Musical Beds

  1. AmysAdventures says:

    Oh, this brings back memories……At one point we had six children cycling in and out of our bed. We had to end up getting a King sized bed just to accommodate all the little bodies. I fell asleep during church more times than I care to admit….well, more than I can remember actually since my brain was only operating on half power. 

    • suburbanturmoil says:

       WOW. We’ve never been able to fit more than three in our king-sized bed comfortably. When a fourth gets in, either Dennis or I get out!

  2. My youngest, who is now 11, was the most needy in regards to sleeping with us. My two oldest slept with us off and on until they were 3 or so, then miraculously they simply stopped. I assumed it would work the same way with my youngest. However, when at 6 he was still regularly showing up in the middle of the night to crawl in next to me, it became clear that he was not going to “just” stop. So, we worked on it. We talked about growing up and had him imagine being 35 and still sleeping with Mom and Dad, or being in high school and having to tell your buddies you weren’t going to sleep over because you had to sleep with Mom and Dad. (LOL) Those scenarios got lots of giggles from him, but they were useful at bedtime to encourage him to stay in his bed. Off and on, he still shows up, but usually right before the alarm in the morning and now it’s just for “snuggles.” I do not understand why, nor can I explain it, but still, at 11, he needs that special one-on-one time with me. I know it won’t last forever, and it is a time of quiet sharing and connectedness. In every other way throughout the day he is a full-out, full-speed, stinky, smelly, BOY…he just needs his touchstone. And I will provide that for him as long as he needs it.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      Bruiser goes through the early morning phase from time to time, too, where for a few weeks in a row he likes to come in and snuggle right before the alarm goes off– that I love. But I have to be honest- at 3am I am NOT in a snuggling mood!

  3. Trish says:

    “- only it wasn’t Bruiser.
    IT WAS MY NEIGHBOR.” Oh….. this gave me a good laugh, thank you! 

  4. Katelynn says:

    This post crackd me up!!!  I thought I had coined the phrase, “musical beds” but I guess not 🙂  We do this as well, about once a month if not more often.  I can also “tell” when my son is going to do this and warn him the night before….”You have to stay in your bed tonight, ok?”  Surprisingly this seems to work! But when he does get in our bed, the kicking, spinning, pillow-stealing and TALKING lasts until I go into his bunk bed!  I am like your daughter in that I have to fix the “pillow problem” and I always take my pillow with me…wherever I go in the middle of the night to find sleep. 

    BTW: My kids are about your kids’ ages when you started blogging so I like going back and reading the old ones.  It helps me to see where I will be one day, sanity wise 🙂 

    • suburbanturmoil says:

       Good to know I’m not alone at 3am! I try to convince my son to stay in his bed the night before, too, with incentives if he can do it. It works– SOMETIMES. 😉

  5. S. says:

    I hear ya!! Very much like our house too. (except we don’t have a dog or any other pet) Try going to sleep with extra blankets so that you’ll still have one wrapped around yourself even if the other blankets are yanked away by the children.

  6. S. says:

    I hear ya!! Very much like our house too. (except we don’t have a dog or any other pet) Try going to sleep with extra blankets so that you’ll still have one wrapped around yourself even if the other blankets are yanked away by the children.

  7. Chapman466 says:

    have you both tried getting out and going to the kid’s beds?  we went through this ourselves.  sometimes, we rolled close to each other taking away they extra space.  eventually, it was over and they went back to their own beds.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      We haven’t done that, only because it hasn’t been a huge problem. Once a week seems pretty good, considering the fact that it used to be EVERY NIGHT. 🙂 Lately, I’ve just been putting him back to bed if he tries to get in our bed too often. He protests, but he’ll do it.

  8. Fresians5 says:

    My son was the same way. He didn’t sleep thru the night until he was almost 4! Hope this isn’t a premonition for you, but he didn’t stop coming into our bed until he was 9 or 10! 

  9. bereccah5 says:

    Last year about this time, my daughter started having sleeping issues. We did the in and out and up and down and round and round and GOTOSLEEPANDSTOPGRINDINGYOURTEETHINMYEAR and “I’m going to go sleep in the damn car!” and oh, pretty much everything else too. I was going crazy and was literally crying when the alarm went off in the morning. We finally just broke down and created a blanket pallet for her on the
    floor that she was allowed to use at will. She could come in and sleep
    in our room but that was it. I felt like we had caved in, but it worked though – after about a month of that, she began to get better and eventually went back to normal. Food for thought – it’s close enough but not quite so snuggly and wonderful as mom and dad’s bed…

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