June 23, 2017 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

Tennessee’s Twin Creeks Resort is My Southern Stars Hollow

Tennessee’s Twin Creeks Resort is My Southern Stars Hollow

Just a short drive from Nashville, Twin Creeks is the resort community I’ve always dreamed of, at a price that proves dreams can come true.

This post was written in partnership with Twin Creeks.

It only takes a few episodes of Gilmore Girls to become smitten with the series — But  the real reason I stuck with it over the years was less about Lorelai and Rory Gilmore and more about where they lived: Stars Hollow.  In this charming (and, unfortunately, fictional) New England village, you could step out your front door and walk to get groceries, or have breakfast, or enjoy a latte at Luke’s Diner. Stars Hollow was small enough that everyone knew everyone, but close to larger cities, so that it didn’t give off a weird Deliverance vibe. For years, Stars Hollow has been the hometown of my dreams — but since I live in the South, where an attempted walk to the market would probably get me run down by a texting mom in a minivan,  I had convinced myself that Stars Hollow could never exist here.

And then I found Twin Creeks.

We visited this planned marina, resort, and village on the shores of Tennessee’sTims Ford Lake a few weekends ago and y’all, I am completely in love with this place and its potential. Suddenly, it feels like Stars Hollow is within my grasp, except it’s even better than the Gilmore Girls’ hometown — because this real-life Stars Hollow is  a short drive from Nashville, Chattanooga and Huntsville, and it comes with a lake! Check it out:


Twin Creeks Tims Ford Lake

Source: Twin Creeks

Here’s the land on which Twin Creeks is being built. When it’s complete, Twin Lakes will include a full-service marina that also includes boat, jet ski, canoe and kayak rentals, a resort with hotel, cabins, waterfront restaurant and wedding chapel, and a walkable neighborhood with both lakefront homes and townhomes — as well as a concierge service that will offer landscaping and maid services and will even make sure your refrigerator is stocked before you arrive for the weekend!

Pool Twin Creeks Winchester TN

Although construction has just gotten underway, Twin Creeks’ planners wisely completed the year-round heated pool, clubhouse and community area first, so that residents could immediately begin hanging out and meeting one another.

Putting Green Twin Lakes

Sadly, we’d left our swimsuits at home — but we did get in some practice on the putting green just beside the pool.


Twin Creeks Fire Pit
I also loved the nearby fire pit, which is kept stocked with cedar logs. The community’s current residents have already begun spending their evenings here, swapping stories and getting to know each other. And they won’t have to wait long for lots of new neighbors– When the first round of building sites was offered a few months ago, more than 80 lots sold in just a few hours! Clearly, there’s a widespread desire for this kind of Stars-Hollow-on-the-lake living.


Lake Homes Winchester TN

Source: Twin Creeks


Part of the reason for this community’s early success is that planners are working hard to make it both luxurious and reasonably affordable for families or retirees who might not have a half million dollars to drop on a vacation home. Starting at just under $230,000, Twin Creeks’ townhomes are available in 2,3, and 4-bedroom floorpans and include direct marina access and easy walks to the water. Larger lakefront lots are also available, allowing for a dream home that’s still a quick walk away from all Twin Creeks has to offer.

Homeowners can live here year-round, come up on weekends, or even rent their houses out as vacation properties when they’re away. This kind of flexibility is very appealing to a family like ours. We talk often about buying a vacation home and would like the option of renting it — or not.


Source: Twin Creeks


The Twin Creeks Marina is the final marina on Tims Ford Lake to be permitted by the state and it’s currently under construction. Slip prices start at $225 per month, with a 10% discount if you pay upfront for a year. You don’t need to be a homeowner to rent a slip here.


Twin Creeks Resort Winchester

Source: Twin Creeks


Plans are also in the works for a beautiful lakefront restaurant with boat access (of course!).

Twin Creeks Hotel Winchester TN

Source: Twin Creeks


The lakefront hotel and cabins will be secluded and surrounded by trees, with beautiful views of the water.


After seeing this artist’s rendering on the site where the cabins will be built, just spending a weekend here in a cabin is very appealing to me! In fact, as we toured the grounds and building sites, I grew more and more excited. The property is gorgeous, and it’s a perfect size — Although there’s plenty of room for all of these planned features, Twin Creeks will be a very walkable community. It will be possible to drive here and not use your car again until you leave.


Twin Creeks Wedding Winchester TN
Can you even imagine how beautiful a fall wedding would be here? Rory Gilmore would love it!

Twin Creeks Tennessee


I was also thoroughly charmed by the effort planners have made to keep the property’s trees and natural areas intact. While clearing this portion of property, they discovered this giant magnolia next to an abandoned homestead. Experts were called in to measure it, and it’s now believed to be the second largest magnolia in Tennessee! Needless to say, it will remain standing.

Yep, Twin Creeks looks like it’s going to be amazing– especially when you see what’s just a mile away…


Winchester TN
Downtown Winchester is an easy bike ride or stroll from the Twin Creeks community — It has to be one of the best small town squares in the state.


Winchester TN downtown
The historic courthouse stands in the center, surrounded by shops and restaurants.


Historic Marker Winchester
Historic markers around here abound, including this one, which has to be the best I’ve ever read! So many questions…


Downtown Shops Winchester TN
And while there’s no Luke’s Diner here, there is something that’s arguably even better — the marvelous San Miguel Coffee Company, where we had soup and fantastic panini sandwiches before visiting Twin Creeks. (Try the cheesy pasta side in lieu of chips. It is STUNNING.)


Coffee Winchester Tennessee
This restaurant/coffee shop is housed in what used to be a downtown bank — There’s even a children’s play area built into the bank vault! I can just imagine riding bikes here from Twin Creeks for breakfast or a leisurely coffee.


Oldham Theater Winchester

Source: Brent Moore/Flickr Creative Commons

Downtown Winchester is also home to the Oldham Theater, a preserved 1950s-era cinema that still shows first-run movies.


Winchester Tennessee Historic Homes

Source: Brent Moore/Flickr Creative Commons

Surrounding the downtown area, you’ll find some gorgeous historic homes, like Valentine’s Square, built in 1899.


Winchester Tennessee Public Beach
Right beside the border of the Twin Creeks property is Winchester’s public beach — an idyllic and safe place for the kids to swim and enjoy a picnic when you’re not out on the lake in a boat.


Suspension Bridge Tims Ford lake State Park

Source: Tims Ford Lake State Park


And just a short drive away from Twin Creeks is Tims Ford State Park, which includes the Jack Nicklaus-designed Bear Trace golf course as well as seven miles of paved biking/hiking trails and a multi-use mountain bike/hiking trail with an out and back total of over 16 miles, all along the shores of Tims Ford Lake. An additional 6.5 miles of trails (that include TWO suspension bridges!) are open to hikers only.

With so much to do in and around Twin Creeks, you can understand why I’m so smitten with this property. In fact, I think I’ve practically sold myself a townhome in the writing of this post! Now, I just need to come up with $200,000….

If you think you’re interested in this Southern Stars Hollow, now’s the time to see Twin Creeks for yourself — There aren’t many home sites left! You can call 931.229.4095 or for more information or to schedule a tour.