24. Ashley Lambert-Wise says:

    In an effort to may you even more famous, my friend, I’m sharing this on Battling BARE–because seriously, fruit-flies can trigger a PTSD episode…I’ve watched it in my husband all summer long.

  25. Ann says:

    This trick has not worked for me. I catch about 4 or so, but overall not effective in my home.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      Give it some time- Also, stay away from the jar as much as you can. It typically takes a day or two to get them all. 🙂

    • gragor11a says:

      Try lemons – my fruit flys are addicted to lemons. And beer. Try beer – my fruit flys are addicted to my beer.

  26. albertabound says:

    Do the aphids also get caught? I have both 🙁

  27. Carla says:

    What’s all this panic about fruit flies? They have done so much for us in medical experiments. And at least when there are fruit flies there is fruit around! And that is good, isn’t it?

    • Kate says:

      I was wondering the same thing, Carla. They’re pesky, but not dirty or disease spreading. You’re right, they’re the sign we’re blessed with fruit. I don’t mind making a trap for them when they get overwhelming though. They only live about 24 hours. Might as well shorten that a bit and keep them from laying eggs and filling my kitchen with their offspring.

      • Bella says:

        They are a pain in the arse when you have a touch screen computer, I can tell you that much for sure. I put the solution next to my parrots cage to trap them by the fruit/veggie bowl

  28. Emali Takapu Maka says:

    LOL–it’s always after the fact….hahaha. Definitely trying this though 🙂

  29. Tina-Marie Coetzee says:

    does anyone have a remedy for your average everyday house flies? during the summer we have a terrible time trying to cook with these horrid creatures flying around. i hate flies, and these buggers look like minibuses! PLEASE HELP!

    • Jane says:

      I’ve seen on Pinterest about the zip-lock bag with water and pennies.

      • Tina-Marie Coetzee says:

        Tanx for the help Jane, I’m in South Africa so we don’t use pennies, tell me are they bronze/copper or silver?

        • sarah says:

          copper based

        • Jennifer Braun says:


          • purwaky cats says:

            I hate to tell you this but the fruit flies also enjoy cat litter boxes. My cat will sit and watch them and they get all flustered when i clean the box. Now that is annoying knowing that they enjoy traipsing through the litter box before they dive bomb you or your food/drink. And those mealy bugs drive me nuts too. I have resorted to keeping everything in the refrigerator that I can now. How do you get rid of these?

      • Dana says:

        I tried that at the lake this summer, it did NOT work, in fact I think it attracted more!

      • Jenni Stevens says:

        I tried that, but I think I angered them, and seemed to have many many more! lol

    • Liz says: – apparently, these bags scare the houseflies into thinking there are predatory insects guarding your door. I haven’t tried it, but I hope it helps you!

    • Violet Sunderland says:

      I heard about an old maid who hated flies, too…………… until she unzipped one. lol

    • Kathy Karns says:

      I actually have a bee trap (very small yellow plastic funnel placed into the dide of a 2liter soda bottle) that I set up out on my back porch. I usually change the soda bottle out once every 2 weeks. We had gone camping in July so I didnt get a chance to change out the bottle and it fermented. You would NOT believe all the variety of flies and other bugs that attracted!! The solution was 1 cup of suger, ½ cup of apple flavored Juicey Juice, and 1 – 1½ cups of water.. Beware tho.. Yes it will work great but it STINKS so bad once it ferments lol

  30. Sandra says:

    I’ve tried concepts like this in the past. They definitely do attract the fruit flies BUT what happens is that as long as you have a contraption like this you’ll never get them to stop coming because they are attracted to the smell and more and more come. So I stopped using them. I found that if I just ensure that all fruits & veggies are either refrigerated or completely covered up, you ensure that all peels are not left in your garbage, sink, etc. and that you rinse all cans, bottles, etc. with water, they will stay away from your house completely.

    • Sandra says:

      PS, every time I toss something in the garbage I follow it by a shot of Raid.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I personally haven’t found that to be the case. The only time I get new fruit flies is when I bring in produce from the grocery with fruit fly eggs on it. I had a MAJOR fruit fly problem last week, used the ACV mixture for a few days, and haven’t seen any fruit flies whatsoever over the last week or so.

  31. jed knight says:

    I have always used brandy rather than apple cider vinegar.

  32. Brian says:

    Balsamic vinegar works just fine. i may have more refined flies

  33. Gadget says:

    I use a little shot glass, buy the cheapest bottle of sherry $5 that lasts me for 3 years. Put an inch of sherry in the shot glass, cover with cling wrap, and poke a few tiny holes in the top. They fight each other to get in…but there are always more tomorrow…. everyone knows they are drawn to alcohol..

  34. Yvan Dubois says:

    I have another recommendation. Use a small brandy glass, put a small amount of brandy or cognac in the glass. then cover with plastic wrap. With a fork…make a few holes and soon you will see how this thing works miracle.

  35. fruitflykiller says:

    I like to leave a banana peel in the oven, leave the door open a little bit so they can get in. After a few hours I slam the door shut and roast the little bastards.

    • Candace says:

      LOL ~I think they have made you a tad psychotic.

    • amy lauderdale says:

      I think I like your idea !!! lol

    • Femmegrrrl says:

      Welcome the Hitler of fruit flies. Are you invading fruitlandia next? 😉

    • kathy says:

      Hahahaha …. Great idea!!! Wonder what else you could lure in there. Do you use your oven much????

    • Nattty says:

      This made me laugh so hard…

    • Mike says:

      Yes! My stomach is hurting from all this laughing… My neighbors must think I smoked some good stuff

    • GlambertTina says:

      I torched a spider yesterday with a barbecue lighter lol! it was the first thing I saw and I didn’t want to get to close

      • Elly Nafus says:

        Oh Oh your timeline is going get shortened. Didn’t you know that the spiders are the keepers of your life threads. LOL

        • gragor11a says:

          Leave the spiders alone unless they are over your bed. They eat a lot of fruit flies. That’s why the spiders and the fruit flies lifecycles climax at the same time.

      • Janni says:

        I popped something in the toaster yesterday – zap – sizzle and smell of burning flesh – not long – it must have been a small spider… Heard it was their mating season..

      • Maureen says:

        I have been known to suck the spiders I find on the bedroom walls or ceilings with a vacuum, yank the vacuum cleaner bag out, douse it in lighter fluid and set it ablaze in the driveway. They scare me so much I have to make sure they’re dead. The ones I find outside and in other rooms of the house I just scream and run away from them. I know they’re important in pest control, but I’m a big scardey cat and just can’t handle them in skittering along on the ceiling. Has anybody seen the Mentos spider commercial on You Tub? That’s the way I see spiders.

        • Kathy says:

          Does the apple cider vinegar mixture work on grass fleas , sand fleas etc ??

          • Monique says:

            For fleas I have found a shallow dish of water with dish soap on the floor with a lamp on the floor, shining into it (I use a stainless steel pan). THe fleas are attracted to the heat from the lightbulb, jump towards it and land in the water. The soap kills them. VERY effective. Fleas love me, they think I am absolutely delicious so I have to kill ’em all!

          • Wanda Jackson says:

            would this work for food weevels,food bugs?

          • rikki says:

            research food grade diatomaceous earth for fleas and weevels

          • bsroon says:

            you need less sugar and more B-vitamins. Take a good B-vit and the skeeters will also eat the people around you instead of you.
            Don’t take diet sweeteners. Splenda is an organochloride. That means basically a pesticide and has been known to kill people by destroying their entire digestive tract. In Canada where it is allowed to sweeten cereal.
            Aspartame forms formaldehyde and methyl alcohol IN YOUR BRAIN as the aspartic acid breaks down, and they are both neurotoxic.

            All artificial sweeteners after 2 yrs destroy the part of the brain that regulates metabolism enough to have caused you a net weight gain over if you had sugar.
            And YES, they are known to increase your risk of diabetes and other chronic illnesses.

          • John Born says:

            BS. The presence of chlorine in an organic compound does not ensure toxicity. If it did, we couldn’t eat peas. A 180 pound man could eat 36 packets of Splenda a day and still be under 1% of the lowest dose shown in rigorous studies to have any toxicological effect. It’s the chlorine substitution for carbohydrate in the sugar molecule that makes sucralose sweeter and at the same time far less reactive and inert to your body’s metawbolic environment. Please stop scaring people with your ill-informed nonsense.

          • bsroon says:

            Can’t get my Disqus sites to load again. What’s up with that? Last time it was weeks on Now here on a blogsite.

          • Angie says:

            Where did you get your information? not being sarcastic I’d really like to know. Thanks

          • John Born says:

            Hi, Angie. The FDA has information about the testing that was done (and continues to be done) on sucralose. The Wikipedia entry on sucralose provides links to these findings. Also, you can look up organochlorides to find that they are present in many substances in forms that are benign, metabolically speaking, like in peas and broad beans.

            There’s an odd phenomenon in some folks’ thinking where they are suspicious of substances that interact energetically with the environment (which is logical, because that means they are having an effect on the environment), but also decry other substances because they are “indestructable” or “robo”, like plastic and sucralose.

            If you burn plastic, it becomes volatile again, so that should be avoided, but in its normal inert form, plastic allows us to replace paper (leaches chemicals when breaking down) and glass (energy intensive and potentially hazardous) and metal (energy intensive and dangerous to mine). I just don’t understand why we aren’t celebrating the use of such an advanced and positive material, versus being scared of every thing in the world that doesn’t have a root system or teeth.

            The same with sucralose, which has allowed me to replace the equivalent of hundreds of pounds of simple carbos (which would likely become bodily fat) over the last few years. And yeah, I could have just given up sweet foods, but why let unreasoned fear cheat you out of some enjoyment in life?

          • Angie, he is wrong. She is right. Both sweetners, Splenda and Equal are both neurotoxins. Very damaging to your main organs and causes osteoporosis

          • John Born says:

            No there hasn’t, what bollocks. If there had been a “huge increase in major illnesses”, then our life expectancy would be going down. It is not. We are living longer and healthier lives than ever. Any increase in certain illnesses are due to the very fact that people are living longer. Let’s say that cancer tends to get you in your 50’s and heart disease tends to get you in your 70’s. Then let’s suppose that we make progress against cancer. That means more people live into their 70’s, so more people die from heart disease than before, but only because they DIDN’T die earlier from cancer. See, statistics may be difficult and counterintuitive sometimes, but that doesn’t excuse you from either making a good faith effort to understand them or staying silent about subjects you don’t want to bother learning about.

