Nashville’s Cherry Blossom Tree Controversy is Part of a Bigger Problem

  1. Angela says:

    Very well said, especially the part about the disheartening changes downtown. There has to be some way to find balance between the ghost town that it was in the late 90’s to the crowded, loud, obnoxious West Gatlinburg that it has become.

  2. Erin D. says:

    Haha yeah sounds just like what has and is happening here in Austin, Tx. Austin used to be this cool funky little town/small city, now it has become a cease pool of techie hipsters and large real estate investors. They are building over priced high rises bringing along with them, sky high rents that the local small business owners can no longer afford. Austin used to be affordable but now it’s only affordable if you are coming from somewhere like Seattle. The traffic is awful here and not really seeing an end in site. Austin wanted the businesses and the money but never planned for the infrastructure to deal with all the influx of people moving here for those businesses. There is still a very small amount of that whole “Keep Austin Weird” vibe but they are slowly being pushed out. But sadly it’s not just here in Austin and Nashville but all of the cool “little” cities are falling victim to this and it’s the residents fault, the city government and the politicians. Change can be a good thing but not when you take away what made your city so awesome in the first place and not having the affordable housing and infrastructure for people.

  3. Linda Brown says:

    Make Nashville Great Again!

  4. Laurel Greer-Ingle says:

    They call it progress for a lack of a better word choice. I no longer live in Nashville but it will forever be a part of me as my hometown . I am so sad to hear about the greed that has come with the influx of strangers, once welcomed With Southern hospitality. The trees are a perfect example. Is this the price the city pays for supporting a NFL team? Is it worth it when the beauty that was Nashville is sacrificed?

  5. Kathy says:

    Very well written article!

  6. Jessica says:

    I’m totally with you on the trees. I don’t like that one bit. But… being a Memphian (originally from Jackson, TN smack dab in the middle of mem/Nash) on the other side of the state that looks upon the growth of industry, great jobs, glamorous people and cool things that have come to Nashville… all the while the broke, unemployed step-brother (memphis) watches with envy and even jealousy. Just over a decade or two ago Memphis and Nashville were basically equal in so many demographics. To see Nashville soar with such glamour and finesse is hard to watch while we languish in the same old status quo of meh over here. Noones spending money to visit Memphis, relocating huge industry, or running into super models at the grocery on this end of the state. While I’m sure there are negative parts to the growth explosion, my rose colored glasses are real from over here.

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