I Was a Burlesque Dancer

  1. Kimberly says:

    Awesome!!!!  I would love to do that too.  My husband and I go to the burlesque shows from time to time and they are always great.  I am so jealous you had the opportunity to do one.  You did a great job too.  🙂

  2. Lindsay, you are so beautiful! I bet your husband thought it was awesome too hehe! I don’t know if I would ever do it, but I do have lots of other things on my bucket list that I have been slowly but surely crossing off. That’s what counts, I think 🙂

  3. You are the cutest! And you look fantastic. I love this.

  4. bereccah says:

    Burlesque is huge here too! I’ve been to a couple of shows and it’s awesome. Good for you!

  5. bereccah says:

    Oh, and I mean this in the most loving way possible but you are totally insane if you think there is anything wrong with your body. You look great. 🙂

  6. hollyet says:

    hey, i think your attitude is refreshing and i appreciate that you take chances..i think you’re hilarious..but i have to say with a resounding no that i would never ever take a burlesque class.  on a personal level i am way too shy.  and rather uncoordinated.  and having had to forge thru life with a big bosom and all that sometimes equates to men, i don’t think anyone’s sexuality needs any confidence boosters.  i think rather than boost self esteem that dancing in an alluring way in front of strangers sells your beauty short.  i don’t mean to be judgmental.  we all desire to be attractive and beautiful and i think that is normal and healthy,  but i think that helping the already overactive imagination of menfolk and even womenfolk could be UNhealthy and promote lust, not love or the things that are truly valuable.  i think that media has all made us feel that to be beautiful we have to be skimpy or seductive or take photos with our mouths partly open and our eyes beguiling.  i have bought it in the past too!  i hate that the flipside of a ‘sexier look’ is that young girls think this is what makes them attractive to men etc. 
    sorry for the sermon, dear lord! 
    and now i will find fraulein maria and the rest of the gang and go back to the ‘vent.  🙂 

  7. hollyet says:

    ps beyond my moral stance:), you’re beautiful! 

  8. Holly says:

    Amazing.  You are daring and gorgeous!

  9. Litenarata says:

    I saw a burlesque show in D.C., twice. One was really good and one was…eh.   But the TASSEL TWIRLING! Yes, HOW do they do that??  lol

  10. Mary A says:

    I would.  It’s as Camp as Christmas. 

  11. Jennifer L says:

    Fabulous! You looked gorgeous, too. Hey, did you work with Freya? I know her, and she’s awesome.

  12. FullSoulAhead says:

    That was awesome! And so brave! 

  13. […] about a horrific experience that still makes me feel a little itchy. I attempted Parkour, became a burlesque dancer, and flew on an honest-to-god trapeze.  I put my daughter in what has to be one of the worst […]

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