February 12, 2015 posted by Lindsay Ferrier

10 (Seriously) Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

10 (Seriously) Unforgettable Valentine’s Day Gifts for Your Man

Men always get a bad rap when it comes to  Valentine’s Day. Stories abound of husbands who presented their wives with vacuum cleaners, boyfriends who gifted lingerie that only a colorblind hooker would envy, (former) fiances who forgot the holiday altogether…

But let’s be honest- We women can be just as bad, particularly once we’ve been with our partner for a while and stuff like life starts getting in the way of ooey gooey romance. It’s tough coming up with new ways to show our men we love them year after year after year (after year)… and that’s exactly why I’m here to help you out.

The big day is quickly approaching, ladies, and for those of you who still haven’t come up with anything special,  I’ve found a few ideas your sweetheart WILL NEVER FORGET.



It’s not customary to send a man flowers unless he has died– but what (living) man wouldn’t love a beautiful BACON BOUQUET for Valentine’s Day?


The more practical among you might opt instead to make a sock bouquet for your sweetie this Valentine’s Day.

What’s that famous phrase the French love to repeat?

Rien ne dit ‘je t’aime’ comme des chaussettes.

Translation: Nothing says ‘I love you’ LIKE SOCKS.

(Oh, and if you’d prefer a more fragrant bouquet? Make sure the socks have been worn first!)



Source: Kotulas

Speaking of practical…


Feeling exxxtra sexxxy? Buy a pair of these personalized panties and wear them for your man on Valentine’s Day!

He’ll be wondering who the hell Jason is all night long…



Source: Pinterest

If you’re looking for something truly unique (or if you’re so last-minute that everything but the gas station has closed), consider a convenience store gift basket. He’ll be charmed that you remembered his favorite brand of cigarettes– and your carefully chosen selection of lotto cards will let him know just how much you care.



Source: Playpartypin

Here’s a clever idea: Make a Date-of-the-Month scrapbook for your man! Each page will feature a different date that you’ll take him on that month! For example, in May, this wife’s date features five guys who  will unwrap her quickly!

 Um. Moving on.



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No time? No money? No problem! Simply find a bag of nuts in the pantry and put this totally adorable message on it! HE’LL NEVER KNOW!


Beer Valentine

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Got a six-pack beer in the fridge? Even better! Your cutesy message will TOTALLY keep him from realizing that he actually bought this six pack for himself yesterday! Slap a bow on a random piece of fruit and gift that, too, for good measure.


Beer Cake

Source: Buyhimthat

And if your dud, I mean, dude prefers beer in cans, there’s always this awesomely romantic option.


Cross Stitch Code

Source: Pinterest

What man doesn’t dream of a cross-stitched QR code for Valentine’s Day?



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