How to Survive the Teenage Years

  1. […] Lindsay from Suburban Turmoil, having been through the teen years with her step-daughters, and heading into it again with her youngest, gives some beautiful, sage advice on How to Survive the Teenage Years. […]

  2. Izzymom says:

    I came across this post while looking for photos of Athens and I was like whoaaa it’s my old blogging friend, Lindsay! I have 2 teens, 14 and almost 19 and everything you said here is very accurate totally relatable. I’m in the trenches right now and yeah, not the easiest thing I’ve ever done lol but I remember my own teen years and this too shall pass!

  3. […] was a year of transition for my family. This has a lot to do with where we are now in life — Our youngest two kids have reached the tween/teen years, our parents are getting older, and so are the rest of the adults in our extended family. […]

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