          • April Anderson says:

            We all eat GMOs. EVERYTHING we eat, even the organic foods, has been altered from its original form. After all corn started out having only one kernel.

          • tammy says:

            Most GMO’s are altered to incorporate poison into the plant so the bugs will die if they eat the plant. The poisons do not work as fast on us but they do eventually destroy our health. They attack our organs, notice how many organ transplants are done now? You probably don’t because it is kept quiet, but having been through that, I recognize there are hundreds of thousands just in the US that are dying from the destruction of their organs. Many countries have out lawed GMO’s because of the destructive element to our bodies

          • Desiree says:

            My friends neurosurgeon told her to stay off the diet cokes as the artificial sweeteners are a TOXIN that affect the brain and the nervous system. It doesnt take a brain surgeon to know that chemicals arent good for you. BSROON is right and you are the one that is spreading bad information. The crap makes me sick seconds after hitting my tongue so I never had the chance to consume much of it and do not allow it in my house.

          • John Born says:

            Undocumented appeals to authority do not an argument make. My second cousin’s podiatrist’s Nobel Laureate physicist son told him that Splenda will regrow missing limbs, but I wouldn’t grab the hatchet without some actual data.

          • Desiree says:

            And yet, it doesn’t take a brain surgeon to know that eating chemicals cant be good for you. If you don’t trust a brain surgeon telling you not to eat them, THEN EAT THEM. By all means, eat them and enjoy them.

          • John Born says:

            For the love of God and science, Desiree, stop. Can you really be unaware that all vitamins are chemicals, and that life-saving drugs are chemicals, and that even your organic vegan tofutti cheesecake, when broken down into its component parts, is composed of–gasp–nothing but chemicals? Your fundamental misunderstanding of the world you live in has you entirely turned around. True, some chemicals can harm you. If so, does it not make sense to learn to isolate, understand, and predict them? Yes? Well then, welcome to biochemistry! When you take an aspirin, you are enjoying the fruits of the biochemist’s labor in separating out the good chemicals from the bad. Sure, you can just chew willow bark like the Native Americans did, but why deal with the discolored teeth and gastric distress that comes from having to ingest all the harmful chemicals that come with the analgesic? Children have been saved from dying, starving people have been fed, resources have been conserved and preserved, all from the efforts of chemical scientists and their innovations. I’m sorry, but Ignorance is no excuse for spouting nonsense like “chemicals are bad for you”, nor is propping up the doofus notion of some unspoiled and benign Mother Gaia excuse for essentially advocating a standard of living that sentences children to death and the poor to starvation and disease. Sit in a yurt and fester if you want, but don’t begrudge others’ efforts to make positive differences in the real world.

          • John Born says:

            And I can only hope that no brain surgeon (or anyone else with a job that impacted people’s health) would make the staggeringly stupid statement that “chemicals aren’t good for you.” Desiree, I’m sure you’re a nice person, certainly nicer than I am, but if you don’t even understand that the entire organic world is composed of chemicals, you shouldn’t be posting anything that purports to contain scientific information, because you clearly have no capacity to interpret it correctly. It’s irresponsible. Sharing your personal experiences is fine, and can be helpful for many people. Stick with that.

          • Dawn Tague says:

            I have tried this but it didnt seem to work. I have 2 dogs ones a Pom with TONS of hair so the fleas are all over him. We live in the country with alot of trees, sand, etc… and we spray our yard as well so we are lost as to what to do to get rid of them! any ideas? also we found out using the blue DAWN dishsoap is the best killer for fleas. it really works… jus incase you didnt know I thought Id share.

          • rikki says:

            research food grade diatomaceous earth

          • liz953 says:

            First, shave your Pom and use a flea comb on him EVERY DAY. Keep a cup of water with a few drops of dish soap neaby and rinse your comb in it to remove the fleas. Spraying your yard is useless. Treat your house, especially carpets and throw rugs (take rugs outside and beat them with a broom then wash in hot water).

            Every time your dog comes in, get the comb and drag out the fleas.

            I had 2 golden retrievers and a chow-chow and a house that was totally infested. You must be relentless for at least a month…which covers 2 generations of fleas.

          • Tracey Burrows says:

            If the fleas are in your house, use a powdered garden poison called Seven Dust (not sure of the spelling with the seven part) but I’ve had them really bad twice and I put the dust in a coffee can with holes punched in it and then dust the carpets and the dog (use in moderation on the dog but judge by their system) Leave on the carpet for 24 hours and then vacuum and repeat in a few days…toss the vacuum bag after each use getting fleas because you also get their eggs which will still hatch… At least it’s not like a flea bomb where you have to put out all pilot lights where gas is concerned and leave home for hours and it does work…..

          • SahraW says:

            Get a pill called comfortis from your vet. The dog eats it so you don’t have to worry if you applied it right or anything and it starts to kill existing fleas in 30minutes and then repels fleas for 30 days so you just have to give them one pill a month.

        • linda says:

          I suggest you watch the movie ” Arachnophobia”. Really it’s good. 😛

          • GlambertTina says:

            Oh Hell No!!!! Lol

          • lil mac says:

            I did watch it! I saw spiders that weren’t there for three days. I like spiders….right under my foot. 🙂

          • Dawn Tague says:

            BEST place for them so I agree! I dont care if they are suppose to “help” with pesty flies etc! We have these HUGE hairy wolf spider that look like mini tarantulas they are the size of quarters or larger at times, crab spiders the body size is about the size of a half dollar coin and the most recent one we unfortunately came across was a fishing spider. He saw that one and came in house screaming OMGTAGUEOMG! I laughed and said ok honey wheres the spider? I knew just from his dancing and jumping around that it was a spider, lol.. then he says like its all in one word; HUGEMFINGSPIDER!WATCHOUTITSGONNAJUMPONYOU!ANDITHASAMILLIONBABIESITISGOINGTOPROTECTSOBECAREFULSOTHATMOMMASPIDERDONTJUMPONYOUITHASHUGEFANGSANDWILLBITEYOU… and he was right. It WAS HUGE! Its legs extended OVER well over the top of coke can. the body about the size of a quarter and the dark cloud close by it on our house? was what looked like a million babies. needless to say that spider wasnt allowed to live. babies either. but both of us were scared to go near it because we saw those fangs and had no idea what kind of spider it was so it got OFFED by a broom.

          • Marti Bowker says:

            Where do you live? just want to know so I never go there! I’m not really scared of spiders and actually like the little jumping spiders but this is crazy HUGE!

          • Dawn Tague says:

            LOL!!! In the country outside of Detroit! Until I moved here I NEVER saw these crazy spiders. Im not scared of them at all….UNLESS I MUST CONFESS… if I dont know its there and it drops onto me or runs across me or my body IN ANY way. THEN Im jumpy and squealing like a little girl. And my man LOVES when it happens to me cuz I kinda tease him for being “afraid” of spiders… Otherwise they dont bother me at all which is lucky since I keep coming across monsters… I wish I knew where the picture was Id send it to you to see… or figure out a way to post it here!!!

          • evangeline phillips says:

            When my children were young teenagers, they chased flys and spiders with rolled up newspapers. Of course it always ended up with them hitting each other and getting the rolled up newspapers snatched from their hands by any handy adult. Occasionally they had pretend sword fights with the rolled up paper used as swords. They all had thier bottoms hit with the confiscated paper rolls. My family had a wierd sense of humour which they have all grown out of.

          • doxie girl says:

            We live an hr south of Cleveland. We have those spiders, too! I say thy are the size of mice! And not the little mice, either. I scream bloody murder, then pull myself together & kill them with the end of a 4 ft landscape timber. I also scream while a smash it…like there is power in the scream!

          • Marlene says:

            When I run across a spider I instantly turn into a kung foo fighter.

          • arachnophobic-nerd says:

            this is when i grab a .22 cal. rifle or a 10 pound sledge hammer. either way there is a boom and a lot of guts. but no to deal with the hole in the floor… hmm… and remember if it isn’t overkill it isn’t dead.

          • archerman says:

            google fishing spider – OMFG!!

        • GlambertTina says:

          Sounds like me lol

        • Charylan says:

          I will suck up a spider then suck up a penny so it hits the spider in the head and kills it. Besides nothing can live in a vacuum its science!

        • Dawn Tague says:

          Spiders dont scare me…unless they come outta nowhere and “jump out” at me. My SO on the other hand…is freaked out by them hates even seeing them, lol. So I am the spiderkiller, lol. I have some pretty funny stories that I am blogging about where spiders are concerned… I was crying while writing them from remembering the day he saw them.

        • arachnophobia-nerd says:

          o god i hate spiders too… so what i do is I a got a low power (100-300) full auto BB gun Uzi for like $40. every time i see one of them F%*#-ers I light em up with about 10 or so rounds. havent have had a problem since.

      • nancie says:

        If you really want to see grossness and carnage, get one of those new — I don’t know what it’s called, but it looks like a tennis racket, except the strings are actually electrified wires. I just wave it around and watch the sparks fly!

        • Dawn Tague says:

          Does that REALLY work? We saw it at the hardware but no one had tried it that worked there nor any of the customers that were close by. I laughed when I saw it because ALL I could think of was playing “tennis” with the bugs bouncing them across a net or something…

          • Earthy Mom says:

            Oh yes those electric fly swatters work very well ( we have 4 of them)…they are just a bit heavy. But we use them outside during bee season, otherwise we all look like a sad case of mumps have hit us, between bees and skeeters.

          • Dawn Tague says:

            cool thank you. I really want to get one now. We have HUGE bees and hornets and wasps. I found out that they somehow got into the cracks that are by our windows where we sit on our deck! My son is highly allergic and actually has to carry an epi pen WITH him just to sit on our deck/porch when he and his wife visit! So thanks. He would ENJOY using it to get those suckers as he says.

          • liz953 says:

            DOn’t put up with wasps and hornets. Get a caulking gun and some silicon caulk, and seal up your windows and doors. It will also cut down on heating/AC costs.

