The Undercover Mother

  1. Anonymous says:

    Okay. That’s messed up. And HILARIOUS! I literally LOL’d. And I never LOL. Well, I do, but I never write LOL.

    Firstly, who would possibly give a crap what they are doing or saying? The candidate is the draw, not the people who are covering him. Secondly, why are they so worried about it? Hmmm?

    Anyway, great story. That really is kinda off the weirdometer, even by your standards!

    • Anonymous says:

      Thank you! I was having a hard time being nice about it after a while, because it kept coming up. I mean, how hard is it to understand the words I’M NOT TAPING YOUR CONVERSATIONS?  ;D

  2. HopefulLeigh says:

    Why on earth did they ever think that in the first place? Those are some paranoid reporters, methinks. If only you’d really been undercover, we would know what dirty secrets they’re hiding. 🙂

    • Anonymous says:

      Ha! I think there’s still something of a disconnect between Internet reporters and old school newspaper/television reporters. There’s still this vague, hazy stigma that anything that’s going up on the Internet by definition has no journalistic standards.

  3. Mary A says:

    And it’s a problem because. . .why? Is there a fear it might lower the tone of a policial race?  Or MAYBE campaign reporters would be outed for being. . . . BIASED? 

    Really shaking my head here.

    • Anonymous says:

      Oddly, if they were biased, it was FOR Newt. I talk about it in my video piece, but the reporters who had been following him for a while were very obviously attached to him, even those who worked for liberal-leaning outlets.

  4. The footage has been destroyed! 

  5. Judy says:

    Welcome to politics… 

  6. Melissa says:

    O…M…G. How ridiculous! “Are you taping our conversations?” “No.” “So you’re not going to tape our conversations?” “No.” “You mean you’re not going to tape our conversations?” “NO.” Good grief, how many explanations do these people need??? It’s hilarious and infuriating at the same time. LOL

    If the human race couldn’t laugh at things, I really think we’d all tear each other limb to limb. 🙂 

  7. Knewman4 says:

    Who are these people? Why can’t they just be COOL and SMART, like you?

  8. Miss B says:

    Silly reporters, don’t they know that mom’s don’t need recorders? EVERYONE knows that moms have eyes in the back of their heads and can read minds! What sort of pathetic mother would need a stinking tape recorder?

  9. What. The. EFF??? Did you ask them how many of THEM have Emmys for their COMPLETELY PROFESSIONAL reporting? Because, uh, YOU DO.

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