August 20, 2017 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Office Depot’s School Supplies are So Cool, You’ll Probably Keep Them For Yourself

Office Depot’s School Supplies are So Cool, You’ll Probably Keep Them For Yourself

This post was written in partnership with Office Depot.

I think we can all agree that school supplies today are a lot cooler than they were when we were kids.

Back in the pre-Instagram dark ages, I thought my Trapper Keeper, Holly Hobby lunchbox (and matching Thermos!), and Lisa Frank pencils were the height of sophistication. Fortunately, we’ve come a long way since those days. And I never realized that more than when Office Depot sent me a lookbook containing their latest line of back-to-school products. Check it out:


Office Depot's Happy Thoughts Collection
With its bright colors and whimsical prints, the Happy Thoughts Collection is right up my kids’ alleys. In fact, my daughter picked a few things from this collection for her own back-to-school arsenal.


Office Depot's Gone Global Collection for School


The Gone Global Collection has a tropical flavor and really gorgeous color scheme. More on this in a minute.
Office Depot's Modern Minimal Collection
And the Modern Minimal Collection is perfect for older students who might be looking for school supplies that are quietly stylish.

But what REALLY caught my eye (or the eye of the child within me, to be more specific), was the bling:


Office Depot's School Supplies
Did you know they have charms now for your notebooks?  *swoon* I love it!

2017 Office Depot Back to School Collection


We picked out a few supplies from Office Depot and my daughter is now putting them to good use. It’s easy to mix and match between collections — The colors and styles contrast nicely.


Office Depot School Supplies 2017
We also chose a planner and calendar from the Gone Global collection — and this is where I need to be honest with you — I totally kept these planners for myself. 


Office Depot School Supplies
I couldn’t resist — The calendar fits perfectly in front of my laptop on my desk. I use it to write down daily reminders of what I need to accomplish each day. And the planner is perfect for scheduling posts on my website. I’d been needing a planner and this one was so stylish (not to mention affordable) that I just knew it was meant to be mine.

Fortunately, my daughter was okay with it!

Head to your nearest Office Depot to snatch up these cool school supplies while they last.