August 31, 2016 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

I Just Might Be Publix Enemy Number One.

I Just Might Be Publix Enemy Number One.

Let’s cut to the chase. I went to Publix yesterday, spent $29.10, and SAVED $70.42.

I am not even kidding.

By taking a little time each week to look up the deals at Publix and get my corresponding coupons together, I can save a TON of money there– so much that I sometimes worry they’re going to have a security guard escort me out the door with strict instructions to never return!

Although I do my main grocery shopping at Kroger, where the prices generally are much lower, a side trip to Publix is fun because the weekly sale ads often feature incredible deals on more upscale foods, like Babybel cheese, Flatout Wraps, deli guacamole, and fresh crab meat. In other words, Publix sales let me eat like a king and spend like a pauper.

Here are my secrets to BIG savings at Publix:
Publix Savings Site

Start with Southern Savers.

There are probably other coupon sites out there for Publix, but I like Southern Savers best because it’s easy to understand and navigate. Click on the tab for the current week and you’ll find a list of all the latest deals– along with information on where to find coupons for each item if they’re available. Once you’ve gone through the weekly ad, be sure and check the tab for Unadvertised Deals- You’ll find even more savings there.

It’s important to note that the sales/prices listed on Southern Savers may differ slightly from those at your local Publix. Double check the deals by going to the Publix website and pulling up the ad from your local store. You can quickly find what you’re looking for by using the site’s search function at the top of the ad.


Publix BOGO

Pay close attention to the BOGO deals.

Publix offers dozens of ‘Buy one get one free’ deals each week and that’s where you’re going to see most of your biggest savings. One important secret: In every state except Florida, you DO NOT have to buy two of a BOGO deal — Each item actually rings up as half price, whether you buy one or two! This is invaluable when you only have one coupon for an item.

Sometimes, the half-price deal is so good, it doesn’t matter if you have coupons for it — But generally, I stick with BOGOs that have a corresponding coupon deal.


Coupons at Publix

It’s alllll about the coupons at Publix.

There are a number of reasons why. Allow me to list them all for you here:

-In most locations (except Florida), Publix doubles coupons up to $.50. Many supermarkets have stopped doubling, so this is a big deal.

-Publix accepts competitor coupons- although the ‘competitors’ differ by location. My Publix has a big sign up in the entryway by the carts with a listing of competitor coupons they accept. In my case, it’s Kroger, which is right across the street. Other Publix locations accept Target coupons or coupons from other nearby supermarkets.

-This is a big one– YOU CAN STACK PUBLIX STORE COUPONS WITH MANUFACTURER COUPONS. This means that any Publix coupon from a Publix flyer, e-mail, etc. can be used along with a manufacturer coupon on an item. I’ve gotten some INCREDIBLE deals this way. You’ll find all available Publix flyers inside the entrance at Publix. Many of them are also available online.

-If you are signed up on the Publix website, you will periodically receive flyers in the mail with a coupon for $5 off any Publix purchase over $30.

-The Publix website also has digital coupons, which you can load to your account by using your phone number as a code. Just enter your phone number at checkout and the digital coupons will be applied to your purchase.


Ibotta Grocery App

Don’t forget your apps!

The coupon apps I use on almost every shopping trip are Ibotta, Saving Star, Checkout 51 and MobiSave. With these apps, I generally take an extra $2-$6 off my Publix order– and since I rarely spend more than $30 on my weekly Publix trips, it’s a significant amount of money!


One Cent

Shop on Penny Day for a $.01 mystery item.

Publix Penny Days are either Wednesday or Thursday, depending on your location. Check your newspaper for the Publix penny coupon on that day and bring it with you to get a mystery item for a penny! It’s generally a staple that anyone can use, like a bottle of ketchup, sandwich bread, or package of napkins.


Deals at Publix

If the sale item’s not in stock, get a raincheck.

Don’t you hate it when your supermarket is out of the deal you came to buy? Fortunately, Publix will give you a raincheck on items that are out of stock, if you ask for one at customer service — They’ll honor the deal price on your next visit, even if the sale is over.


Avoid Impulse Buys

Avoid impulse buys.

My kids know from experience that I will NOT buy ANYTHING at Publix that isn’t on my ‘deals’ list. Although I love the customer service and product selection at Publix, everything really is generally at least a dollar more  than it is at Kroger. I stick with my shopping list  in order to make sure my savings aren’t eaten up on other high-priced items.

Want to save big at Kroger? I wrote a post on how I cut my Kroger bill in half! Check it out!

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