February 28, 2007 posted by Lindsay

>Is Your Pelvis Proven?

>Well, after a lengthy ultrasound this morning, it looks like my boy-to-be is happy, healthy and…




And I’m not due for another three weeks.

Now, an ultrasound can be off by up to a pound and a half. I know this because I did a lot of reading on the subject several weeks ago when I found out this ultrasound had been scheduled. At the time, I was all, This baby will not be induced. Period. Complications from having a big baby are rare and I can handle an episiotomy. And besides, big babies run in my family.

Today, though, I was all, How soon can we do this? Because I’d really like to get this baby out as soon as possible, ‘kay thanks! And before you criticize, you must first walk a(n aching, sciatica-ridden) mile in my houseshoes- then, I’m quite sure you’ll understand.

So we set an induction date for two and a half weeks from now, if I don’t go into labor before then… After all, I’m already 1 centimeter dilated and my doctor could feel the baby’s head when she checked my cervix. Even better, according to her, chances of a c-section are slim, even with induction, because I have a proven pelvis.

A proven pelvis! Me!

Technically, that means that I delivered all 8 pounds, 14 oz. of Baby with ease, so chances are very good that I’ll also be able to handle the Baby Huey (that’s a comic book reference, people, not his actual name) currently residing in my uterus. But I’m going to milk my new title for all it’s worth. In fact, I think it would make a good tagline:

Suburban Turmoil: The proof is in the pelvis.

I might even start the Proven Pelvis Awards, a monthly opportunity for mommybloggers to award other mommybloggers whose pelvises (pelvii?) really stand out from the crowd.

Um, okay. In other delivery-related news, one question many of you have had is… “How will we know when the baby is born? Who will clue in your readers?”

Actually, I’m planning to take my computer to the hospital with me and keep you all updated. It seems like a great idea in my case, simply because apparently everyone I know is reading all my bidness here anyway, and everyone coming to the hospital with me knows all about the blog, so it won’t seem weird if I’m like, “Excuse me, did you say nine centimeters? Hand me my laptop!” Plus, I figured blogging about it (or making my husband do it) will save me a lot of phone calls and rehash.

I don’t know that I’ll actually “liveblog” the event, but I will do my best to keep all of you posted once it’s all done.

So let the countdown to the Birth of Big Baby begin!



  • >U/S for size is usually way off. Walk into your birth thinking it was 2 pounds high and push that kiddo right out with psychological ease and let the scale tell you how much the baby weighs. Good luck! (You can do it! My first baby was 9’9″ and labor was way too quick to have drugs.)

  • >You are lucky. My pelvis is too small and I can not even birth a 7 lb 8 oz baby.

  • >Congratulations on a proven pelvis. Mine is unsubstantiated, so I won’t be getting any awards … ever, but I just wanted to say that the Proven Pelvis Award sounds perfect.Well that, and to say I know that this kid of yours is going to be a breeze even three weeks from now.

  • >Maybe you’ll get lucky and go into labor before you get induced. We talked about the pitocin…remember, it’s a bitch? :)My mom had three big babies on her first round…me being the biggest at 9.8! Her first delivery was 30 minutes, the second 45 (ME!) and the third was about an hour. Then at 30, she had my sister… 4 pounds, 6 ounces…12 hours of labor. In her experience, big babies have more mass and get themselves out sooner. Hope the same goes for you!!

  • >Eight Pounds, Nines Ounces sounds like he is almost fully cooked! It’s time to get that bun out of the oven. “The proof is in the pelvis.” Tee hee hee hee…

  • >I was told my new baby would be 9 lbs. and they planned to induce me a week before my due date. When I showed up for my midwife appt. that day, I was in labor. When he was born, he actually only weighed 7 lb., 12 oz. With your proven pelvis, you’ll do great! And don’t let the pitocin scare you. I had been having contractins for days, but they were erratic. Once I went on the pitocin, I could really feel the contractions, but they weren’t awful and my son was born in less than 3 hours. I arrived at the hospital at 11:30 a.m. and he was born at 2:18 p.m.. I never had a chance to ask for pain meds, so it was au naturale, too.You can do it. The second time is sooooo much easier than the first!

  • >Another award I’m ineligible for…I would say leave the computer home, but bring a pocket recorder and occasionally record an update. Then you can either transcribe or just podcast it later.

  • >I’ll see your 8’9 boy and raise you a 9’6 girl.

  • >WOW Im just a little bit too excited about thisI cannot wait. hehe. can you?I went into laour with my last two right after my pelvic exams so fingers crossed, eh?(indiction with the first)Here’s to a happy and healthy baby and mom!

  • >Oh, if that isn’t the best byline I’ve read in a long time, I don’t know what is.GOOD LUCK with everything, L. My second was 9 lbs 3 oz and I had her naturally. It sounds awful, but the delivery was much better than my son, who was induced. Can’t wait to hear your happy news!

