What You’ve Taught Me About Giving

  1. quiltbabe8 says:

    It’s amazing how God can take what we may think is the small thing we can offer, and either multiply it beyond our wildest dreams or put it in exactly the right spot, at exactly the same time. No gift, given in love with a genuine intent to bless another, will ever go unnoticed.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      So true- In so many instances, the gift cards I received were exactly the ones that were needed, even seemingly random ones. That was really cool!

  2. rubberbacon says:

    Magic box – that brought a tear. Thanks for sharing this Lindsay.

    • suburbanturmoil says:

      I often wonder what the outcome was after I donate a few dollars to a cause. I think that the kind of results that happened with the gift cards probably has also happened in many of the situations I’ve donated money to- Now, even when I don’t know the outcome of giving, I just have to trust that it’s a good one, even in ways I never could have anticipated. 🙂

  3. lenette says:

    Beautiful. Thank you for sharing!

  4. Lorettas Photos says:

    Few years back our little city in BC flooded. It was amazing the help our community received from all over the place… My sister lives in Calgary, and this year lots of floods. Many lost homes. But Many I think found something else, “Hope” and a renew sense of humanity.:) Ps I like your blog, will read again!

  5. Dawn Tague says:

    Such a heartwarming story. I felt so terrible when I saw all of that damage and again when it hit the Jersey shore because I was financially unable to help and besides being too far away I am physically unable to of helped. I look for things/causes that I can help with and the first one was a story that was all over the news at the time Devil On Detroit St in Michigan. What I helped with was putting together and assisting in this huge amazing fund raiser to raise funds for ,a little 7 yr girl who was dying from Huntingtons disease… a couple of years after her mother died from same disease, financial assistance to pay enormous hospital bills etc. It felt amazing to help out and to see that beautiful little girls smile and to see some amount of happiness in her father and step moms eyes. The reason I say the story is called Devil On Detroit St.. if you look it up and read the story you will be devestated that there are humans like that on this planet who could possibly treat a child the way that they had and even AFTER PPOs, police presence etc the people STILL harassed this poor family. So all of us who put together and worked on the fundraisers ALL felt more happiness in helping this family out to let them know that NOT everyone out there were cruel, nasty and mean that they were the minority NOT the Majority. So yes I wish I could do more for others. So I know it from both sides the giving…and the heartbreaking but grateful receiving. So let me tell you this- those of us who receive this help especially when its not expected and just done out of the goodness of someones heart because they know that we need the help financially (and emotionally).My stepson at 19 committed suicide this past June and we are not financially, set we live barely check to check as is so we had no money to go towards funeral or burial at all. Our friends all put on some AMAZING fundraisers! Literally within hours to a day of finding out what happened and not even sure of our need for it we got a call from a friend we became reacquainted with just recently ON FB no less that he had a bar who donated the night free and his band and a few others were going to play, that there was a cover at door and that there would be a live raffle and too many other things to remember right now and 100% of the money raised would be given to us! My SO just started crying and thanking someone on the phone then when he composed himself he told me what happened and I started crying. Then we got a call from a lady who ran the hall that my stepson use to work at as a kid saying the hall was ours for the day for a luncheon at no charge. Which turned out perfectly because we had no idea what we were going to do with all of the people who wanted to gather for remembrances, lunch, etc. So I put it together and SO many people just came out and donated the food and drinks AND the lady that donated the hall donated her time to us as well to help us with the luncheon from start to finish… So just so that you now know where your help goes and how it makes someones life easier… it means the world to us. I know it from both sides now the giving and receiving. I plan on helping with more fundraisers since that is what I can physically do and I will keep paying it forward.So let me thank you from all of us who you have helped one way or another. And just to say something quickly about the box of soaps, etc… a friend of ours that had no way of financially or physically helping us out- just sent us a hand written letter telling us just how sorry she was she couldnt help etc but that her heart was with us and our son would always be in her prayer.. THAT meant the world to my SO so much so that the letter is kept right by his computer in his office…next to his sons picture. THANK YOU TO ALL THAT HELP EVEN IF ITS JUST A KIND WORD… those mean the world to us.

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