Parkour: I Took That Dare!

  1. quiltbabe8 says:

    LOL. Did you suddenly grow a beard for that last tumbling run? Never in a million years would I do this, even if I could. Now I understand the strongly worded warning at the beginning.

  2. Mary A says:

    The first part I was all “oh no biggie — my trainer has me doing that all the time”.  And then I just shuddup because. . .I’m not doing that.  Too hard.  U rock. 

  3. Mary A says:

    Also, did he say Parkour was 85% conditioning and 50% technique?  Because that’s bad math.  He said 15%?  That’s better. 

  4. S. says:

    I liked it better than the fashion episodes. Fun!! Thumbs up!!

  5. Bsearcy81 says:

    Tell me we have parkour in Nashville? This looks awesome and fun and something I’d actually stick with

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