          • Tracey Burrows says:

            I’ve found too that once you get the wasps nest down and smashed to crap, spray anywhere around their “past” spot with MEAN GREEN…I found this by accident but it was the only thing that I could stream with and it stops them from coming back to try to rebuild. Only problem I’ve found is it may hurt your plants if you spray over them….but otherwise once the area is wet down good, they don’t come back

          • alaskan-hornet-hater says:

            go to a local hardware or gardening store and look for hornet / wasp killer it is about $3-5 a can. it will kill all those angry bastards from up to 20ft away ( depending on the brand)

          • Jonnette Nielsen says:

            Don’t kill the bees I have to do the same as your son but I won’t kill them. They are very useful for our food and everything else sorry to nag but its important not to kill them

          • Nancy Oden says:

            Those “bees” are likely wasps – yellow jackets, probably – because honey bees won’t sting you unless you either step on them or go into their hive….

          • Jonnette Nielsen says:

            Don’t kill the bees we need them for everything

          • julc says:

            YES they work (not as well as the traps) but if you are to the point that you detest the thought of them, carry one around with you and (not unlike old folks with a fly swatter on the front porch swing), you can get some satisfaction hearing those nasty things pop and die!!! They are mostly good for your own personal satisfaction of killing those things tho. Additionally, take empty wine bottle, fill halfway with a mix of whatever is around (pickle juice, powerade, whatever wine is left in the bottom, bits of cucumber, watermelon, green onion, and of course the dish detergent to make the sides too slick for any escapees! I made 3 and they are full after 2 days and gnats are GONE!

        • Dawn Tague says:

          Do those really work? I saw one at the hardware but no employee nor any of the customers near by had ever used one… All I could picture was batting those buggers (we have bugs, flies, bees, hornets, etc) across a net like playing tennis! LOL…

        • victoria says:

          don’t try it on yourself, that happened to me by accident, I hurt my hand and up my arm…hurt for a couple of hours!!! Everybody else thought it was funny though!

          • Melanie says:

            I did it to myself Victoria, because it didn’t seem to work at first. I swear I felt it in my brain! It really hurts! I would just warn people about the smell of the burnt up flies….it is pretty gross. 😛

        • Sarah says:

          My family just calls it the hand held bug zapper. lol

        • Desiree says:

          I found a couple of those on clearance and thought about buying one of them. Then I thought of what my teenage twin sons might do with it when I wasnt looking and left it lol.

        • mabel says:

          I have one! Works well on flies & mozzies if you can catch the crafty buggers!!

      • Krantzstone says:

        I usually let spiders live, because they keep the other pests under control. But sometimes they get in my food or something and they have to go.

        /sorry, Charlotte!

      • Dawn Tague says:

        I need to buy my SO a BBQ lighter to do this too! Do they come in EXTRA SUPER DUPER LENGTH? Because he HATES spiders so much that he WONT go near them. I am the spider killer in the family.

      • Nancy Oden says:

        Spiders will eat fruit flies when they get caught in the spider’s web. My mom always said: “If you want to live and thrive, let the spiders run alive.” And so I do…….one is watching me right now from the ceiling. So glad they aren’t ten times their size or they’d be after us!

      • Linda says:

        we put the bug sapper over the vinegar and tape it in the on position and then the fruit flies are doing the fry dance!

    • Wendy Dutcher says:

      do it in the microwave…its a lot quicker…

      • Ashleigh says:

        Flies have like no moisture in there body.. So microwaving them does not work.. I have tried..

        • scott says:

          if you bait the flies with a quart and some bad fruit, on the countertop then you put a glass saucer on top to trap the flies. carefully put the quart into the micro for 1 minutes time, the fruit will steam and the steam will kill the flies. I have been doing this all week and my flies are much reduced.

          • Vicki says:

            You can freeze them too. Put a bit of banana in an empty Snapple bottle, make a funnel by rolling a piece of paper into a cone and sticking the small end into the bottle. They get in, can’t find their way out, and then you just put it into the freezer for 12 hours. I had two bottles that I rotated.

          • sarah says:

            I have done this as well with lots of success!

          • happy2live says:

            LOL, you have been doing this all week! hee hee

        • Reinerchic says:

          I microwaved mine for 30 seconds and opened it and they were still alive, had to do 2 minutes hahaha

      • Desiree says:

        When I was a kid I set the microwave on fire trying to kill a bug. The bug survived lol.

      • ~Annie~ says:

        I tried microwaving ants once… never even phased them! They were just walkin’ around & around in there! 😉

      • Helen says:

        I’ve actually opened my microwave after heating something and have had 1 or 2 fly out. My microwave is high wattage. What are the little irritants made of ?

      • Coreen Osborn says:

        Do what I could find what they suggested to do

    • Jenna Boyd says:

      Oh man, I laughed out loud, so hard!

    • unclesamhain says:

      You got to start somewhere.

    • JB says:

      As they say — time flies like an eagle, fruit flies like a banana

    • Felix says:

      Hahahaha….where’s the like button?

    • Grace Ray Gelinas says:


    • Christine Denissoff Schoch says:


    • disqus_IK4JLhzYdo says:

      I love it! Think Ill try it!

    • Chef says:

      I wouldn’t want to eat anything from your oven

    • Dianne Ritter says:

      OMG you are too funny!! Have a serious problem currently due to harvest time. Going to give your solution a try as it sounds like more fun than the ACV and soap.

      • apple4teacher says:

        I swear by a cup of warm water, a bit of yeast and a bit of sugar. I stir it up then cover it with plastic wrap and secure it with an elastic band. I just poke some random holes in the top and viola! The little suckers crawl in but can’t get out. I’ve cleared up and prevented many fruit fly infestations this way. The yeast should foam up a bit, if not your water may be too cold, or your yeast too old.

    • Vitalia Daza says:


    • Hannah says:

      hahaha this just made my day.

    • Julie Major says:

      omg i needed that laugh thank you so much still giggling hahah

    • Anita Foster Smith says:

      That is the funniest thing I’ve read in a while. Thanks I needed that laugh.

    • Jackie says:

      you gave me a very good laugh for the day, THANK YOU !! 🙂

    • Alexis says:

      hahaha thats awesome!

    • nancie says:

      hahahahahahahahahaha!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I can’t stop laughing!

    • Percy Dercy says:

      You gave me a good laugh lol

    • LuCha says:

      That is a scream!

    • Donna Maucelli Marshall says:

      So you have dead insects in the bottom of your oven? LOL

    • Double Nickle says:

      Do they go good with anchovies?

    • Rebecca Reece says:

      Your way just made my night.. I read this ten full minutes ago, but couldn’t see to type because I’m laughing so hard!!! That sounds like the PERFECT vindication!! *snickering… ~RR

    • Kymmberlie Starr says:


    • April Prissel says:

      Thats AWESOME!!!!

    • Alina says:

      Hahaha.. So funny! Little bastards 🙂

    • Shakeema Simmons says:

      LMBO!!! It’s ok they’re gone now breath lol

    • Crazed.. says:

      Is it wrong I wanna try that?

    • Dawn Tague says:

      LOL!!! I can just picture this in my head right now and I actually Laughed Out Loud.

    • Shannon says:

      lol payback! not so sure I like the idea of fruit fly flavored (omg say that real fast 3x) baked potatoes though.

    • Dalton Mazipov says:

      I like to stick em down in a well in my basement while I lower a basket of lotion down. Then I tuck it back and listen to Goodbye Horses.


    • Garrison Cohen says:

      Yummm, nothing like baking your meatloaf inside an insect crematorium.

    • heating up the oven says:


    • Keri says:

      lol…that’s hilarious!!!

    • Gail Sanderson says:

      I like this one I hate them worse than a fly

    • CMadd says:

      Made me laugh!!!

    • Muneca622 says:

      OK fruitfly killer. You are toooooo funny!!! lol

    • Amish Al says:

      I tried that too but I got tired of them banging on the oven door to get out,,

    • mencar says:

      This is funnyyy!! I can’t stop laughing!!

    • Kat Smith says:

      THAT is the best i have heard yet…lmao

    • fan of fruitflykiller says:

      that made me LOL!

    • Way funny. I can relate to your anger towards the “little bastards.”

    • Bluthar says:

      a woman or man after my own heart!!!! i must try that

    • BobbyShelton says:

      Their name is Fruit Fly Killer! BAHAHAHAHA!

    • allelectric50 says:

      Seriously ….I am still laughing…..and at the comment…..that you might be a bit psychotic. I Love it LOL

    • guest says:

      You could also do that with the microwave…..and watch.

    • Susan Wilson says:

      LMAO that is hilarious !!!! they are so annoying!

    • Barbara Matthews says:

      You cremate them! Yikes! Well, if it works…

    • Judy Strachila says:

      OMG That is funny! HAHAHAHA

    • Amazed says:

      OMG, just tooooo hilarious!!

    • Angel of Death says:

      Microwave is quicker…

    • Fed up in Tennessee says:

      I tried the apple cider with dawn dish soap didn’t catch one. When I have a glass of wine they are all in it, so I left a glass of wine of wine out, didn’t catch one, mine are getting too smart. I LOVE LOVE this idea of roasting the nasty varmints! I will SO enjoy every minute of it!

    • Mary Lou Flood says:

      LOL…good one!

    • Marlene says:

      I laughed so hard at this! out loud belly laugh, if anyone was hear they’d think I’d gone around the ben! Funny!

    • that-guy-with-a-windowless-van says:

      i like your style… does the same thing work with children (just kidding)

    • Tom R says:

      I love it,but theres some ahole out there that will report u to the SPCFF( Society for the Prevention of Cruelity to Fruit Flies)

      • Dawn Tague says:

        LOL… how funny!!! In this age I wouldnt DOUBT that there really IS a society for this!
        But Im with our version of P.E.T.A. anyway so I wouldnt care if there was a society (oh P.E.T.A. our version here in our home means= PEOLE EAT TASTY ANIMALS.) LOL hope there I didnt offend anyone btw…

    • Bob Bruman says:

      YOU’RE VERY SICK…and I think that’s what I like about you best.

