Terror on the Mountain

  1. […] you may have deduced from reading today’s post, I’m a little on the nervous side when it comes to being on the […]

  2. Laura Cooper says:

    Totally with you Lindsay on the up/down mountain thing.  Like you, when I was single barely anything fazed me as far as driving – that all changes with kids.  I do not trust the GPS.  A couple of years ago when coming back from Gatlinburg/Pigeon Forge my brilliant hubs decided he wanted to take the “scenic route” instead of simply getting on 40 West back to Nashville like we had done DOZENS of times before.  Needless to say after an extra 1.5 hours of driving, gas wasted, and detour through Knoxville I will never take the “scenic route” again.

    • Anonymous says:

       LOL. I seriously can’t imagine ANYTHING worse than getting into a car accident with my children. The thought terrifies me.

  3. Boricua_keya says:

    I swear I started getting anxiety while reading this. I was like “WHAT’S GONNA HAPPEN?!!!” I’m glad you made it safe! …Hopefully you don’t have to drive up/down any more mountains for the rest of your trip. And yes, those GPS things like to tease & LIE! Thank God you didn’t have a DELIVERANCE episode! Then this would have been a whole different post…

    • Anonymous says:

      Two words for that experience: NEVER AGAIN. I’ll add an hour to my trip if I can stay on flatter ground!

  4. S. says:

    Sh*t!! I hate windy narrow roads too. I’ll bet you poured yourself a stiff drink upon arrival. Why didn’t your father warn you?!!?….

    • Anonymous says:

       Ha! He didn’t know how my GPS was going to direct me- I usually come up from Atlanta rather than straight from Nashville.

      And yes, I did have a glass of wine or several at the end of that trip!  ;D

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