Let Us Rise Up and Bridge the Gaps… in Public Restroom Stalls

  1. Amy Lawson says:

    This article definitely hit home, haha! I work in a building at a government installation and have never experienced gaps as wide as the ones in the womens bathroom here. Luckily, there aren’t any old women or kids who can peer through the cracks lol!

  2. Kn says:

    Target is the worst at this (especially the one in Clarksville). You can practically see the people outside the restroom!

  3. cheesehead4ever says:

    Could be worse. I once stayed in a cabin at a park in Warsaw, IN and the three stalls in the ladies restroom didn’t have doors at all!

  4. nundu says:

    I want to know where that restroom in Italy is! Every public one I ever entered in that country was horrid! Most of them in restaurants were ‘squat’ toilets (females straddle a hole in the floor to pee) and were never cleaned. The worst one was in a real high end restaurant in Venice and someone had chosen to use a squat toilet to have a BM!!!

    • Rods_N_Cones says:

      It’s probably in a McDonalds or IKEA. I always tell people going to Europe that there are two things you should do at McDonalds. Use the restroom and break your large bills into smaller denominations. We need those Italian foot-peddle operated sinks here though.

      The McRestroom is likely to be crowded for the very reason that everyone knows they’re better quality and frequently maintained. Usually if you show a receipt the toilet is free and they’re always free outside of city centers.

      McDonalds always has enough change on hand that they don’t mind large bills. Many other businesses only have a small amount of money on hand and a limited amount of coins so you’ll be asked if you have the coin portion of your payment.

  5. Brenda W. says:

    It’s about time someone addressed this problem! It’s especially annoying and awkward in a workplace. Sheesh.

  6. […] My first few months using a public restroom in the States was very uncomfortable. For some reason, there are GAPS between doors of toilet stalls, some larger than others. No, it’s not so small that you can’t see inside — too […]

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