    • Amanda says:

      That sounds awesome lol

    • zelcat says:

      and i thought i was being creative by sucking them up in the vacuum

    • Mrsjd Sanchez says:

      LMAO I love this I guess you just had enough lol

    • Rae says:

      OMG. I’m laughing so hard at your comment. Little bastards…

    • Robyn says:

      HA HA HA! Thank you! What a great laugh!

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      That’s a good one!

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      too funny but hey whatever works right LOL

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      LOVE! LOL!

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      Hysterical! But, yuck. 😀 😀

    • Paul Emmett says:

      Will that work in the microwave?

    • Life of Pies says:

      Thank you so much. Genius.

    • Liz Kole says:

      now i have a backup plan when i run out of vinegar LOL 🙂

    • christine delguercio says:

      LOVE YOUR IDEA ???? hahaha that’s great

    • happy2live says:


    • Pat Flynn says:

      Thanks for the early guffaws of laughter, I am still laughing, minutes later.

  36. Tracy Wisneski says:

    lol! No telling when the viral comes! This is very helpful, though, so about to share it! 😉

  37. Tracy Wisneski says:

    Hmmmm…hit share and your SEO is looking messy- really bad, in fact. There is no title, image or teaser. Hit me up on FB and I’ll be happy to let you know how to fix, unless maybe it’s a glitch, in which case. you need to contact your server. Tried it using a cut and paste of the url and it came up with all the items that were missing when I hit share. Maybe open up a ticket? Check it out.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I think that’s a Facebook glitch, Tracy. Facebook does that to me sometimes with lots of different links. I hit the share button just now and it came up fine, so hopefully it just happens occasionally.

      • Tracy Wisneski says:

        I’d check with my server to be sure that the issue isn’t on their side. Still, with the copy and paste, I could tell that you did set up the SEO. I was letting you know just in case. Glad that it came up when you tried. When I saw the one that came up lacking, I deleted and went in manually. I’ve already had a few hits on it. Apparently, this is a big issue up in the Northeast right now. You’ve got a great blog, so hopefully a lot of your new hits will stick. Rock on!

  38. CJ says:

    I “live trap” them using a 2 litre milk carton opened at the top. With a little bait in the bottom, left overnight, a quick move to close the top first thing in the morning and outside they go.

    • gragor11a says:

      Good for you. Live and let live. We throw a cutting board on top of the compost bucket and move them out that way. Trap the rest. As if…

  39. Sheryl Williams says:

    Thanks for this recipe, I have a bird that eats fruits in his cage and those little fruit flies are swarming his cage by the time I get home from work.

  40. Chris says:

    We had a major problem with them last summer. I took 2 Gatorade bottle them filled half way with a mixture of balsamic vinegar and fruit punch, threw in some banana slices and strawberry preserves, and rolled coated paper plates into a funnels with a very small hole on the end and put it in the top of the bottles leaving the hole just above the liquid. I checked the traps daily and would stir them around to knock the flies of the plate into the liquid. Within a few days they were under control and within a week they were all gone.

  41. connie says:

    a clean drain is all you need.. that’s it. hot soapy bleach water down the drain… flush the sink , very well after each time you use it… no more flies.. I have not had any this year, because I’ve been doing this.

    • gragor11a says:

      Just say no to chemicals. Save them for when it matters. Fruit fly infestations are not worthy of chemical warfare.

  42. Michael Burgess says:

    Just cut up a few pieces of ripe fruit, put them in the bottom of a glass and cover the top with saran/plastic wrap. Then poke some small holes in the plastic. The fruit flies will find their way into the glass through the holes but will be unable to get back out. You can then dispose of them as you wish… if you’re a Buddhist you can release them outside by removing the plastic. Works like a charm!

    • Jennifer Braun says:

      I thought this was the bwst way to catch them too, but it does not kill them and they lay eggs and larve will hatch in there. I tried just ACV with a couple drops of dish soap stirred in. it changes the surface tension of the water and once they go in they cannot get back out. It worked like a charm in only a couple hours.

  43. Christiana Equality Bradshaw says:

    I accidentally left the tray I heated fried chicken on out while I was gone over the weekend once, and found 50+ dead fruit flies drowned in it when I got back.



  45. Tlcfan53 says:

    or you can take the same jar, put 1/2 ” of Apple cider vinegar 3 drops of dish soap and a very small piece of fruit in the bottom, cover the top with Saran wrap and put 2 or three pin holes in it and forget about it. (I put an elastic around the top to hold the saran tight) right now I have about 20 dead ones in mine after 2 days. With this there is no dumping and refilling..

  46. matt bell says:

    Slice some apples. Open microwave and put apples in leaving door open. Wait for annoying ass flies to enter microwave and turn that fucker on. Bye bye flies.

  47. GeoSol says:

    I dunno about “ruin your meal”. I think us westerners are too scared of bugs in all sizes, and if your health is affected seriously by a few fruit flies ingested accidentaly? Well you got a whole lot of other worries.

    That said, love the idea, theres also a similar method for catching bugs in your garden by filling tuna cans with a little tuna water, oil and water. Captures pests by the hundreds. Mainly earwigs here in northern California.

  48. David says:

    Why would anyone let some innocent fruit flies ruin a meal?

  49. GreatGrany5 says:

    It is fruit fly time again here in Oklahoma and I so needed this again. I lost my recipe when I cleaned out my cupboard and you came along just in time. Thanks and happy fly catching.

  50. Dorothea says:

    First and foremost – always get rid of your left-overs and don’t leave dirty dishes or crumbs! Do your dishes asap! After the sink has been cleaned I spray WINDEX down the drain – kills them instantly. Apple Cider Vinegar and a couple of drops of dish-soap in a small glass by the sink is the back-up plan and does work like a charm. No need to even fill all the way to make bubbles ….

  51. snowflake says:

    That’s bogus, I tried it and they didn’t jump in and die. A small amount of red wine in a glass is hundred of times better!

  52. Carmen says:

    off to by Apple Cider Vinegar! Thx!!!

  53. Jonno says:

    really a bit of dishsoap, any kind of juice, add a little sugar and top off with water is effective. i will try with apple cider vinegar though, maybe works better.

  54. johnrmccommas says:

    I am going to try that. I have little bugs that sometimes multiply in our houseplants sometimes and I hate to spray bug killer indoors.

  55. Heal Me Naturally (fb and P) says:

    We store our bread in the fridge or the little buggers find a way in the bag. I’ve tried a few different fixes, I put fresh banana peel cut up in a apple shaped fly trap I got at walmart but I like this new trick as it actually kills the flies so they don’t just come right back in the house after you let them out. I eat alot of fresh fruit and vegetables so they are very pesky.

  56. Dee says:

    I find the best thing to do is take a disposable cup (red solo type), put a spash of WHITE wine in the cup, cover the cup with plastic wrap, put an elastic around the plastic wrap and cup to keep the plastic wrap on, poke holes (about 12) with a toothpick or skewer. Leave the cup on the kitchen counter for as long as it takes to get rid of them. The wine may get yucky, but then you can just throw the hole thing out and start again if needed.

  57. winniecooper says:

    if you use the saran wrap method, can you then smuggle them to your mother-in-law’s home and let em go? just wondering if that would work or not.

  58. Robyn says:

    I use a vacuum – fast and easy, but I did share your tip on my site for people without one, or who need to do something else. robynlawson111,com

  59. Jeff Hiltz says:

    My wife is using all my good cooking sherry…the bastards love it!
    But I love the oven idea!! LOL

  60. Ken says:

    A tablespoon or so of Apple Cider Vinegar in a glass, covered with a small plastic bag whose corner you cut leaving a hole just large enough for a fruit fly. Push the cut corner into the top of the glass, making a funnel that the fruit flies can enter, but not escape from. Connect the bag to the glass with an elastic band.
    You can do catch and release with this method. (and save a lot of vinegar!)

  61. AlissaL says:

    I did it with regular white vinegar and it worked as well.

  62. Localgrace says:

    I got some Black Flag fly strips. I was amazed ay how many fruit flies ended up there. I put a couple in various places around the kitchen and the computer. Apparently they like the light.
    And after several days, they are GONE!!!

  63. Mo Bock says:

    I admit that fruit flies can be annoying, but I can’t help but raise my eyebrows when I read this: And it’s a HUGE relief to eat and drink in peace again, without worrying that a fruit fly is going to ruin your meal.

    They get in my beer sometimes, and I just drink ’em.

  64. ecira says:

    I just use plain white vinegar in a small dish, place plastic wrap over the dish and poke wholes for the flies to find their way in. The never make they’re way back out. So, it doesn’t have to be apple cider vinegar. Any vinegar will attract fruit flies.

  65. A says:

    I’ve had good success with balsamic vinegar.

  66. Kimberley says:

    I use the same method, but without the water.

  67. bugged says:

    Does this work with gnats as well?

  68. anonymama says:

    you can use red wine or plum vinegar, or you can use the dregs of a cup of wine. the dish soap is the crucial element.

  69. oblivioustothisfruitfly says:

    I have one on my computer screen as I am reading this!! lol

  70. Jmama says:

    I was out of Apple cider vinegar so i used rice vinegar .. it worked just as well.. just in case you have that laying around too

  71. Robert Dall says:

    Yes I have had much luck with that solution as well.

  72. bUg'd says:

    tried this out last night and NOTHING happened * O Is this supposed to
    be hot or cold water to activate the detergent and make BuBbLeS ? None
    appear when cold or luke warm water is used.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I use a few drops of Palmolive in the ACV and then fill the rest of the jar with rushing water – enough for lots of bubbles. The dish soap drops are purely to create bubbles- that’s what traps the fruit flies so effectively.

  73. Nikki Lussier says:

    It’s amazing how well this works… although in my case, first attempt, it worked too well! I had maybe a dozen fruit flies, not terribly bad, and thought I’d try this recipe out. When I checked the bowl with the solution in the evening, an hour or so after I put it out, I noticed a bunch of fruitflies sitting on the kitchen windowbox screen (I had the window cranked open), and thought “wow, they are attracted to it even from outside!” Unbeknownst to me, the screen on my window box doesn’t keep fruit flies out. When I checked everything out in the morning, there were, no exaggeration, at least 100 dead ones and another 50+ very much alive fruit flies flying around my kitchen! Ahhhh….!! So now the screen is closed and I think there’s about a dozen left to catch. So in about 20 hours, I killed ten times more than I had to start with. All this to say “Yes, it works!” (and, “not the smartest thing I’ve ever done!”).

    ps, I didn’t have apple cider vinegar, but noticed a poster mentioned that red wine vinegar works, and that’s what I used.