  • >The Friday before I had my son they did an ultrasound and they told me I was going to have a very small baby. My doctor said I needed to go until my due date. He was born that next Monday…8lbs, 12 oz, 22 inches long…TWO entire weeks early.How’s that for predictions???

  • >Proven pelvis here. 7lbs 9oz and 8lbs 8oz. Which I think, by looking at that, means my next one is 9lbs 7oz and… that’s kinda scary.

  • >Wow! Don’t you just love ALL the wonderful compliments you get when you’re pregnant??? A proven pelvis is one I haven’t heard before, so this was educational, thanks! I was sooo afraid I was just wasting my brain cells reading blogs!:)

  • >I had an ultrasound two days before my daughter was born and they told me she was 9 pounds. Fast forward two days and we have the arrival of my girl, by c-section (fetal distress), weighing in at a diminutive 8 lbs, 1.2 ounces. And at that point, she was 8 days late. I would totally take any ultrasound weights with a large grain of salt. Am looking forward to birth updates, hopefully sooner rather than later. 🙂

  • >Oh sounds like we are due right around the same time. I go in this friday to see how big they think Little A is. Of course at this moment I’m also hoping it’ll happen before this friday and I won’t have to guess. This is my fourth so I’m pretty much prepared for how big he may or may not be.

  • >Oh so proven! 10.8 pounds one week late, induced/epidural9.5 pounds one week early, induced/epidural10.3 pounds one week late, natural/natural/natural!Can’t wait for the play by play!

  • >You do what you have/want to do sweetheart… There is so much emotional crap associated with natural vs pain killers vs caesarian… Just do what feels most comfortable for you…As for pelvis stories, in France where I lived at the time, the doctor needed to xray my pelvis to see if I could deliver naturally ( I was expecting twins…) He then told me, in front of my husband of the time, that I had a pelvis like the Place de La Concorde and a canal like a motorway…Try living THAT one down…And yes, 13 and 1/2 pounds of babies were delivered breech….induced under epidural in case we needed to move to caesarian…Please tell me this wasn’t too much detail?!!*laughing*There, that’s my story!

  • >How can you possibly so far along!? Has your pregnancy gone by as fast for you as it has for me? Silly question. Of course it has!

  • >I had my 8.6 pounder two weeks early and my doctor induced me a week before my due date with #2 because of the history of large babies in my husband’s family. Good thing too–Baby #2 was 9.6 pounds. Apparently my pelvis is proven too. BTW–both times, the estimated weights for my girls were WAY OFF (as in, hmm, it looks like you’ll be having a 7.5 lb. baby.)Best of luck.

  • >I bet you are absolutely beautiful just now, Lucinda. Good luck.

  • >Lindsay, Woo hoo! I can’t wait. I was induced with Jude and it was such a breeze, pitocin and all!

  • >Ultra shmultra. I agree with the commenters saying to take it with a grain of salt. Just trust your gut, that and your proven pelvis. I was another one with labors too quick for drugs, well actually the second wasn’t too quick, but the Just breathe it away, honey nurse scared m too much to ask. So, two girls, 7lbs 14oz and then 9lbs 8oz. I think a third, if we’re luck enough, will come out eating solid foods.Good luck!

  • >OUCH!!! Hope everything goes well!! You’re almost there!!

  • >I was induced with my daughter AND had the episidemy (spelling is wrong I know!). Induction I loved (even the Pitocin—anything to start the labor process at that point was okay for me; I was 2 weeks late)—its the planner in me. Episiodemy I could have given back but in the end the baby is healthy so thats all I cared about. Hang in there—pretty soon Baby Huey will be joining your family. Congrats!

  • >heh. proven pelvis. i like it. i have a proven pelvis too – can we get a little gold statue for that?4 births, 3 inductions, 2 epidurals, 2 naturals, smallest 7-12, largest 9.0, from 4 days early to 9 days late. just think – it almost sounds like trading card stats!

  • >Dare you to ask the L&D floor if anyone will be available to blog for you during your delivery…! Promise them a bit of fame and see what they say! :-){}Blessings on your baby’s birth day~~C(ps: I’ve birthed 5 babies–do I merit an award? lol)

  • >slice and dice baby. slice and dice. that’s what they did for me and wee one. and he’s a year now!!! on saturday!! can you BELIEVE IT?!!

  • >Turns out Shakira was right–hips *don’t* lie!Good luck with delivery. No matter how he enters the world, just so you both are healthy : )

  • >Proven pelvis! That is awesome! Mine is good up to 9lbs 4ozs, and maybe beyond, but we’ll never know, will we?

  • >From an unproven pelvis (2 c-sections, here) to a proven pelvis, I say, “You go, girl!”

