It’s Okay to Be Sad About Kobe Bryant’s Death

  1. Valerie Craig says:

    I think the tension has come in because it’s hard for sexual assault survivors to feel heard or seen in the face of this tragedy – a tragedy that has triggered many of the emotions you so eloquently point out that people feel about Kobe’s death. It’s completely ok to feel sorrow, grief, sadness, and fear for one’s own mortality as people process the death of this basketball legend; however, what helps survivors to feel heard is to acknowledge, in the same space, the work that has been required for them to overcome and incorporate those same feelings as they claim a new normal in their lives. For many rape survivors, even those committed by an acquaintance, they are afraid they may be killed. For some, it takes years to process this. Kobe’s admitted past is what is triggering.
    Without taking anything away from the man he may have become or the untimeliness of his death, to allow space at the same time for both those who grieve Kobe and those who grieve their own experiences is a great way to say to survivors that #MeToo is more than just words. It’s a way to say to them that their pain is not forgotten and that their journey is honored too.

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