    Thanks for sharing a great tip Lorna. Nothing is more frustrating than having them buzz around your face… Looking forward to spreading the DEATH.

  75. Beans says:

    The plumber told me to pour boiled water down all drains in the house followed bya little bleach. Works great to eliminate any in the drains feeding off the garbage. For a bad infestation you have to minimize any standing water sources including houseplants. Those buggers woll land in any fluid but wines, juices, etc. Help to catch them faster. From experience, the plastic wrap over a jar with holes ( banana in the jar) works slower but well. I agree with those mentioning the sick satisfaction of catching and counting them! Happy hunting!

  76. Shawn L. Bird says:

    A tbsp of apple cider vinegar and a drop of detergent will work as effectively. You don’t need a whole jar!

  77. Diane U says:

    It’s easier to keep your bananas in the fridge so you never get fruit flies. The bananas last longer too, although the skin turns brown.

  78. Munchpuppymom says:

    It isn’t just fruit flies that this works on – gnats too. We had an gnat infestation and no fruit or veggies out and about. Drove us nuts until we found out about the apple cider vinegar solution. Put a bowl in every room – yes even the bathroom and they are finally gone, with a couple of exceptions. This works great!!! And yes, it is satisfying after putting up with them!

  79. Gwen says:

    Just refrigerate your fruit. That’s what I do and as a result, I NEVER have fruit flies. ~ : )

  80. jay_jay says:

    Actually it works well with all types if vinegar just not the white vinegar , I’ve had success with them all but white, balsamic works amazingly

  81. Karen Bernaix Bailey says:

    I use white vinegar all the time and it works perfectly.

  82. SWC1955 says:

    What is the one how to get rid of spiders? I think it has to do with vanilla,,I can’t remember

  83. Authentic Canadian says:

    I opt for this over my fruit fly gun idea…loll

  84. Authentic Canadian says:

    There is something that is getting overlooked in this post. You need to wipe down the entire area, wash fruit baskets. I tend to take a pillowcase and wrap my whole bowl, twist and tuck the end under the bowl. If you have cooking juices,anything sweet or spilled or glasses or cups sitting around, they are breeding grounds for these crazy fruit flies, no matter how many traps you set, you gotta clean thoroughly. I also found my compost bin way way too close to my porch doorway, they had easy access until I moved it to the corner of the property. Cut them in 1/2 within days. Also patch screen or check windows, they zip in some small little areas.

  85. Selina Grissom says:

    Often times we think they are fruit flies, when they are actually drain flies…I use red wine, too…something sweet like blackberry Merlot…I also use 9 oz., clear, plastic, drinking cups and only fill about quarter of the way…I use about a 1/4 cup of wine or apple cider vinegar, a few drops of dish soap, and add about an 1/8 cup of water and gently stir, that way they sink straight to the bottom…works like a charm… 🙂

  86. Anita Dueis says:

    I didn’t have apple cider vinegar so used regular and cut up a slice of apple in a small cup
    . covered with plastic wrap (tight) poked a couple holes in it. The flies got in but couldn’t find their way back out.

  87. Sceptic says:

    Doesn’t work, I did exactly what this said and got one, I left a lemon wedge in glass with a little water and got 4. Waste of vinegar.

  88. Cinzia says:

    Mine are REALLY refined… I use red wine.

  89. gary says:

    awh come on, what’s the matter with a little protein now and again

  90. fruit fly rancher says:

    I like fruit flies, after ranching for college, I grew quite fond of them and would keep a banana rotting behind the sink in the winter to keep them alive. They’re my little puppies. with their beautiful bright red eyes. They don’t actually eat fruit. They eat the fungus that grows on fruit. That is why smells of spoilage (like wine, beer, vinegar) attract them. Unfortunately, when they walk through the fungus, it gets on their feet, so walking on clean fruit contaminates it, and leads to more rapid spoilage. The flies them selves are quire edible… 🙂

  91. bella says:

    Works with any vinegar

  92. chris says:

    I use cheap brown vinegar, just cover the bottom of a cup with it so it’s deep enough for the flies to drown, and add a drop of dishwashing liquid. No bubbles needed. Works like a charm. 😉

  93. Kathi Simon Whitney Buchta says:

    Some of these comments are so hilarious. Sitting here all by myself laughing out loud!

  94. Willow Bank Picnics says:

    I take a nice wine glass – I think they are attracted to something appealing – I half fill it with juice from the PICKLE jar. I cover the top with saran wrap. I poke a hole in the centre of the saran. They can get in – but they can’t seem to find their way out. I works extremely well – only problem is – it looks like white wine and I’m always tempted to take a sip – oops forgot – not wine!

  95. Debby Couture says:

    Bleach down the drain helps too. A lot. It finally got rid of my problem. We had tons of the little F***ers.

  96. Tanya says:

    man reading some of the comments, i almost wet my pants. LMAO

  97. Amy Bourke says:

    Orange juice, a layer of dish soap in a wide-mouthed glass. Cover with saran wrap, and poke some holes in it. Fruit flies find their way in, but can’t find the holes out. LOVE IT!

  98. Debi Blonjeaux says:

    Make sure you check your fruit, cuz the little buggers lays eggs in your fruit and you get larva. The dam fruit flies also bite!

  99. kelly Merrill says:

    Great tip. Thanks!
    We have fruit flies right now. I’ll try this.

  100. Renee says:

    LOL, yes, strangely satisfying is a terrific explanation of what it feels like to see them dead! I HATE those damn things. I do the same thing but without the bubbles. All it takes is the apple vinegar filled to the point of almost going over the edge of the bowl, then 2 drops of Dawn dish soap.

  101. AnnetteAben says:

    LOVE this as I was just thinking the other day that these fruit flies were making me a bit batty…

  102. Keri says:

    Don’t invite me to dinner please… least not for anything you baked in the oven. Thanks anyway…..maybe a raincheck in the winter.

  103. info seeker says:

    I did not know they exist in your drains! It’s true!

    info seeker

  104. KJB says:

    OMG, my husband and I just nearly died laughing! Both your simple trick with the apple cider vinegar and fruitflykiller’s comment about the oven made us just laugh ourselves silly!!

  105. quackycat says:

    Did not work for me

  106. fishgirl says:

    Love this. Totally worked for me. I think what is especially effective is that the suds extend to and even above the lip. That way even just landing traps the fruit flies. I have referred my readers to your post and have used your photo to do so. Let me know if that’s not cool.

  107. Big Mike says:

    As a fat man, I would never allow a fruit fly to ruin my meal

  108. Dee says:

    Not true about apple cider vinegar being the only kind you can use. I use malt vinegar or balsalmic vinegar or whatever I have – although I don’t use white distilled. But yes – this is brilliant and does work. I also sometimes make an inverted paper cone and put it in the jar and they fly in but can’t get out. I suppose it does take them a bit longer to die than if they just drowned, but it is also quite successful.

  109. Darlene Chappell-Gabagambi says:

    Oh my God! I gotta try the micro wave one! The vinegar one didn’t kill all of them!

  110. Justin Macpherson says:

    this seems preferable to chasing them around with the vacaume cleaner.

  111. DarkStar77 says:

    This doesnt work. I left it for two days and not a single fly. I even added honey for an extra kick, but no trappings did follow. I think I will try fruitflykiller’s method (toasty!)

  112. katerbug72 says:

    I had a fruit fly invasion just recently. I didn’t have any AC vinegar so I used red wine vinegar. That worked too. For some reason, most of the flies ended up in the diaper pail that has a vanilla scented garbage bag in it. Weird!

  113. Kathy says:

    Does this mixture work on sand fleas, grass fleas etc.

  114. linda says:

    I use a bit of vinegar in a bowl, covered with plastic wrap. I make small holes in the plastic wrap so the flies go in, but can’t fly out. Simple, easy, cheap. no measurements needed. Bowl lasts more than a week.

  115. schmidlap says:

    My daughter keeps her bananas in the cupboard, no fruit flies! I am doing it, but forget I have them…then have to make banana bread.

  116. Trenton says:

    I have an easier way. Take a baby food jar with a lid and punch a small hole in the lid large enough for a fruit fly to crawl into. Put an 1/8″ of Kahlua in the jar and cover with the punched hole lid. I usually use two or three jars and put on in each corner of the kitchen. In 2 days the little buggers will drink themselves to death.

  117. calypso985 says:

    There is no need to add water or make any suds with this concoction.
    I use a shot-glass about half filled with straight cider vinegar and 2
    drops of Dawn. Stir and place in an out-of-the-way spot in your
    kitchen. The next morning, there will be MANY dead fruit flies in the
    glass. Just flush them down the drain, and make a fresh batch. You can
    leave each batch out for 2 or 3 days if you like, which saves on the
    amount of vinegar you must use. This WORKS. I know because I use it every summer!

  118. SEMPER FI says:


  119. Just Plain Bill says:

    I had similar success with white vinegar in the bottom of a soda bottle which was cut in half and the top inserted upside down as a funnel for the little buggers. Also put a few pieces of old banana in the vinegar and smeared around the inside of the funnel.

  120. Nicole says:

    um don’t forget to cover it with plastic wrap and poke a couple of holes in it with a fork! It does work really well… i knew this trick for a few years now 🙂

  121. Johnny 5 says:

    Putting a banana in a jar with saran wrap to cover….poking holes big enough for pesky flies to go in…but not go out…..the rotting banana will attract….and no escape will whack em!!

  122. Sally Quick says:

    I do a similar version, but with no added water. I use a small juice glass, use about 1/2 cup of cider vinegar (a must!) add a drop of dish soap, then set it next to the fruit bowl. They go for a swim without the bubble bath, and voila! Drowned bugs.

  123. ASR, CRT in Alabama says:

    I just worked 12 hours in an open-heart unit, sat down, got on fb and yall have just made my day. Some of these comments are a hoot…thanks for letting my brain relax. ASR in ALABAMA.