  • >Holy Cow!My son was only 7lbs 6oz, and was 3 weeks early. That gives me some perspective. At least your pelvis is proven, but still. I guess you’re about to go through your own “letting go.” I think liveblogging the birth may work as some sort of mental epidural. What do you think?Leo

  • >A proven pelvis! Love it.When I was in college, there was this bio major nerd chick in my dorm who was all “Oh, you have hips for birthing babies” to me. I wanted to smack her. So NOT what hippy women want to hear. I guess she was envious… or looked at me as a clinical specimen rather than a person. Whatever.I thought my pelvis would prove itself in its moment in the sun. Then came the birthing day. Little did I know his head would be as big as a basketball. And even 9 days late, that sucker wasn’t coming out!Needless to say, my pelvis let me down. And I have the C scar to prove it.That bio nerd chickie? Can eat dog do.Oh, liveblogging your son’s birth would be wonderful (for us)!! It might be a bit much for you, but it could keep Hubs busy, huh?I hope you go into labor soon!! Yippee! Here’s to a healthy baby & a healthy Mom…

  • >My Boy was two ounces short of ten pounds. I really, really don’t recommend that. Really.

  • >The live labor blog! You need a webcam — so cool. Seriously, hope you get the little guy out of there without a hitch, and soon.

  • >My pelvis is un-proven, (c-sections) so what does that mean? It’s debatable?Questionable, maybe.Unusable, now.Anyway, you’ve done it before, you’ll do it again.But live-blogging? Wouldn’t you LOVE to be able to say you did that? Ha-ha! Whatever you can manage. Can’t wait to see the little (big) guy.

  • >Aiyiyi! The Boy was 9 lbs. even, and I really didn’t want to have a c-section, but boy-howdy was I glad I did when I saw his giant head! Good luck with everything! p.s What will you call Baby when the new Baby arrives? 😉

  • >A Proven Pelvis! That is funny! I had four babies, the smallest being 8’4oz. My last baby they said would be another 9 pounder – He was 11 lbs and 24″ and I am only 5’4″. He was the only C-section I had. Just thought I would give you something to think about during the next three weeks. Yes, I do have an onery streak but honestly, it doesn’t come out that often. Hugs!

  • >As many have said, forget about the ultrasound. I am a petite person, and was worried about labor. They told me I should be fine, the baby looked to be about 7 1/2 lbs or so.Weellll, 20 hours of labor later, new doc on shift comes in, has me try to push twice and orders an emergency c-section. The thing I remember most about the delivery was the entire operating room saying “he’s so BIG”…at 9lbs 12oz from my (prior to pregnancy) size 2 body….

  • >I’m a labor and delivery nurse, and I have actually seen more than one or two babies that were THREE lbs off of the ultrasound prediction — in both directions. Good luck with your delivery and congrats on your proven pelvis!

  • >Gaah! With my first, they said he would be about 7 pounds about 2 weeks before my due date. He arrived a week early: 8 lbs 4 ozs! Too big for my perineum, needed an episi at the very end.With No. 2, I’m totally freaked. He’s due NEXT SUNDAY, the 11th, and I just know he’s bigger than his brother was… so if he doesn’t get the heck out before the middle of next week… they’re likely going to induce so I don’t go past my due date.

  • >I think you need to make a button you can wear around “Proven Pelvis”. Good Luck! Don’t get all Laura Ingalls Wilder and shit. Get the epidural!!!

  • SB

    >My oldest was 9# 11 ounces…and three weeks early.He attempted to skip over the newborn stage and go right for toddlerhood.i wish you (and your uterine inhabitant) lots of luck!:)

  • >I wanted to take my computer to the hospital and blog the event but when I asked about WiFi or ethernet I was met with blank stares and utter confusion as to why I felt the need to bring my laptop. I was told that accomodations were mae for people with “long” stays.Luckily the family room had a computer with internet so I was back and blogging that afternoon 🙂

  • >Here is to us ‘hippy’, ‘proven pelvis’ kinda gals!My two have been huge…1st boy was a week late and came in @ a whopping 11’14.8oz, no that is not a typo you read it right.2nd boy was 3 weeks early. I was told 4 hours before he was born that he was about 9,9. Well he came out at 10lb 10oz!Here’s to the big babies and big hips! No, I’m not a big girl. I’m about 5’8 and 190. Just guess I breed ’em big. I only gained there weight in pregnancy. Which was awesome, because once they were born I was already back to my pre-prego weight. But man did my hair and nails take a beating!Good luck to you in the next few weeks!Love your blog!

  • >I know this is a bit belated, but I just discovered your blog. I was induced at 39 weeks and we were expecting a 7 or 8 pound baby. The induction went GREAT, the labor was awesome, pushed for ten minutes and out came…a 10 pound 8 ounce bundle of chubbiness. So yeh…it can be done. And I was having a vaginal birth AFTER a C-section with my first. We were the most popular people in the hospital. Good luck to you!