December 2, 2016 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

This Cool Idea will Help Your Kids Remember All Your Family Travels

This Cool Idea will Help Your Kids Remember All Your Family Travels

My family has been on the road a LOT this year– When my husband lost his job, I decided there was no time like the present to pursue more travel writing jobs — It’s the direction I’ve always wanted go with my professional writing. Consequently, we’ve found ourselves this year on beaches and prairies, in gorges, underneath waterfalls, and on the tops of mountains.  We’re fortunate that the kids are great travelers and up for just about anything, and we believe our very best times as a family happen when we’re on the road. I’m documenting our travels with them in pictures and words, of course, but I’ve found another way to help them remember where we’ve been– and it’s such a success that I wanted to share it with you.


Ideas for Souvenir Patches
A few months ago, I began collecting iron-on patches from the places we visited — You’ll find that many places carry them, especially park gift shops, and they’re only a few dollars apiece. When patches weren’t available, I opted for pins instead. The dilemma I had was what to do with them. Lots of people put patches on cotton vests, and that’s a great idea for younger kids in particular– but my kids are getting older and the likelihood that they’ll be willing to actually wear a vest with a bunch of patches on it is slim.
canvas messenger bag from Amazon
I came up with this idea instead. A messenger bag would give me plenty of space for patches and pins, and it would be something the kids would enjoy carrying around both now and when they’re older I can totally imagine them using this bag when they’re in college and the patches have taken on a kitschy, vintage appeal. I found this canvas messenger bag on Amazon, with tons of great reviews, for just $22.95 and ordered one in khaki and another for my son in army green.


The bags have been a huge success. The kids take them along on every trip now, and my daughter carries her computer in it when we go to the coffee shop for study time. It’s actually big enough for their school books, as well— Both kids have been mulling over whether to start using the bags for school. They love the style of the bag with its crossbody strap and prefer it to a backpack.

I’ll keep collecting patches and pins until their bags are full — I look forward to seeing these bags around and remembering this special time in our lives for many years to come.


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