  124. nan says:

    I like that trap for fruit flies. I live in an older apartment in the south. I have no problems with roaches until people upstairs moved out. I guess their roach friends decided to move down with me.. I have bought every bug spray on the market. I think the roaches think it must be a shower because they come with towel and scrub brush. Until one day I was using GOO GONE. I sprayed that bug and darn if it didn’t turn belly up kicking. I use it on them all the time now. It smells good too. Make sure you clean up surface you sprayed.

  125. Cp fun says:

    I like to stick a piece of banana peel into my Cape Sundew tray and watch them get plant food!

  126. Derrick says:

    Beer works, too.

  127. Bev says:

    I do the vinegar and dish soap and cover with plastic wrap with a few holes… they fly in and can’t get out, die and sink to the bottom!

  128. Dale Lorna Denison says:

    You can also just put a small bowl of apple cider vinegar with a few drops of dish soap, stir and watch them come.

  129. Renee says:

    I have used an other tactic that is similar to this one. I take a small jar ( a salt shaker, with a screw on lid works great for this) I make a mixture of apple cider vinegar and sugar fill the container a bit less then half full and screw on the lid. How does this work? the rotten smell from the vinegar, and the sweet smell of the added sugar attracts the flies, flies can crawl into a jar but has to fly out which they can’t as long as the wholes are small enough, so they are trapped. This works great and you can leave it in a hidden place and it will attract the little buggers. I work at a bar and we had a horrible fruit fly issue, I started doing this at the bar and it works great. I keep a container hidden from customers but were the buggers are flying around and this helps keep them in check.
    The idea on this post is a great one if your only wanting to trap them for a day or two, This method is for continuous control.

  130. Paula says:

    A more effective way is to use ANY type of vinegar, pour some into a container, pull cling film tightly across the top and put some small holes in the cling film. The fruit flies will climb through the holes and not be able to get out. Also, they like to nest in drains so, keep them clean and food free.

  131. Jesceeanne says:

    This really works! I love that it is cheap, and chemical free. This is one home remedy my husband can’t make fun of me about lol! Thanks for posting.

  132. cronos w. spoiler says:

    A blast of Cold air will do the job open the front,back doors and let the house air out for 20-30 minutes,the little bastards can’t handle Cold kills’em off.

  133. CheyKaycee says:

    I’m using red wine vinegar and it is working better than the apple cider vinegar. Who ever said this is full of it.

  134. Helene says:

    Actually, all you need is a small dish, about 1/2 inch of vinegar and a drop of dish soap. I’ve also had good luck with Red Wine Vinegar. It Works great!

  135. Alycia says:

    You can use white vinegar too.Just put some in a bowl cover it with saran wrap poke a hole in the middle of saran wrap so the flies can fit in it and watch the bowl start filling up with fruit flies.Done this for years to get rid of them and works every time.

  136. happy kathy says:

    OMG, you are right, you will never know how may you have and it is satisfying to watch them sink to the bottom! I have killed over 50 in a 3 days span…scary! Thanks for the tip!

  137. CityGirl says:

    It’s worked beautifully on all but ONE smart, tenacious little bugger. I’ve seen him actually sitting on the rim of the jar, but he won’t fly in. Otherwise, a total success!

  138. Eve Rabi Author says:

    Great tip. 🙂 🙂

  139. Barbara Norman says:

    will this get rid of gnats, so sick of these things, worst than the fruit flies

  140. LadyNomNom says:

    Other vinegar works fine.

  141. Greg Kaml says:

    Dill will also disperse fruit flies right out of your house…also repels flies

  142. fruitflykilla says:

    my housemates and i couldn’t find any apple cider vinegar and didn’t want to run to the store, so we tried rice vinegar (don’t even know where it came from, must have been a leftover from someone who moved out). we put plastic wrap over the bowl, poked holes in it, and now we have hundreds of them trapped!

  143. Amber Gallegos says:

    I use seasoned rice vinegar in a small wide mouth jar. Fill up jar 1/4-1/2 way up with seasoned rice vinegar. Drawn by the vinegar and sugar they fly in and drown themselves!! Works every time.

  144. Phyllis says:

    I have been using the cider vinegar method for over 2 weeks now, collecting soooooo many. Went to the local hardware store for more help as they are still so bad. She told me to pour a little bleach in my sinks all through the day, as they breed in the P traps. I have done this for about a week now , and even though they may be less, we still have plenty. We are going crazy with this problem! I have even found them in the refrigerator, under my crisper drawer, which I have cleaned out thoroughly.

  145. Chelatenous says:

    Fruit flies never “ruin my meal”. They are a by-product of a healthy lifestyle, IMHO.

  146. ReasonablyLogically says:

    Regular vinegar actually does work. Apple cider may work better, though.

  147. Debbzze says:

    This actually only works for a few days then you have to dump and start all over. But it does work if you on top of it every few days!

  148. bambam says:

    red wine vinegar works as well too i put saran wrap on top with a couple small holes to let them in but they cant get out and fall into the liquid and die i left it out over night and the morning the bottom was covered with them had to be over a hundred of them in there now i have the odd straggler but i have another cup out waiting for them

  149. Colgate says:

    It works also with an open jar or wide cup……put in the dregs of your wine glass or use
    cider vinegar or balsamic vinegar…..cover with clear cellophane (saran wrap) put small
    holes (8-10 will do). They fly in, but can’t get out….they drown.


    We tried this and it did not work, what did work was putting a piece of fruit like a banana chunk or a split open cherry in a little jar and cover it in plastic wrap and poke little holes. They can get in and can’t get out, you get even more as the fruit rots a little but it doesn’t smell up your kitchen like rotting fruit.

  151. Ted Thxsla says:

    I put a plate of sand with rum in it under a light. they land to sun. get drunk and stone each other to death.

  152. suz says:

    fruit in a old tim hortons cup.saran over top of cup secure with elastic.pokes holes in top with toothpick they can get in but not out…

  153. Denise says:

    I’ve used apple juice in a shallow dish covered with plastic wrap with holes poked in it( with a tooth pic) and they sure went to it

  154. Sandra Ann Phillips says:

    listen…they are like the plague! They are reproducing in MY FRIDGE! We vacuum as many as we can each day, all day long. They are EVERYWHERE! I wish Noah had of killed those first 2!

  155. Jll2013 says:

    Just leave a glass of beer out…they get drunk and die happy.

  156. geiche says:

    why you kill em when theyr harmless

  157. I LOVE the apple cider vinegar trick. I’ve never added dish soap to make bubbles though, just added dish soap to make the vinegar too thick for the flies to escape from (muah haha). I’ve used a tall mason jar (and only put SCV in the bottom 1-2″ or so), and ramekins (filling almost all the way to the top), and even a little bowl…it all works. I think the important things are A) Apple Cider Vinegar, B) soap to weigh down their little wings so they can’t fly. BOOM.

  158. Dawn Tague says:

    I always end up with a problem of fruit flies and NOTHING that I tried worked so I WILL be trying this out! Thanks for the laughs as well as the help

  159. Shannon says:

    Actually, red wine vinegar works just as well. You don’t have to fill your jar (or drinking glass, what have you on hand) all the way either. I usually only do a few inches, and refill if necessary. The liquid dish soap is a must though. Make sure to mix it in, swirl it around. This is what makes it impossible for those little suckers to climb out again!

  160. Vivian says:

    I love to use liquid soap and water to squirt insects as it works like acid on their exoderms. Will have to try this with vinegar to draw fruitflies.

  161. I’m so going to try this…

  162. thinkerman says:

    This seems an extravagant use of cider vinegar. We put some banana peel in a tuna can or jar, cover it with plastic wrap held on with an elastic and punch a few small holes in the wrap. They get in but can’t get out. Once in a while I take them outside and let them go. For bigger jobs I would put fruit (or maybe a bit of the apple cider vinegar?) in a bucket with a lid left slightly ajar. Every once in a while, close the lid, and take them outside. Outside, they can be bird food.

  163. art abrahams says:

    They will go after anything fermented/ing. Refined vinegar is too pure. Home brewed beer or kombucha are best!

  164. elmware says:

    The fly ribbons that I bought at a dollar store did the trick for me.

  165. beachdude says:

    does this work for toilet flies too?

  166. FruitFlyMaster says:

    Not true that other vinegars don’t work. I use whatever I have including balsamic or cheap red wine! The dish soap is a must to reduce the surface tension of the liquid so they can’t escape.

  167. FORMER Sudburian says:

    Or you could consume your food frequently. Not having it sit out and spoil!

  168. sus says:

    Put some banana peels, or part of a tomato or any fruit in a bowl, cover with plastic wrap, poke holes with a tooth pick. The fruit flies fly in but can’t fly out.

  169. Jody Hannah says:

    that is not true,I put a liitle jar or glass with white vinegar with plastic wrap over and poke a small hole in the plastic and they are attracted to it and they go in through hole and cannot get out, you do not need to spend on Apple cider vinegar, soap or anything just white vinegar works great!!

  170. Me says:

    I use straight white vinegar put plastic wrap on bowl and poke holes they come after the white vinegar and get caught under the plastic wrap they can’t get out!

  171. Jen says:

    Balsamic vinegar ( 2 tablespoons) with a couple drops of dish soap works too. Same with the apple cider and dish soap. No water or bubbles. I have been using this method for years.

  172. momma stahr says:

    Used this today, but I didn’t have apple cider vinegar. Instead, I had old Gerber apple juice in the fridge, so, I put the old apple juice in a glass, added some of my white vinegar, added the dish detergent, and filled with water. Worked like a charm!

  173. Downhilljill says:

    Just tried the above and it’s working wonderfully well. Didn’t know about the spider-fruit fly relationship but it’s true around here! Just counted 5+ spiders and webs outside my kitchen window. I don’t mind spiders at all; in fact I find them rather fascinating

  174. Muneca622 says:

    I thought I was twisted…but you all got me beat!!!!

  175. ttyy rree says:

    put a banana peel in the sink…..let i set for about an hour to attract the flies…then spray them with hard holding hair spray….they wont be able to fly and fall in the sink….then……swoosh…wash them down…..

  176. Shawn Snyder says:

    put a piece of fruit in a lidless jar.cover top smooth and tight with saran wrap.poke 5 holes with a’s slow,but works.

  177. DondaLonda says:

    I just did this. Used a tiny plastic container, used a mini whisk to get it all frothy, placed it on the bench, looked around for flies, looked back- fly already caught! YAY!

  178. ginny says:

    I just used the cider vinegar and a bit of dish soap…no foamy top or water… and it still worked…

  179. Teague says:

    I put a banana peel under a HUGE spider with a gigantic web. The fruit flies are getting caught in her web and getting sucked dry. Plus, it’s great entertainment!

  180. Dave DuBose says:

    Apple Cider vinegar and a couple tablespoons of honey. Fill a custard cup up 3/4 and sit it on a counter out of the way and forget about it. Dump it in a week and replace if you still have fruit flies.

  181. shoo flies says:

    Be aware! This bubble method is not for everyone! I had a heavy infestation and this vinegar bubble method not only didn’t work but also helped the flies to congregate in the surrounding area to go crazy on breeding orgies. The next day I had triple the population. I recommend this cute bubble method for light infestation ONLY! The next tactic was vinegar-soap jar with paper funnel to discourage flies from coming out of the jars. I had to tap the jars on the kitchen counter to make the flies fall onto the soap solution to kill them. Otherwise, some flies figured out to crawl out of the funnel opening, and again, the next day I saw bunch of tiny flies in the surrounding area. However, this funnel trap worked to reduce the population, so I’d say it is better than the bubble method. I will try the oven method tomorrow, though I dread the cleaning afterward… Maybe I’ll just vacuum inside the oven…

  182. Paul Izzo says:

    red wine works as well

  183. annademo says:

    I use fly paper (the sticky kind). It catches them quite well and a heavy infestation is usually cleared up within a few days. Hang 2 – 3 near places of interest (over sink, near trash, near fruit).

  184. musterion says:

    Any solutions for chinese stinkbugs?

  185. doodlebugger says:

    If you just want to keep the gnats out of your face just rip a hole in the seat of your pants.

  186. SaraB55 says:

    Another way:

    – Put a little red wine (an ounce or less) and small piece of banana in a round glass dish, like a ceramic baking dish. Or you can just use a large drinking glass.

    – Stretch a sheet of plastic wrap tightly over the top so it’s flat on top and sealed all the way around the rim. If needed, put a rubber band around it.

    – Punch a four or five holes in the plastic with a toothpick.

    Now you have a fruit fly motel: they’ll find their way in through the tiny holes, but they can’t find their way back out.

  187. moth-er says:

    any ideas for getting rid of moths? I’ve sprayed those sticky fly strips with apple cider vinegar and that gets fruit flies and moths…but somehow not ALL the moths.

  188. shafeke says:

    another efficient way is to us the same apple cider vinegar and rather then filling with soap bubbles use a smaller mouthed jar, make a simple paper funnel shaped cone. Place the cone into the jar and the fruit flies go in and then can’t get out.

  189. venusvelvet says:

    I just put the banana or whatever they’re buzzing around in a store bag and wait till they’re inside the bag with it, then close it and take it out to the garbage.

  190. Dianne J Cameron Chisholm says:

    This works so well.

  191. Bugs says:

    Does anyone have anything for Centipedes

  192. Jd Schooley says:

    How to throw a Fruit Fly party;
    Place a banana peel in an empty bread bag. Happy fruit flies enter following the sweet smell of rotting fruit, yeah! Place one hand over the opening of the bag, use other hand to steamroller their little butts goodbye! Reopen and wait for more party goers, later tie a knot in the bag and toss in the freezer for more Fruit Fly party fun.

  193. CJ says:

    I spent the $5.00 and bought a few of the traps. Cute little apple to sit on the counter and you don’t see them once they get in there.

  194. Carolynn says:

    Personally, I like the hairspray and lighter method 🙂

  195. Rhonda Godfrey says:

    I just leave the cider vinegar in a small cruet and then put plastic wrap over the top which you can secure with an elastic. Then punch holes in the plastic wrap with a toothpick. The fruit flies go in the holes, but can’t find their way out!

  196. Joe says:

    I just bought a carnivorous plant, but it’s only been a few days so I can ‘t say whether it’s working. Fingers crossed. Cider vinegar / soap has worked pretty well for me, but the plant seemed like more fun.

  197. Linda L. says:

    I have a cat, who’s addicted to Fancy Feast, so we wash those tiny cans and use that for this fantastic gnat/fruit fly killer!! I just put some vinegar and a few drops of Dawn (blue) dish soap in and those little critters don’t bug us too long!! It’s amazing how many are in the bottom of each can after having an all-night “pool” party!! Gross–but so welcome too!!

  198. Deafracer says:

    I’ve tried the apple cider method but have had much more luck just putting red wine vinegar in a cup and adding a couple drops of soap. No water or anything else needed.

  199. Karma says:

    I’ve been using plain white vinegar for years and it works just fine…..

  200. Karma says:

    I got through the Fruit fly outbreak… but now, I have some other little flies… NOT Fruit Flies… but about the same size…. They fly around, but spend lots of their time walking around on the Fridge, counter, dishes etc… and they are not attracted to VINEGAR at all… Not White, or Apple cider… They aren’t attracted to the sticky insect strips [the curly glue paper you hang]… The only thing I have found them attracted to is Cheese, and Corn on the cob…. Anyone know what they are, or how to get rid of them?

    • Average Joe says:

      I know you posted this 4 months ago but it sounds like you have drain flies. Google “Get rid of drain flies”

  201. sportschick says:

    Oh My people, didn’t anyone ever tell you that spiders are good to have around, they eat all the bad bugs that will bite you, I either catch them in my hands or in a glass and put them outside, they are always welcome around my house :o) I guess I should add I’m in Canada and none of ours can bite and kill you ;o)

  202. Linda A Szatmary says:


  203. RachaelB says:

    Did this last month, but didn’t worry about bubbles. It still works great! Next time I will try the bubbles, though, just for the sake of comparison.

  204. Elisabeth Cain says:

    please don’t kill honeybees or bumble bees.

  205. VALERIE JOHNSON says:

    LOL! This is the best thread EVER! I hate spiders, and when I see a spider and its web, I usually get my long lighter and set it ablaze. For fleas, I use a shallow dish with oil in it, and that works in catching them. i’ll have t otry the ACV for the fruit flies…hate those things.

  206. David Edell says:

    Or cut a paper bag in to strips spread a thin layer of honey on 90% of two sides of several strips, hang them with thumbtacks or push pins from the ceiling where needed, The flies will be attracted to and stock by the honey.

  207. heather brooks says:

    I use apple cider vinager. But i cut a water bottle about 3/4 and then put the bottle neck upside down. The flies go down to the apple cidar vinagar and can’t get out so they die in what they love . Work unbelievable y good you will be amazed

  208. mad scientist says:

    OK – Here’s an experiment I did. They say put a jar with apple cider vinegar in it and cover with plastic poking small holes in it. Well it did not work at all. Then I noticed they liked egg I put some of them in a jar with the plastic on…well they didn’t seem to like it that way. Then I noticed they liked plain old piece of I decided to give them a double whamy.. I placed some egg shells on the bottom, broke up a piece of bread on top and put the plastic cover on , with the little holes.
    The results — after 5 days, 1 was caught in the vinegar solution, none in the egg shells after 2 days..but to my surprise..overnight, the one with the bread has about 25. So I think the bread works..must not even need the shells.
    If you use old jars that you don’t want anymore–like plastic containers from peanut butter..when you have captured the fruit flies..just put the lid on and toss it.

  209. lorraine savoca says:

    This is working great! It’s a life saver. Thank you so much!

  210. Ruby M. Tuesday says:

    if you are a believer in ‘no unnecessary death’, then you should appreciate this more humane LIVE fruit fly trap!
    At night, about an hour before you turn off the lights and go to bed, leave the lid on your compost bucket open a crack. When you wake up and go to the kitchen to make your hot morning bevvy, sneak up on the compost bucket and quickly slide the lid shut, trapping them inside!
    Then, when you are more awake, you can take the bucket outdoors and release them into the Universe’s care! 😀
    (corny, i know- but there will be some appreciators out there, i’m sure!) <3

  211. daxxed says:

    To get rid of wasp an their nest…Get a Super Soaker…Fill it with real hot water and shoot the nest…the hot water shrinks their wings and they just fall to the ground…No it is clogging time….

  212. Mike says:

    When I add a few drops of dish soap and then fill it up with water, no bubbles appear… I have to squirt a continuous stream of soap into the jar for like 5 seconds (the equivalent of hundreds, if not thousands of drops of soap) in order to get the bubbles. Are you sure you only need to add “a few drops”?

    • Jill Lewis says:

      You DON’T need bubbles for this to work. I’ve had several fruit fly infestations over the years as I occasionally forget about a piece of fruit on the counter. I put apple cider vinegar in a small, narrow bowl and then stir in some liquid dish doap, just enough to give it a slightly different consistency. I put it on the counter and normally a few days later most of the fruit flies are at the bottom of the bowl. A few will remain on top. Presumably they just haven’t sunk yet.

  213. Linda says:

    This did not work for me at all 🙁 any other way to get rid of them?

  214. pjette57 says:

    One more idea to rid you of fruit flies. Use just plain apple cider vinegar in a cup or bowl. Cover the top tightly with saran wrap. With a fork or skewer, pop a few holes in the saran wrap and the fruit flies will find their way through the wholes, but are not bright enough to find their way out! Foolproof!

  215. mike battista says:

    Best and most fun thing to do is bait them with a fruit drink and wait a bit. When they are all gathered up enjoying their poolside drink… Roast em with a lighter and some hair spray

  216. coonoor47 . says:

    so glad I came to this site; I badly needed a laugh!! didn’t know the creative ways of killing the suckers!

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  218. DENISE says:

    caught one in first 2 min. using red wine vinegar????

  219. fruitflykillerwithspray says:

    I used DG health
    extra strength itch relief spray

  220. Jesophiah says:

    orange juice and red wine work just as well – although more expensive.

  221. Nutmegballs says:

    You do not need the bubbles on top. the soap in the water will break the surface tension of their wings and make them stick in the water/vinegar. Works splendidly with moths as well, though you do not need the apple cider vinegar. Just put a shallow plate of soapy water at the base of an illuminated lamp and go to bed (in a different room, unless you like sleeping with a night light and fluttering moths). In the morning: voila.

  222. Bill. says:

    Pour some bleach down your drains at night, throw trash out daily,wash dish clothes daily, keep fruit and vegetables in the fridge.

    Some may think air freshener will chase fruit flies away, but it can actually attract them even more. Anything which has a sweet smell, such as lemon or orange scented air freshener, will attract fruit flies.
    Do not use manure or lake water for fertilizer near the house. This is the equivalent of providing a home for fruit fly breeding!
    If vinegar does not work, try soy sauce. Bourbon also works––leaving the top off of a mostly empty bottle will act as a funnel trap.
    When using vinegar, make sure you choose the right type of vinegar. White vinegar does not work. Malt vinegar and red wine work, just not as well as cider. Beer sometimes works too, as does balsamic vinegar. Wine works extremely well, and a wine bottle with an inch or so left can be used without an additional funnel.
    Fruit flies sense quick movement. Approach them very slowly with a moist paper towel on bathroom mirrors and cabinets, and you’ll get them every time.
    A potted plant can be free of fruit flies by allowing the dirt to dry completely between waterings. This kills most of the larvae; the adults don’t live long and will soon be gone. Take extra care to check soil for dryness and promptly re-water plants with stiff leaves because they will often become dry and die.
    Hang a few old flypaper rolls over the area of infestation. It’s ugly, but effective. These are extremely poisonous though. Use with caution and keep out of reach of children.
    If you use the freezer method, be aware that some flies may survive the process for up to a day.
    If you have a gas stove with a constant pilot light, place the trap on the warm part of the stove top. This will help spread the smell of the vinegar.
    Cover liquor bottles that have a pour spout on them with a small sheet of cellophane. Clean bottles below the spout with an ammonia based cleaner, every other day.

  223. Ruth says:

    I was having a bad day until I came here. This must be the site for comedians, I never laughed so hard. I thought I was the only one mad as hell over these darn fruit flies, I tried everything. Even putting a banana in the left side of the double sink in the kitchen, having the hot water turned on and the spray ready to go when they went for the banana. I would sneak up on them turn on the hot water and spray those suckers until the water heater ran out of hot water, then down the drain they went.

  224. Topher Harris says:

    I’m trying this apple cider vinegar thing and so far it’s not working. They’re all flying around the glass but not diving in. It’s like they know I’m trying to kill their asses!

  225. mar says:

    I have seen them fly into and drown in wine, beer and also bananas, but they absolutely love lemons! I put a lemon wedge in water and cover with plastic wrap with a small hole in the middle and they will get trapped and die.

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  227. FunnyFaceKing says:

    This does not work. Thank you for wasting my money.

  228. rejoycen!! says:

    OMG. it started working in less than 5 mins!!!! thank you thank you thank you!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

  229. Ahad Ammar says:

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  232. Girl, we have such an infestation in our house right now! I know this blog post is from like, 10 months ago, but I found it through Google, and since we met at the Disqus panel at BlogHer last year I figured I should check it out 🙂 GOOD LORD I cannot get rid of them fast enough. I would say I’m catching 30-40 a day? I’ve been doing apple cider vinegar traps, but it seems like it’s no use. Time to start bleaching the sink drain…

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  235. Trixie says:

    Yes, this definitely works. I have found that the bubbles are not necessary.
    The fruit flies are drawn to the scent. We used this mixture last Summer.

  236. Kim says:

    They were in my fern as well. I moved it to the kitchen counter and they began swarming it as well! I will try the remedy!

  237. fuktutredning Excellent entry! It’s always nice when you can not only be informed, but also entertained!

  238. wwright says:

    I did an experiment: apple cider vinegar does not work as well as red wine and red wine does not work as well as fruit juice. I cover the jar with plastic wrap and punch a few small holes in it with a sharp knife. They get in but can’t get out.

  239. Lord of the Flies says:

    Use apple cider vinegar but put saran wrap around the top of a cup tightly and tape it or use an elastic band, Then just poke holes in the saran wrap with a toothpick, they can climb in but can’t get out. The bubbles from the dish soap will eventually disappear but saran wrap wont.

  240. fly free says:

    This has to be the funniest thing I have read in a long time….thanks for the laugh everyone………for those of you that have an ample supply of fruit flies and spend hours and days chasing them have you thought of finding the source and eliminating that……maybe better house keeping would help……they are around because they have a food souce,,,,,,get rid of the overripe fruit,,,,,check ]for the grapes you have dropped and have rolled under the fridge,,,,,,and stop playing basketball with the banana peels,,,,,,your house does not the be like the biology lab , where you actually cultivated a mass of the little buggars and called it your science project

  241. karen says:

    I put apple cider vinegar in a bowl cover it with saran wrap..punch holes in the saran wrap with a toothpick….works like a charm…they go in but dont come out!!!

  242. xZombiePinUpGirlx . says:

    Get a can with the lid or a jar you can poke a hole in the lid of, poke a hole in it just big enough for the flies to get in using a nail. Fill with cider vinegar and drop of dish soap. Voila. Don’t have to keep it bubbly this way.

  243. Cynthia DeShaw says:

    lavender air spray also kills them off

  244. JB Anthony says:

    You can use most types of vinegar not just Apple cider vinegar …. And so you have some fruit flies in your house …. Big deal …. It doesn’t make life unbearable or ruin your meal as written above !!
    Give me a break …

  245. Rebecca says:

    I always noticed when I make myself hot tea with honey and sugar I’ll have to toss it since there I’d so many fruit flies in it. I would make my teabthen cover it with aluminum foil as I drank it. Then I was like hold on wait! I made cups of it and put them around my plants just to catch the fruit flies. I’d let it sit there a day or two then I’d make more. Works wonders. Just hard with plants cause the moist soil is where they like to lay eggs. If you let the soil dry up as you do the teacups it works wonders!

  246. r0amingr0ck says:

    Very successful using wine in a small tumbler type glass. Cover it with wax paper that is rubber banded to the top. Poke many holes in the wax paper cover. They get in, but can’t get out. They eventually fall into the liquid and drown. Couldn’t count the many, many knats and fruit flies that were drowned. Its embarrassing to know that there were that many in the house.

  247. Bobby N Chell Riha says:

    actually white vinegar works also and by itself I have a bottle with a small tip on it was going to use it for cooking but not now- it is full of fruit flies

  248. R. Ebitz says:

    New thing made by Bug Not it covers just about any drink container, even cans, I got them on line at I use mine at home and work, they work great.


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  250. Flipside says:

    My fruit flies came by feeding off the potatoes that were stored in the basket on the kitchen floor. Of course they settle on everything else around so it wasn’t easy to pinpoint the source. Once the potatoes went off to the fridge, the vultures are poof, gone.

    Of course prior to that I was chasing them with a bottle of all purpose cleaner that kills them on contact. Pull the trigger, spray, boom.

    I’ve heard about the vinegar treatment, however this won’t eliminate fruit flies. It will just kill a few of them. You might as well leave a cup filled with plain water that will do just the same. It’s like taking aspirin for a toothache versus going to the dentist.

    Put your potatoes in the fridge, problem solved.

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  273. Terry says:

    We tried this and it worked. These damn little pests were everywhere and we never have found what attracted them. For 2 days we carried these little jars with bubbles and put them in each room. I’m so glad this was simple and effective. Thank you,

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  277. nikkinick says:

    I did this with regular vinegar and it worked just fine.

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  280. Böcker says:

    I find that beer and dish soap work very well, I hate using my beer for this, but it does work.

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  282. […] How to get rid of fruit flies | suburban turmoil […]

  283. […] PDF File Name: How to get rid of fruit flies | suburban turmoil PDF Source: Download PDF: How to get rid of fruit flies | suburban turmoil […]

  284. April Anderson says:

    Half an inch of apple cider or red wine in the bottle of a glass covered with cling wrap poked with tiny holes from a tooth pick work just as well too.

  285. […] How to get rid of fruit flies | suburban turmoil Sorry, my little winged friends. no one ever said life was fair. drawn by the scent of the vinegar, the fruit flies get caught in the bubbles and die.. […]

  286. Loesa Weebothee says:

    I have used apple cider vinegar and white vinegar, both with the same result. I have never added water just vinegar and dish soap

  287. wizzzzzzzz says:

    poke tiny
    holes in cellophane over a small jar of apple cider vinegar they get trapped as well and you only need to change it every 24 hrs or so…works well

  288. Jacquie Incindra Witt says:

    This works great, I have done it and you really do catch bunches, but they also get in your drains and breed there…It’s best if you also pour scalding hot water followed by bleach down the drains and then cover them to kill the remaining eggs…

  289. Jonnette Nielsen says:

    A easier way is to take a plastic cup put a piece of fruit in it and put plastic wrap on top pull it tight and put a tooth pick size hole in it. the fruit flies can get in but not out. I have tried this and no more bugs to drive you crazy.

  290. Ann Ononomouse says:

    Just put ACV in a clear plastic container and poke small holes in the top. It works the same way and they drown in it.

  291. lizy says:

    thanks so much so helpful!

  292. John Crooks says:

    Use any clean jar with a plastic lid and drill tiny holes in the top. Put old banana peels in the jar and leave near the swarm of fruit flies. The flies check in but they don’t check out. When most of the flies are in the jar, put the jar in the bathroom sink and run hot water through the holes. Then poured the whole mess into the toilet and flushed them away. Repeat the process until all the flies are gone.

  293. John Crooks says:

    Use any clean jar with a plastic lid and drill tiny holes in the top. Put old banana peels in the jar and leave near the swarm of fruit flies. The flies check in but they don’t check out. When most of the flies are in the jar, put the jar in the bathroom sink and run hot water through the holes. Then poured the whole mess into the toilet and flushed them away. Repeat the process until all the flies are gone.

  294. AwakeAtTheLake says:

    Just put out 3 jars upstairs and one in bathroom……sure hoping it works…..

  295. Cherry Syndi Steele says:

    Thank You all for making me feel Less Crazy and Alone in this whole Fruit flies and bugs psycho behavior I have from Late Spring into Fall trying to rid my house of these Damn things.. I have felt so alone and always ask “Is it just my house that all these fruit flies invade? Do other people have this deal going on”? I can see I’m not alone in my craziness … so many Hilarious comments… Thank You for making me laugh about what I almost cry about every year…

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